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  1. Exactly! thats what I meant with my response.. there seems to be a 'complete' misunderstanding!! the fact that SB4 uses SimConnect doesn't have ANYTHING to do with the fact that FSUIPC can still be used to trigger transponder modes the same way PTT works today... My concern is that the guy who replied in that thread is Norman!! Well Known SB tester, VATSIM VP, Close to the SB developers!!! it would be fantastic if you jump in that thread and 'clarify' this for him.. I'm PRETTY sure he will raise this issue with Joel ASAP. Jesus, No misunderstanding at all. I personally use both Simconnect and FSUIPC for what I need. On an aside, whilst I dont expect a prompt answer, I'll nudge Joel once again.
  2. Isaac, It is possible that I missed your post on the FDS forum but doubtful we all did. Maybe you want to bump your topic over there?
  3. Isaac, Did you ever consider asking us over at http://www.flightdecksolutions.com where we have a very busy forum? Or maybe email?
  4. I know when I bought FSUIPC4 on the first day it was released I selected the wrong payment method in Paypal and it used an echeck. Just like others have commented, I simply had to wait a few days for the echeck to clear. Thankfully I had a beta version which wasnt due to expire in the interim.
  5. Actually that would be whoever you bought it from. Since you say it was simmarket I took a quick look and hey, what do you know, it says this: FS VERSION FSX only (For previous FS versions see here) Even the logo on their page has a huge X in it.
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