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  1. ok , i got that , its clear that i miss understand using mouse macro i will read the user guide again another last question. if there is a new version of fsuipc and i have an old version already installed , i have to delete the old version before installing the new one or just install the new one over the old version ? thank you for explanation
  2. ya , i have a separate profile for each aircraft A320 , A330 , B777 and B747 as in the pics and i made them using mouse macros ( buttons and switches ) , the issue is when iam trying to add an additional profile for another aircraft like B737 i start to assign buttons for it using mouse macros (like the other aircrafts) by the following steps : 1) open create mouse macro then i write the name of the button (example: taxi on ) , then ok 2) in the simulator i turn the taxi light on then a message appears in the top left and i write the name of the button in the line then enter 3) back to fsuipc buttons and switches menu , i press cancel create mouse macro then ckeck the box of profile specific for the current aircraft 4) press the button or the switch in the controller 5) check the box of (select for fs control ) 6) from the drop down list of (control sent when button pressed ) i choose the button assigned then ok however after assigning 2 or 3 switches using the previous steps , suddenly there no buttons assigned in the drop down list of (control sent when button pressed) as it should be also some old assignments for the other aircrafts gone FSUIPC5, Version 5.154 (13th March 2020) , Build 18363 thank you FSUIPC5.ini FSUIPC5.log
  3. hello , i have a logitech x-56 with P3D v4.5 , and there are some key assignments that is not in p3d by default like taxi lights , so iam using macros to assign keys in the controller. i assigned for A320 , A330 , B777 and B747 , but when i tried to add B737 or A321 it can't be added just 2 or 3 assignments , then it removes all what i did + the old assignments of the other planes ! so is macros has a limit number of assignments , or i did something wrong ? thank you
  4. iam re-registering because i reinstalled the windows but now its ok , i deleted the instillation folder in p3d , and i install the new version again the error came from me , i put the new version files of fsuipc after extracting with the old one (replacing) and the key worked thank you
  5. hello , when i download version and installing ( as administrator ) it says the key is not valid , however the key works normally with version thank you
  6. hello , i re-installed EDDF and it works great now thank you
  7. no i didn't edit it but i will re-install it and come back to you
  8. ya he is , he contacted me but about EDDF why it has no planes or flights ? , i have EGKK and working great
  9. hello , when i install the real traffic nothing change in the schedule or in the airlines files ! ,and when i run the game the old default traffic stay still why real traffic is not working ? can any one help ? thank you
  10. an update i uninstall the game and installed it again , this time all work fine ! , except EDDF add on and real traffic ! , i don't know why tower.log
  11. ok , sorry i didn't know that , i thought it would help any solutions to my problem sir , i i sent the log file as you asked
  12. this file that i attached ? tower.log
  13. Ok sir , where can i find that log file ?
  14. hello , i don't have any planes or any flights in any of the airports when i start tower 2011 ! , i run as administrator and every thing but nothing can any body help ? thank you
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