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  1. Pete Thanks I appear to have resolved the issue by re-installing the S-A 737 and re-setting the initial scenario. Rgds Chris
  2. Dear Pete I have just done a vanilla update of P3D to V4.3 and installed FSUIPC 5.124. Using Sim-avionics B738 (latest version) on a Jetmax cockpit with Jetmax Throttles, MFG Crosswind pedals and Ace Yoke. Yesterday, removed all P3d buttons and axis assignments, from all three controllers, normal & slew. I checked config & calibrations in W10 and all worked correctly. W10 also updated to latest state (KB4284848 cumulative update) No Firewalls or anti-virus progs active on this pc. Started setting up buttons and axes in FSUIPC, using settings from Sim-avionics which worked perfectly with 4.2 & 5.124. Parking brake recognised correctly by FSUIPC and set up - but had no effect. Same with both Fuel Valves. Set-up toe brakes and these worked correctly. Put post on P3D forum and was suggested I should check if I had latest FSUIPC installed. I hadn't so, this morning installed 5.132 over 5.124, recognised as licensed copy. Tried assigning Parking Brake again, all appeared to work correctly, but still doesn't function. Log & Joyscan copied below. Help ! Rgds Chris FSUIPC 5 Log: ********* FSUIPC5, Version 5.132 (26th June 2018) by Pete Dowson ********* Running inside Prepar3D v4 Module base=7FFF71F30000 Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit reported as Build 17134, Release ID: 1803 (OS 10.0) Prepar3D.exe version = Reading options from "F:\P3D v4\Modules\FSUIPC5.ini" Checking the Registrations now ... User Name="Christopher Finn" User Addr="christopher.finn1@btinternet.com" FSUIPC5 Key is provided WideFS7 Key is provided 15 System time = 05/07/2018 15:09:02 15 FLT UNC path = "\\FLTSIM\chris\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Files\" 15 Using PDK events 15 Using DialogMode 47 FS UNC path = "\\FLTSIM\F\P3D v4\" 109 ---------------------- Joystick Device Scan ----------------------- 109 Product= MFG Crosswind V2 109 Manufacturer= MFG 109 Serial Number= MFG500002 109 Vendor=16D0, Product=0A38 (Version 33.1) 172 GUIDs returned for product: VID_16D0&PID_0A38: 172 GUID= {2D3D6620-1C9A-11E8-8004-444553540000} 172 Details: Btns=2, POVs=(0, 0, 0, 0), Cal=x00000000, Max=R4096,U0,V0,X4096,Y4096,Z0 172 Product= JetMAX 737 Throttle 172 Manufacturer= TEKWorx Limited 172 Serial Number= 000001AC 172 Vendor=1FD1, Product=0600 (Version 1.2) 172 GUIDs returned for product: VID_1FD1&PID_0600: 172 GUID= {2D3D6620-1C9A-11E8-8006-444553540000} 172 Details: Btns=9, POVs=(0, 0, 0, 0), Cal=x00000000, Max=R860,U874,V849,X0,Y0,Z716 172 Product= 737YOKE-LE by ACE 172 Manufacturer= ACE 172 Vendor=16C0, Product=2786 (Version 1.35) 172 GUIDs returned for product: VID_16C0&PID_2786: 172 GUID= {2D3D6620-1C9A-11E8-8005-444553540000} 172 Details: Btns=32, POVs=(0, 0, 0, 0), Cal=x00000000, Max=R0,U0,V0,X3360,Y2855,Z0 172 ------------------------------------------------------------------- 172 Device acquired for use: 172 Joystick ID = 0 (Registry okay) 172 0=MFG Crosswind V2 172 0.GUID={2D3D6620-1C9A-11E8-8004-444553540000} 172 Device acquired for use: 172 Joystick ID = 2 (Registry okay) 172 2=JetMAX 737 Throttle 172 2.GUID={2D3D6620-1C9A-11E8-8006-444553540000} 172 Device acquired for use: 172 Joystick ID = 1 (Registry okay) 172 1=737YOKE-LE by ACE 172 1.GUID={2D3D6620-1C9A-11E8-8005-444553540000} 172 ------------------------------------------------------------------- 187 LogOptions=00000000 00000001 187 ------------------------------------------------------------------- 187 SimConnect_Open succeeded: waiting to check version okay 187 Opened separate AI Traffic client okay 6047 Running in "Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D® v4", Version: (SimConnect: 6047 Initialising SimConnect data requests now 6047 FSUIPC Menu entry added 6047 ... Using Prepar3D with Professional License 6093 \\FLTSIM\chris\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Files\Thomson 737-800 EMA.fxml 6093 \\FLTSIM\F\P3D v4\SimObjects\Airplanes\Sim-Avionics 737-800 Winglets\B737-800.air 857859 === Closing session: waiting for DLLStop to be called ... 867828 === DLLStop called ... 867828 === Closing external processes we started ... 868828 === About to kill any Lua plug-ins still running ... 868984 === Closing global Lua thread 870000 === About to kill my timers ... 870187 === Restoring window procs ... 870187 === Unloading libraries ... 870187 === stopping other threads ... 870187 === ... Button scanning ... 870297 === ... Axis scanning ... 870390 === Releasing joystick devices ... 870390 === Freeing macro memory 870390 === Removing any offset overrides 870390 === Clearing any displays left 870390 === NOTE: not calling SimConnect_Close ... 870390 === AI slots deleted! 870390 === Freeing button memory ... 870390 === Closing my Windows ... 870390 === Freeing FS libraries ... 871390 === Closing devices ... 871390 === Closing the Log ... Bye Bye! ... 871390 System time = 05/07/2018 15:23:33 871390 *** FSUIPC log file being closed Minimum frame rate was 32768.0 fps, Maximum was 0.0 fps Maximum AI traffic for session was 0 aircraft Memory managed: 3 Allocs, 3 Freed ********* FSUIPC Log file closed *********** FSUIPC Joyscan: Good? flags VID PID Name INIid REGid RegEntry INIguid REGguid HIDguid ValsOK? ReadsOk? HIDscanning completed N x00 x16D0 x0A38 -1 -1 0 {NULL} {NULL} {2D3D6620-1C9A-11E8-8004-444553540000} Y N N x00 x1FD1 x0600 -1 -1 0 {NULL} {NULL} {2D3D6620-1C9A-11E8-8006-444553540000} Y N N x00 x16C0 x2786 -1 -1 0 {NULL} {NULL} {2D3D6620-1C9A-11E8-8005-444553540000} Y N REGscanning completed N x00 x16D0 x0A38 MFG Crosswind V2 -1 0 0 {NULL} {2D3D6620-1C9A-11E8-8004-444553540000} {2D3D6620-1C9A-11E8-8004-444553540000} Y Y N x00 x1FD1 x0600 JetMAX 737 Throttle -1 2 0 {NULL} {2D3D6620-1C9A-11E8-8006-444553540000} {2D3D6620-1C9A-11E8-8006-444553540000} Y Y N x00 x16C0 x2786 737YOKE-LE by ACE -1 1 0 {NULL} {2D3D6620-1C9A-11E8-8005-444553540000} {2D3D6620-1C9A-11E8-8005-444553540000} Y Y User settings imported N x00 x16D0 x0A38 MFG Crosswind V2 0 0 0 {2D3D6620-1C9A-11E8-8004-444553540000} {2D3D6620-1C9A-11E8-8004-444553540000} {2D3D6620-1C9A-11E8-8004-444553540000} Y Y N x00 x1FD1 x0600 JetMAX 737 Throttle 2 2 0 {2D3D6620-1C9A-11E8-8006-444553540000} {2D3D6620-1C9A-11E8-8006-444553540000} {2D3D6620-1C9A-11E8-8006-444553540000} Y Y N x00 x16C0 x2786 737YOKE-LE by ACE 1 1 0 {2D3D6620-1C9A-11E8-8005-444553540000} {2D3D6620-1C9A-11E8-8005-444553540000} {2D3D6620-1C9A-11E8-8005-444553540000} Y Y Values matched and decided Y x1E x16D0 x0A38 MFG Crosswind V2 0 0 0 {2D3D6620-1C9A-11E8-8004-444553540000} {2D3D6620-1C9A-11E8-8004-444553540000} {2D3D6620-1C9A-11E8-8004-444553540000} Y Y Y x1E x1FD1 x0600 JetMAX 737 Throttle 2 2 0 {2D3D6620-1C9A-11E8-8006-444553540000} {2D3D6620-1C9A-11E8-8006-444553540000} {2D3D6620-1C9A-11E8-8006-444553540000} Y Y Y x1E x16C0 x2786 737YOKE-LE by ACE 1 1 0 {2D3D6620-1C9A-11E8-8005-444553540000} {2D3D6620-1C9A-11E8-8005-444553540000} {2D3D6620-1C9A-11E8-8005-444553540000} Y Y
  3. Banananav


    Thanks Pete In that case I presume I can eliminate hardware, FSUIPC and "finger trouble" as causes ? I'll get back to Mark Hastings. Chris
  4. Banananav


    Hi Pete Yes, it is Sim-Avionics I have been able to programme all the buttons in FSUIPC as the following extract from the FSUIPC4.ini shows: [Buttons] PollInterval=25 ButtonRepeat=20,10 7=P2,5,Cx020053DB,x0233 -{offset word set, offset 53DB}- 8=U2,5,Cx020053DB,x0000 -{offset word set, offset 53DB}- 9=R2,1,Cx0200088C,xE958 -{offset word set, offset 088C}- 10=U2,1,Cx0200088C,x0000 -{offset word set, offset 088C}- 11=R2,4,Cx02000924,xE958 -{offset word set, offset 0924}- 12=U2,4,Cx02000924,x0000 -{offset word set, offset 0924}- 13=P2,8,Cx01005452,x01 -{offset byte set, offset 5452}- 14=U2,8,Cx01005452,x00 -{offset byte set, offset 5452}- 15=P2,7,Cx01005453,x01 -{offset byte set, offset 5453}- 16=U2,7,Cx01005453,x00 -{offset byte set, offset 5453}- 17=P2,6,Cx020053DB,x0237 -{offset word set, offset 53DB}- 18=U2,6,Cx020053DB,x0000 -{offset word set, offset 53DB}- 19=P2,0,Cx01005418,x01 -{offset byte set, offset 5418}- 20=U2,0,Cx01005418,x00 -{offset byte set, offset 5418}- 23=R1,1,Cx010053F4,x01 -{offset byte set, offset 53F4}- 24=U1,1,Cx010053F4,x00 -{offset byte set, offset 53F4}- 25=R1,0,Cx010053F4,x02 -{offset byte set, offset 53F4}- 26=U1,0,Cx010053F4,x00 -{offset byte set, offset 53F4}- 29=P1,4,Cx020053DB,x0227 -{offset word set, offset 53DB}- 30=U1,4,Cx020053DB,x0000 -{offset word set, offset 53DB}- As a test, I have just programmed the Yoke A/P disconnect switch with A/T Disconnect (563) and it works fine. Conversely A/P Disconnect (551) does not work on a Throttle Quadrant button that works with A/T Disconnect allocated to it. So, all the buttons appear to be functioning correctly - so not a hardware issue. But Elevator trim up and down (53F4) and A/P Disconnect (551 which shows as hex x0227) functions do not work - although they appear to have been programmed correctly in FSUIPC. Chris
  5. I have a Jetmax 737 cockpit with a Jetmax Throttle Quadrant (TQ) and Tiller, and an ACE Yoke. I am using a licensed version of FSUIPC 4.995c and Wide FS, and Sim-Avionics 1.58. With no buttons or axes programmed in FSX I have programmed the TQ, tiller and Yoke ( a total of 7 axes and 10 buttons) in FSUIPC. All axes work correctly and the 7 buttons on the TQ work correctly. However, the two trim buttons and the A/P Disconnect switch on the Yoke do not have any effect. I am using the following (Jetmax provided) Offsets: A/P Disconnect = Offset Word Set, Offset x53DB, values 551 and 0 (nb values 567=TOGA and 563=A/T disconnect and 0=button release work correctly) Elevator trims = Offset Byte Set, Offset x53F4, values 1=up 2=down 3=off, repeat set to ON. The three buttons do show correctly in W7 and work correctly using FSX allocations. I did delete the FSUIPC.ini file after doing this check and then re-programmed using FSUIPC from scratch. I assume I am missing something blindingly obvious. Can anyone help with this problem ? Thanks Chris
  6. Banananav

    Not far off binning project

    Hi James You will find them listed in the Sim-A FSUIPC_IO.INI file. eg for the JETMAX TQ I am using ENGINE_L_FUEL_CONTROL_SWITCH=5452 and the right 5453 Cheers Chris

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