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  1. Hi! Yes you can (if you configure the mic in FCR Options) to record your voice . But for Sound that arrive from VATSIM i dont know ... it depends if it is in the same channel ! Anyway in the future will be more news about this topic 😉 Fabio
  2. Here i can give you one information , maybe i ll add in Readme if there is no this info inside. When you set these Triggers in any way you need push RECORD button at the start of flight . This is mandatory . Pushing Record button it means for FCR that it is able to start recording (based on trigger) Fabio
  3. Hi Andy ! Assignment it works well . I dont know why you dont achieve this . R is not mapped in other sw addon? Do you can send me your simfaramework.xml file via email ? thanks
  4. Hi, I'll introduce one by one and with more in depth details the incoming features of Autumn Update for FlightControlReplay. Let's start first with AI Planes Record and Replay for MSFS AI traffic. This NEW feature detects the AI Traffic aircraft flying or taxiing around, and you can now follow them to make videos and replay their operation. FCR gets in realtime which airplane is near you. FCR maincode optimization allow the users to choose which AI airplanes they want to record. You can choose multiple planes and record all of them toghether ! The users can also Replay all recorded planes using one FCR instance and load MULTIPLE flights at one time. More details on this feature will be show in next Teaser video of FCR Autumn Update ! Autumn Update release date is planned on October 24th 2021. It's time for some videos demo with FlightControlReplay : FlyKenku FS2020 vs REAL LIFE | Boeing 747 Landing into Frankfurt + GIVEAWAY | 4K In the video description, follow the simple instructions to try to win one of the following item 1x FlightControlReplay license 1x USB Memory Stick 1x T-Shirt 1x Cap FlyKenku Boeing 747 Takeoff from Berlin Tegel Airport (Gaya) *MAX REALISM* | 4K Manu SilverLiner VFR Flight - Flying over Alicante LEAL - Take Off and Landing | 1440p HD Drawyah New York La Guardia KLGA to Raleigh-Durham KRDU - Airbus A320neo American Airlines|1080p HD
  5. Hello Malkondo. In FlightControlReplay Options menu, make sure that "Load Replay without load initial flight situation" is checked and activated.
  6. Automatically Recor BELOW XXXX it works very well . When you set up Automatic BELOW XXXX, it means that it start record if you go BELOW an altitude (from an upper altitude)
  7. Hi Andy , As wrote in the manual if you use keyboard shortcut (only one button- this is a limitation from MSFS sdk ) it works. Also for joystick hardware i use myself and i dont have issue . If you want send me an email and i help you
  8. Hello, Did you know that during Replay, FlightControlReplay allows the user to display in-game dynamic text. You can write Notes at any point in a Replay loaded in FCR. How do you achieve that ? Click on the Yellow Slider during a Replay, to pause the Replay, and a Dynamic Text button appears below. It allows you to click on Edit or Delete buttons, in order to create, modify or delete Notes. These Notes will be visible in FCR User Interface, and also in the Simulator window that plays the Replay. Dynamic Text can be customized via FCR. In the options, the dialog box can customize the duration of display in Seconds, Text Font Type and Text Color. Watch with the new Youtube videos featuring FlightControlReplay : FlyKenku Boeing 777 WING VIEW Takeoff from NEW Istanbul Airport *MAX GRAPHICS* | 4K Khaled 737 FlyByWire Simulations King Fahd Landing Saudi Arabia OEDF | A320neo | 1440p HD Manu SilverLiner A Passenger Life - Landing in Singapore Changi WSSS - Air France B777-200 ER | 1440p HD rose sky MB-339 Flight Formation | 1080p HD
  9. Hi, Although FlightControlReplay has existed since a few years already, it’s useful to remind the main features of the tool. intuitive User Interface with clear style buttons and time slider to control video replay render your flight as a smooth MP4 video file in one click Instant replay of your flight, retake control at any time restart your flight from the last position in case of crash to desktop switch view between your aircraft and AI planes camera change on any precise frame of your choice, all simulator cameras are available VR support with user interface display voice recognition and keyboard shortcuts to control main features aircraft status control, force the gear position, or set an altitude offset for your replay in order to fix your actual flight settings detailed user manual PDF See, there are many ways to play with FlightControlReplay and a lot of hours of entertainment ahead. Last week, the official Twitch channel of Microsoft Flight Simulator featured a live stream with The Flying Fabio with various gifts (which among them FlightControlReplay licence). Start video by clicking here : https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1140958171 Manu SilverLiner A Passenger Life - Landing in Hong Kong (VHHH) - Air France B787-10 | 1440p FlyKenku Boeing 777 Wing View Takeoff from NEW Istanbul Airport MAX GRAPHICS | 4K GE-90 AVIATION Departure out of Hong Kong | Boeing 777-300ER | Cathay Pacific | 1440p
  10. Hi Michael ! Yes i ll add this to next iteration ! I dont know if in Autumn update or in vNext but anyway i ll add it ! Thank you for your help ! These are advices that i love !
  11. Hi Hans.... for return and take control you can achieve in 2 way . First pushing the Orange Stop button in the command bar or click on Stop Button (big button) 😉
  12. Hi ! This happens because FlyByWire uses non standard values for Elevator ... i hope fix with a trick my side in the next build
  13. Hello everybody ! This weekend, I would like to highlight the extensive features of my tool FlightControlReplay to show a bit more of the backside of it. These explain why the replay system is so much appreciated and accurate. FCR is like an octopussy with as many as sensors as the cute animal has suction cups : and it records a lot of aircraft settings during your flight. Actually, FlightControlReplay records more than just you aircraft position and path. It retrieves also the smoke effects, the doors status, the flight flaps and slats position, engines RPM / N1 / Combustion and even throttle lever position (useful for cockpit interior videos..), level of fuel in tanks etc Now you have a better idea of the accuracy that you can expect with FlightControlReplay. This week, the tool has been introduced in Avion Revue International, a press magazine for the Spanish speaking world oriented to professional pilots, companies and simmers. https://www.avionrevue.com/ FlyKenku Turkish Boeing 777-300ER Landing in Beirut SUNSET *MAX REALISM* | 4K FlyKenku Takeoff from Kabul International Airport in Afghanistan *MAX GRAPHICS* | 4K HR Simulator Auckland to Nadi | Fiji Airways A330 **Ultra Graphics** | HD 1440p Manu SilverLiner A Passenger Life -- Landing in Nice Côte d'Azur LFMN - Aer Lingus A320 - EI 544 | HD 1440p
  14. i everybody, This week we've had a fun time with Flying Fabio, the popular flight simulation streamer and experienced pilot during a Live Show streamed on Twitch. I was also there in the chat to answer questions of other users at the same time. He discovered live the tool features, digged the manual and product introduction. Then, he tried bits of Replay, Rewind and Re-live with some funny moments, flying different aircraft in various sceneries. The show can be replayed Offline now at Twitch to dig into FlightControlReplay for your videos creativity and Replay of your simming adventures : https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1127981160 Watch now how experienced users retrieve the best out of FCR : AviationLads PilotPlus - Bristol Airport | MSFS Official Teaser | 4K FlyKenku FS2020 | NEW Pilot Plus Bristol Airport Takeoff during SUNSET | 4K FlyKenku *High Altitude Airport* Approach into El Alto Airport in Bolivia | 4K
  15. Hi folks ! Today I had the pleasure to run a Twitch Stream with @TheFlyingFabio (damn it was pure fun Fabio 😎) , talking and showing FlightControlReplay ( Alpha build that is only partial complete ) . We had a lot of fun and we discussed about FlightControlReplay , future , past and present ! Here you can see the screen of my Instagram channel story! If you want watch Twitch Stream please go to TheFlyingFabio Twitch profile and start watch the LIVE stream !
  16. Thank you so much !!! I m very enthusiast of your creation and inm anxious to announce all features of the next big thing ! 😎
  17. Hello FCR community, I can now give you more details on the anticipated Autumn Update for FlightControlReplay. It's 100% based upon your requests and suggestions : - NEW Record and Replay MSFS AI Planes : we detect the AI Traffic aircraft flying or taxiing around, you can now follow them to make videos and replay their operation. - NEW KML File Import : select the track of a real flight in Google Earth format, and load this in FCR to replay the flight in your simulator - More algorithm improvements for accurate events reproduction : even smoother animations of the mobile parts and of the aircraft evolution in movement. FCR is a wide community, so now enjoy some flights of the following video makers : CinematicMSFS Moscow UUEE by Drzewiecki | Official trailer | 4K FlyKenku Boeing 747 Takeoff from Mexico City | FLYMEX SCENERY | 4K Flightsimtoday Departing from Marrakech, Morocco | Scenery by Perfectsoft Studio | 4K AtmosFlight Flying the CRJ 700 to Minimums (ILS) in Tropical Storm Winds (MSFS) | 1440p
  18. Hi ! did you loaded the recorded flight when you are already in cockpit ?
  19. Hi !!! next FlightControlReplay update will be “Autumn Update” . I cannot share the date until now . I have a date but i ll announce it soon ! Now it is in Alpha development . Will be a lot of surprises unannounced 😎👍
  20. Hi, Probably some of you enjoy some relaxing times, and others like me are still working. The first ones must think to the second team. Thanks you ! Just kidding, I have already started to build the next update of FlightControlReplay. Its main content will oriented towards more algorithm improvements for accurate events reproduction with smooth parts animation. First Beta tester reports are very positive with a significative enhancement upon the latest builds I sent to them. Aside of this, I have also dedicated a part of time to my corporate customers who requested specific versions of FlightControlReplay. There are aviation professionals that are interested in the advanced tool features with some tweaks for their particular use in the military and aviation systems industry. Take some time to chill anyway, and watch these videos made with FlightControlReplay : AviationLads Axonos - Jackson Hole Airport Official Teaser | 4K FlyKenku Scary Go Around at Extreme Airport A32NX Landing to Isafjordur | 4K *Ultra Realism* Dangerous A32NX Landing into Madeira Airport | 4K
  21. Hi, Having troubles with Crash-to-desktop when you are busy in your simulator ? FlightControlReplay can help you to reduce the bad impact on your flight. Before that happens, activate Re-Live Instant Replay, and the tool can then restore your plane in the last known position in case of such event. Make sure that "Re-Live Instant Replay" is Enabled by clicking on the Circle Arrow, and it must turn in GREEN color. One of the secondary but helpful features of FCR ! More excellent flight videos produced with FlightControlReplay, check them out : Comeflywithme Simulations Day In A Life Of A Simulator Pilot | MSFS2020 | Episode 4 | 4K MikeHotel FlightSim Airshow Day 2 ★ Aerobatic Demonstrations ★ Red Arrows & Frecce Tricolori ★ 4K GRAPHICS ★ Manu SilverLiner FS 2020 A Passenger Life - Departure from Tenerife Sud (GCTS) Landing in Barcelona El Prat (LEBL)
  22. Hi ! You need run at Automatic mode if your system has FPS stable , otherwise if you have FPS not stable please setup fcr option to the max FPS you can reach . Thanks
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