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  1. Hello Pete, John, At this moment I have both P3DV4 and V5 installed. With my Prosim setup I use WideFS too. WideFs server has been installed into v4. I bought FSUIPC 6. If I install that one will it install in both sims ? And how do I get WideFS in V5 too while it also exists in V4 ? While building up V5 I also would like to make flights with V4. Thanks and best regards, Gerard
  2. Finally I managed to get it back to work as it should: 1 deleted the p3d.cfg file 2 deleted the Saved flight Now the values go up till 16383 instead of 16381 like before. Watching the offsets values onscreen helped a lot. Many thanks Pete ! BTW : a little off topic . My 2080Ti card performs the same as my former 2x 1080Ti card. But less power consumption and no more SLI staying in Idle mode too long when entering heavy scenery....
  3. Hi Pete, Since 12 days I am having this Landing Gear issue with Prosimand it has not been solved up to know. Humberto and Martin also do not know what is going on. Since a W10 and P3Dv4.3 reinstall 6 weeks ago everything was working fine and for weeks I have made very nice flights. Then from 4th november up to now I am having a landing gear issue with my Prosim aircraft. At approach lever down , the gear extracts but I am getting 3 red lights and the warning horn. Prosim support has tried to help me : - un-and reinstall the aircraft model - un- and reinstall FSUIPC - disabled all addons  - tried earlier Prosim versions ( clean install ) The default aircraft do not have this issue. Using the FSUIPC LG offsets in the Fs Window I can see that the gear down command is being sent/received by P3D. The only thing I remarked : Gear up = 0 / Nose gear up = 0 / Left gear up = 0 / Right gear up = 0 Gear down on the ground. = all 4 offsets : 16383. But when extracting the gear while flying the Gear Down offset goes to 16383 but the nose/legt/right offsets to 16381, so not 16383. As Prosim receives the gear down command from my hardware and sents the command towards P3Dv4 and FSUIPC , Prosim support think that there is something wrong with P3Dv4. But my default planes do not have the issue. As I am running out of options do the 3x 16381 values point to an issue ?  Thanks, Gerard
  4. Many thanks for the help Pete. I will try it . regards, Gerard
  5. Hi Pete, Since 2 weeks I am having an issue with my Landing Gear : when pushing the LG lever down I am hear the gear dropping and the sound of the turbulence. However, I am only getting 3 red lights and at approach the LG warning sound. When putting ProsimPanel onscreen I also see the lever down and 3 red lights. The hardware is the CpFlight MipBoard. Humberto asked me to check what offsets are used when pushing the gear handle down and advised me to use the Fs Window to FSUIPC offsets onscreen in order to check what offset is being used with Gear Down. I have never done this so can you advise me how to do this ? Thanks and best regards, Gerard
  6. Got it working with your help : handle, error = ext.shell("C:\\DOS\\StartDCS.bat", "EXT_MIN", "EXT_CLOSE") ipc.log("ext.shell returned error = " .. error) Now it is working perfectly. Many thanks Pete for your patience. If it is Ok with you I can put the LUA-batch combo in the Users section as " Starting programs ( exe ) with a yoke button through LUA " Regards, Gerard  
  7. Hi Pete, Thank you for your great support. As I have started looking into LUA yesterday for the first time I am making errors. The only thing I want is a LUA that starts a batch file. I have made a new folder in C called DOS with the batchfile in it. Just to be sure I will not have any rights issues in the program files (x86) folder. You are right about computers . That I am finding out right now. I will try again later today.. regards, Gerard
  8. I have tried these : ext.shell("C:\Program Files (x86)\FSPS\Dolby Cockpit Sounds FSX\StartDCS.bat", "EXT_MIN") ext.shell("C:\Program Files (x86)\FSPS\Dolby Cockpit Sounds FSX\StartDCS.bat") handle, error = ext.shell("C:\\DOS\\StartDCS.bat", EXT_MIN, EXT_CLOSE) handle, error = ext.shell("C:\\DOS\\StartDCS.bat") Unfortunately none of them are working. I even tried after reinstalling DCS directly into C , so above program files (x86).. Regards, Gerard
  9. You are right that didn't work. I also tried : ext.runif("C:\Program Files9 x86)\FSPS\Dolby Cockpit Sounds FSX\StartDCS.bat", "EXT_MIN") whicg didn't work either. ********* LUA: "StartDCS" Log [from FSUIPC version 5.103e] ********* 684766 System time = 21/09/2017 14:55:17, Simulator time = 09:21:59 (07:21Z) 684766 *** LUA Error: cannot open D:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Modules\ipcDebug.lua: No such file or directory 684766 LUA: beginning "D:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Modules\StartDCS.lua" 684766 LUA: ...les\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Modules\StartDCS.lua:1 684766 LUA: Global: ipcPARAM = 0 684797 >>> Thread forced exit (ipc.exit or os.exit) <<< So it should more be like : ext.shell("C:\Program Files9 x86)\FSPS\Dolby Cockpit Sounds FSX\StartDCS.bat", "EXT_MIN") .... ? Regards, Gerard
  10. Therefore these lines in a LUA script : ext.path ("C:\\Program Files (x86)\\FSPS\\Dolby Cockpit Sounds FSX") ext.run ("restart.bat") end In Fsuipc I will assign the Yoke button to the LUA script with the text above. The idea is that the LUA script excecutes the batch file .
  11. I made an overview in general on papaer with what I want and it looks quiet complicated. Then I got another idea : what I want is all in FSPS Dolby Cockpit Sound , but that program stops responding after 5-15 min in P3Dv4. If I can assign a yoke button to a batchfile ( I know my way around DOS ) that first shuts the program down and then restarts it I will have what I want much easier. I started with my first LUA : ext.path ("C:\\Program Files (x86)\\FSPS\\Dolby Cockpit Sounds FSX") ext.run ("restart.bat") end Regards, Gerard
  12. Thanks Pete. I will give it a try. As Prosim Audio Addons only can play a wav file without in-decreasing the sound it must be Lua only. Otherwise the sound stays at the same volume. And I want the sound to in-decrease with speed differences. regards, Gerard
  13. Hello Pete, Is it possible to assign sounds via Fsuipc like a flap sound that reacts on the wind ? Eg : flaps 1 - flap wind sound dim . Flaps 30 - flap wind sound loud Of course only hearable when moving.The same for gear , spoilers and brakes. Prosim Audio Addons can only play a sound according to a trigger and cannot be connected to speed. FSPS Dolby Cockpit Sounds which does al the above works fine till P3Dv3 . In V4 it stops working after 5-15 minutes. Thanks , Gerard
  14. Hi Pete, I will point the developer to this thread. Thanks for your reply. Regards, Pete
  15. Hello Pete, The program stops reacting after a while. It looses connection with P3Dv4. Reststarting solves it for a short while. First I contacted the developer. It is working fine till P3Dv3. He wrote that it is using Fsuipc to interact with Fs. Is there anything I can do or will it perhaps work in a future Fsuipc update. Hearing spoiler , gear and flaps wind sounds add a lot to the immersion. And the program is freeware now. Thanks and best regards, Gerard
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