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  1. Hi Pete, I will point the developer to this thread. Thanks for your reply. Regards, Pete
  2. Hello Pete, The program stops reacting after a while. It looses connection with P3Dv4. Reststarting solves it for a short while. First I contacted the developer. It is working fine till P3Dv3. He wrote that it is using Fsuipc to interact with Fs. Is there anything I can do or will it perhaps work in a future Fsuipc update. Hearing spoiler , gear and flaps wind sounds add a lot to the immersion. And the program is freeware now. Thanks and best regards, Gerard
  3. P3Dv4 ground friction

    With Amy Prosim aircraft I could not "feel" improved friction in P3Dv4. So I use the Fsuipc 4 ini + lua friction file in Fsuipc v5..
  4. FSUIPC 5

    Superb ! Thanks Pete
  5. FSUIPC 5

    Is it possible to use hardware calibration settings from v4 in v5 ? Or copy sections ?
  6. Great news. I have bought P3Dv4 immediately. Just bought Fsuipc 5 too as Pete has done a lot of work ( Pete I did not get any serial number with my purchase.. )
  7. Thanks for clarifying things up Pete. I currently use 2 versions of SIOC with my OC hardware and Prosim , as all 9 OC together causes SIOC to hang after a while. SIOC on my client uses WideFs. More Prosim users have multiple SIOC versions running like that icw WideFs.... Is the discontinuing of WideFs file transfer causing an issue for us ? Thanks, Gerard
  8. FSUIPC5 Upgrade cost

    Fsuipc needs to be reconstructed so to me it is normal to pay for it again. Either an upgrade cost or a full price , I will buy it . Question : Pete, is it possible to have the same offset values for the same functions ? ( Prosim -- client pc / SIOC ) Thanks, Gerard
  9. 64 bit compatibility?

    Thanks Pete for making a version 5. This means that I can continue using my OC hardware with Prosim in P3Dv4 and other Fsuipc dependant apps. After years of free updates it is only normal that a new v5 is a new payware program.
  10. Hi Pete, Thanks for your quick reply. In P3Dv3 calibration there is only min and max, while in Fsuipc there is also Center. If needed Slope. Therefore calibrating in Fsuipc is the way to go. Assigning the toe brakes in P3D solves the brakes issues, so I will assign them in P3D. Also I will point Prosim to this.
  11. Hi Pete, Could you please take a look at my topic at the Prosim forum : http://prosim-ar.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=9504 Do you have an advice as I am sure it can work with Fsuipc. Thanks in advance.
  12. Thanks Pete. ( also Prosim here )
  13. Hi Pete, May I ask you what turbulence settings you use in : - Fsuipc ( supressed or not ) - P3Dv3 ( disabled or not ) - ASN ( low or high percentage ) to get the best flying experience , but not miss the glideslope ? I had them all disabled so the PM was able to make a correct landing. Now I am looking for realistic, but working settings. Thanks in advance, Gerard
  14. Hi Pete, Thanks for the quick reply. Last year I had the change to compare the Ifly CBE with Prosim. The Ifly "feels" more real. I intend to wait till the regular Ifly will be updated in a few months to P3Dv3 support. If my P3D CBE files then work I will switch back immeditaly to the Ifly. If not I will switch to Prosim. Hanne tries to get me aboard since 2014...LOL As you have Prosim. - do your throttles go back to idle at the TOD ? - do your throttles go back on 28 ft Thanks Pete Gerard
  15. Hi Pete, As the Ifly CBE does not work in P3Dv3 and it will not be upgraded I went back to Project Magenta. After 3 weeks of modifying and testing I now have a good flightmodel ( airfile + aircraft.cfg file ). The overspeed at descent and approach , the zig zagging at approach are solved too. The only thing that remains is that at the TOD and 28 ft before touchdown I do get the Retard message on the PFD , but the throttles only go back till 41% instead of idle. Unfortunately no support from PM ( 2 tickets + emails ) so I was wondering if a LUA script might help. The idea is to give a throttle idle command when the Retard message appears : TOD - AT shows RETARD (green) -->Throttle levers move to iDle --> AT shows ARMED (white) - now PF has control of Throttle Now in this situation the AP is in N1 mode and tries to keep the AC speed with pitch. AutoLanding ( ILS CAT III ) - Flare at 50 ft - AT shows RETARD - Throttle levers move to idle - AT disconnects at touchdown The last one is the most important to me and probably the less dificult to achieve. To go around the PM control I think that disabling the AT at 30 ft and then have the throttles go back to idle would do the trick. ( I have a Cockpisonic Motorized TQ ). Can I sent a command at a certain altitude from within Fsuipc or do I need a LUA script for that ( an example would be great ) ? Thanks and best regards, Gerard