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  1. MOVED TO SUPPORT FORUM! Please always post support requests to the Support Forum, not to a referece suforum where it won't be answered! Hi Pete, We are assigning some button to FSUIPC and we would like to assign two actions on only one button. (For Exemple assigning to only Button 1 of joystick Taxi light and Landing light) I think this isn't possible by FSUIPC display interface but it's possible on FSUIPC.ini ? And if it's possible, how I must edit FSUIPC.ini to do that ? --------------------------------------------------------- Another point, We are
  2. Hi Pete, We are using FSUIPC and we saw that FSUIPC 4.955 add regulary some micro freezes to FSX. We tested FSX with FSUIPC and without it. Micro freezes are amplified when we are using FSUIPC offsets. For informations, the Autosave in FSUIPC.ini is unactive. So, do you have some setting in FSUIPC.ini to resolve that, please ? P.S: We are retailer of simulation product, so have you some specials conditions for FSUIPC/WideFS retailers ? And it's possible to have a contact by email ? Thanks. Raphaël (Technician) NewConcept informatique Switzerland
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