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  1. RWY Bumping Sound

    Hello Pete, I am happy if I could contribute something. Best regards Urs
  2. RWY Bumping Sound

    Hello Pete, I hope you are fine? I promised you a summary of Fly Elise and Warpalizer after my tests. With Warpalizer, the setup is a bit more complicated and with the crossfade, you can bring the brighter places very hard with the so-called Deep Black function. You have to use Warpalizer to calculate the degrees and transfer them to the canvas and align them with a cross laser. Therefore it is more elaborate than with Fly Elise. A nighttime is also that if you want to open the exterior once you only have one of the 3 views, where Fly Elise all nutz. However, on my test with Warpalizer, I had about 5 FPS more on average than with Flye Elise. In general, the P3D V4 seems to need more resources than the V3, or it's just a bug from the v4. Because with the V3 I had always over 25 FPS with my Singel PC operating. So I'm really thinking about whether I should not really install the V3 again. Lucrative if Prosim 737 with XPlane in the V2 fully functional would Währe. So I would change in any case on the X Plane. I hope I could help you so much further? You can always ask me specific questions. Best regards Urs
  3. RWY Bumping Sound

    Hello Pete, Yes Traffic is an extreme power killer. And with me the 25% out. Exactly, one creates three views with the different FOV values, etc. But you have to work with Warpalizer very exactly, damkit it in the picture later has no waves. This is different and better implemented with Fly Elise. I have the Aerosoft Prof version of Zurich. Has London already been updated to Prof? Then I will gladly test this for you Pete and you. Give me a few days, please. Many times I also experienced an error in the update to version 4.1. In the V4.0 I had no such big framrate loss at Fly Elise. The V4 with a Framrate of 18-19 FPS still fly well I think. Best regards Urs
  4. RWY Bumping Sound

    Hello Pete, In fact, our rooms are almost the same size or small. :-) The with the heat I know also, I now open a window, and have a fan mounted, which directs windows the air blows. I have with Warpalizer in LSZH and ASP4 as well as 25 Traffic ca 19 Frams in the P3D V4.1 With Fly Elise it is unfortunately only max. 10th But I'm sure I missed something there. Best regards Urs
  5. RWY Bumping Sound

    Hello Pete, Then your space is bigger than mine. I have about 3.6 x4.0 x2.2 meters available. Yes Warpalizer is at home in Sweden. Man has to work with Warpalizer very very precisely. Otherwise the result is not very satisfactory. Here the link. If forbidden, I remove him. http://www.warpalizer.com/en/homepage-7.html No, I only have 1 such PC. But there really is really only the flight simulator, WarpSoftware and ASCA. Everything else I have on a second computer running. Therefore, my initial network problem :-) Best regards Urs
  6. RWY Bumping Sound

    And here with a colleague in Madeira .
  7. RWY Bumping Sound

    Hello Pete, Yes exactly, I have a Curved Screen with a ca 170 ° representation, weill my room is a little small. I have this with 3 projectors and Warpalizer in operation. Just I am Fly Elsie NG am testing on this. I have pictures attached with a graphic of Fly Elise. My hardware is: Asus Maximus Hero VII i7 6700K 4Ghz OC 4.4 16GB Ram 2x 250 SSD GTX1080Ti FE Regards Urs
  8. RWY Bumping Sound

    Hello Pete, Thank you very much for your encouragement and positive words. You're right. I have before the whole at all no idea had and now have a cockpit with Curved Screen and I have already much deal, than I thought I sold everything again. Think about my network problem :-) I will now really try it with your documents. Because the Translator has become my second best friend. Best regards Urs
  9. RWY Bumping Sound

    Hello everybody, Thank you for your answers. This, of course, greatly exceeds my knowledge. I can not write something like that. There remains only the hope, which Prosim once integrates. Best regards Urs
  10. Hello everybody, If there is already an entry on this topic, I apologize for my entry. Property but unfortunately still no entry found. I would like to have a RWY Bumping sound for my home cockpit, which goes over the Bodyshaker. I have only the problem that I can not play the sound via ProsimAudi, since this can not be attributed of course. Now my question to you. Can you do this via a FSUIPC offset or so? It would then stop synonymous depending on the speed can be played. I use: Prosim Full Suite Prosim Model 2.0 P3D V4 (soon 4.1) Thank you very much for your efforts and help. Best regards Urs
  11. Hello, I have the same problem! Where can I find the latest update? In the Supprt forum I have seen nothing. Regards Urs
  12. Hello Pete and Thomas I would like to inform you about the state of affairs. Unfortunately, it took some time until I could exclude the addons error, as well as it just allowed my time to test. I have in WideFS now my IP entered. As you are. Furthermore, I have set up on both computers a network over Wlan. However, the prosim and the flight simulator computer not connected to each other. I have on the Tablet I now logged into every network. And so the whole seems now to work without problems. I fly today from LOWI to LIRA and LGKR to LGSM without any problems that the P3D has hung up or problems with FSUIPC were noticed. I would like to sincerely thank you again for your help and patience. Best regards Urs
  13. Yes this is not optimal now is also clear to me. But I live in a very old house and unfortunately it has not changed. I have the two computers not directly connected to each other, weill I have various hardware which also use Ethernet. On the switch I have my two computers, the Sismo MIP, as well as AFT and the TQ. The switch is not connected to the Internet Pete. The Internet I refer via USB WLan embroidery respectively per computer. I am of the opinion I had fixed the IP. Here is a picture of the Ethernet configuration. Un in the and in the Wideclienet.ini, I am of the opinion that I had there under servername my IP eigegeben had. The dan looked about like this: [Config] Server Name = Protocol = UDP Port = 8002 Now, I think straight out that I have installed FSUIPC 5.103 with the update 5.103b Then I could have forgotten to insert these again Pete. This could really be still. regards Urs
  14. Hello Pete, Thank you very much for the very fast response. Then I have a problem now. Unfortunately, I can not connect my switch to my Internet router. This would otherwise have a 80-meter-long cable or more. So I need to get the internet for both computers via Wlan. Now my question, if I have both computers by Lankabel over the switch in the network running and the computers over Wlan the Internet refer, is this a problem? I would not set up another network over WLan. It is only because the two computers have access to the Internet. No I just make a new computer, because of the crashes of the P3D v4. As I said, I believe the problem exists there with the P3D and not FSUIPC or WideFS. Sorry, the many questions, but I am with the whole network stories still very early. Thank you very much for your patience. Best regards Urs
  15. Hello Pete, Sorry for my late reply, but today the cockpit was still slightly modified. I have never suspected the FSUIPC or WIDEFS causing the crashes Pete, fals this was so I'm very sorry. I do not know exactly where the error is Pete. Today, it was suddenly a picture, but the sound was quite normal. Previously, a stall of the simulator was noticed. All watches run right on the computer. I only change to ZuluTime in the Simulatot No this IP I have not entered. I am using and The port I left extra standard. I have really a few times only the Simulator and WideFS geschtaret to see if a connection comes. Whyski is my Kompas. But why this was tried to start automatically I do not know. I have never entered a command to start this automatically. I must confess in the act I have 2 networks pete once over lan cable and once over wlan. This for the following reason. The Internet I have to cover both computers over Wlan. Both computers are connected via a switch. Wlan network I have set up to use on my tablet the Prosim Instruktiorstaion. And I must also have on the flight simulator because of the Aivlasoft EFB since the provider must be on the simulator PC. How exactly should I proceed now Pete? The with the wireless network I must forget. Just ask me how I have to do this with the EFB and the instructor station. Can I run the EFB on my next computer and then only connect this by Wlan? I'm just about to reinstall my flight simulator again, but will certainly not integrate it into the Wlan network. How exactly should I proceed now Pete? The with the wireless network I must forget. Just ask me how I have to do this with the EFB and the instructor station. Can I run the EFB on my next computer and then only connect this by Wlan? I'm just about to reinstall my flight simulator again, but will certainly not integrate it into the Wlan network. Best regards Urs