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  1. Hi, I have STB client on a separate PC - how do I remove the white windows title bar, the STB menu bar and the status area at the bottom, as shown in the pic below? I basically just want to display the traffic and their status on a TV, as in an airport Thanks Charles
  2. That is really great, Simon, thanks. I see now that what you put in the field "Callsign" now appears on the STB Board i text, very nice. I know you said that there is not a database of logos to insert the logo automatically, but maybe a quick way would be to have the ability for the user to upload a logo directly into the field "Callsign" - ie press a button, browse to the gif. I guess these gifs are all in the AI folder, in my case within TrafficX, so I could simply browse there
  3. Hi, I turned Air Baltic off, then I connected and went to London Gatwick and a crash message appeared, so I changed to Copenhagen and it worked and then back to Gatwick and still working. Attached the logs, for some reason the trace wil not upload, maybe too big and have to delete Other thing is that my call sign is ok on STB client (U28269 for Easyjet) but the logo is still showing GOL's as per the aircraft cfg, rather than Easyjet's crash.txt
  4. Thanks Simon It' strange if it is the callsign in the cfg because I always just use this aircraft, GOL, and it has always worked great with STB. I don't ever touch the cfg, even if I change the airline/callsign in Vatsim/STB because, as I fly from a cockpit, I don't see the outside livery so this doesn't matter to me. Here is the relevant part of the cfg and I have attached the trace with verbose selected: [fltsim.8] title=Prosim AR 737-800 PBR 2019 - GOL sim=Prosim738_Pro model= panel= sound= texture=GOL atc_heavy=0 atc_id=PR-GOT atc_flight_number=234 atc_airline=GOL TRANSPORTE atc_model=737-800 atc_parking_types=GATE,RAMP atc_parking_codes=SAS ui_manufacturer="Prosim-AR" ui_createdby="ProSim-AR" ui_type="737-800" ui_variation="PROSIM-AR Pro 2019 GOL Livery" ui_typerole="Commercial Airliner" visual_damage=0 description="( Livery painted by Matthew Fitzjohn ) This new dynamic flight model also adds a new visual model but still focuses on flight-dynamics. The model was built in three years and it is trying to come to as close as possible to the real plane. All the manufacturer's data incorporated into the model are property of Boeing Company. Any unauthorised change or modification (including the .air file) is strictly prohibited. This ProSim-737 flight model are copyright and protected by ProSim737. The flight model is payware. Licensing can be optioned through the ProSim737 websites. The model will definitely change the way you fly your 737 Simulator. This unique advanced flight model is not anymore aimed at the home cockpit builder. Although it can also be used for professional training, under a different license construction (available separately from ProSim-737) the widest user base will be a rapidly growing number of cockpit builders. The dynamic model was built for Prosim737 and will NOT work poroperly with any other autopilot system or systems simulation suite. Do not combine it with any other software available." STBClient.Trace.txt
  5. Hi Simon, I updated just the client (not Data server which is still 17800) and I got the attached crash report, I was using U2 as IATA for Easyjet and P3D 4,5 crash.txt
  6. Thanks, results reported on the prosim forum thread
  7. Will do, thanks, I will report back if I find out anything Charles
  8. Thanks Pete, I looked in the documentation online here http://www.prepar3d.com/SDKv3/LearningCenter/getting_started/view_system/display_configuration.html but I can only see reference to Viewgroup name, I cannot see any id nor does there seem to appear anything in the xml. To select viewgroup the documentation simly states to right click on P3D Charles
  9. Thanks everyone Good news is that This is also in the FS list within the FSUIPC button tab. I assigned a button to it and selected various parameters (0, 1, 2, 3 , 4) but these do not seem to do anything. I looked at the viewgroup xml and cannot see any specific number that should go into the parameter. There is only the name of the viewgroup "Capt" or "FO" (see attached) ViewGroups.xml
  10. I am using P3D latest version which has the very good Viewgroup option. Given the difficulty of setting a perfect viewpoint in a cockpit (without crabbing) I have set up 2 viewgroups, one for if the left side is pilot flying and one for right side. The viewgroups are called Capt and FO respectively. I can switch between each view by right-clicking on P3D and selecting Viewgroups/Capt or FO. I would like to assign a button to do this. Can someone let me know the simplest way to do this? Best Charles
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