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  1. As always, I am very grateful for your time Pete. I had tried moving our axis across the full extents but that did not seem to help in getting it properly scaled. I can test it again of course. Before getting into that though, I should mention that when I had ticked ‘raw’ prior to injecting any value into the axis, the raw check box immediately dimmed out and became unselectable as soon as it saw a value being passed. Is that strange? It definitely doesn’t happen when I use a ‘normal’ input from a Bodnar card (and it wasn’t happening on the P3D v3 instance). Our preference would be to pass the raw values from -16k to +16k if possible. Regards, Rob
  2. Just an update on this. I tried it again using the older 32 bit version of Prepar3D, and what ever value we send in to offset 3BAA is what shows as the "IN" value in the Joystick Axis Assignment page in FSUIPC. So I think that is the real issue - why doesn't the value we send not get seen as the IN value with 64 bit Prepar3D on - again keeping in mind it does show our value correctly when we turn on logging for the offset. Regards,
  3. We developed our own driver a while ago that passes values for a joystick (via .NET and Wideclient) to offset 3BAA. This was working fine on Prepar3D V3, but we are just trying to get it running on Prepar3D V4 and seeing some strange things. The value we pass to the offset is in the range -16384 to +16384 If i use FSUIPC logging to monitor the offset, it shows the exact value we have passed in. So for example, we pass -2000, the logging shows a value of -2000 in 3BAA. However when assigning the AXIS in FSUIPC, the "IN" values displayed, they are in the range -14,000 to +22000. I am not sure what the logic is for this as I had assumed the IN value would mirror exactly what we pass to the offset (and what displays in the logging screen). We then see a further problem because the Axis Calibration page maxes out the IN value at 16384 so we cant realise the full range of movement we are passing in... and in fact anything past the centre position of the axis is effectively discarded. I know the above is probably not a very clear explanation - but this code was working fine on V3 of Prepard3D so it seems to be a change in how these values are being passed to the offset that is causing the problem. If anyone has any ideas on what might be happening or what we could try I would be very grateful! Regards, Rob
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