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  1. Thats Bad.... I purchased this game 1 week ago and after i got 20 hrs of gameplay i build a list and now itĀ“s closed šŸ˜ž Whatever.... All my points are still talked about. @ Devs I realy hope you not make the same misstake like other puplishers and have priority to grafics and optics. I think you see in the list most people request for FEATURES. Mostly additional Commands like "Cross runway" "give way" "folow aircraft in front of you" experdite" and so on.This game is a ATC Simulator..... not a "Airport and Plane 3D Presentation tool" . Keep Focus on the basics.... And thats a Game that allow us all Comands and technics as a real ATC can also use. I can speak only for myself.... But i would play TowerXX also if it got early 2000Ā“s grafics without a 3D View. 99% of time the user just look on the Radar Screen. So PLEASE.... Implement as much new features as possible and not waste time to design Liveries.
  2. Wonderfull ! Thanks Pete.... realy great support ! Please not lough about what i wrote.... ItĀ“s realy difficult to explane a script in my fantasy with words.... specialy when i not know the Syntax from Lua already :-) At the moment i enjoy the nice weather and have fun with my friends.... But this winter i realy planned to invest 1-2 months to "learn" the Lua Stuff. I got experiance from early days with Basic, Qbasic (School 25 Years ago) ... I hope i be albel to write those scripts next year ! So Topic can be closed.... Thanks again for your great help !
  3. Hi Again. Sorry i missed to tell iĀ“m using FSX ( the Old Box Version with Acceleration ) Maby i realy should swap to P3D now :-) First i donĀ“t know what L-M and PeD means.... But i think this is P3D Stuff ... Right ?? Finaly i see a video from a P3D user that be able to work with ADF1 Standby.... Also i read in your "Control List PDF" that there are SET Events for P3D Only. So i understand now with FSX itĀ“s not posible to set the ADF Standby. Last Thing.... If you find time can you just guide me on the right way..... Is the Follow Script Logic ok, for a own written Lua Code ?? 1. I define a Variable and write it on Systemstart to 14000 for Example. 2. I Write this Variable permanent to a Free Offset ( So i can Read it out via my Software, that only can read FSUIIPC Offsets and show it on a Display) 3. I Use/define 6 Inputs ( Maby Direct Joystick Buttons or 6 Bits of a observed Free Offset that are written by my software) 4. I write in the Script the 6 logics (each Encoder direction) like... " If Button 1 is pressed for Increase Hundrets Part" then Variable + 100 " ( With a overrun logic on Frequency Limit if needed.) 5. I Finaly need a Logic for the Swap Button ( Again a selv defined Joystickbutton or Offset) like... READ FSX ADF1 ACTIVE and save it temporary to a new variable Then Write current Standby Variable to the Original FSX Active Offset AND Write Temporary saved Variable to our ADF Standby Variable. I Hope you understand what i mean..... Please only tell me if this is the correct way. ? Thank You !
  4. You not need to say sorry ! FSUIPC is your "Baby" and you define how it should be ! In case of Transponder i agree.... The Current System works for 99% of Users. And i still said the same in my entry posting..... I still Know that LUA is the Key. Maby the ADF Part is a little different. I know here LUA is the key, too.... BUT I think here the current System is not working for most of the Users... Inverted. Here most of the Users have a Problem i think ! I donĀ“t want to cadge for this feature. I just want to tell you and maby you think same way like me. Alternate here good Solution is not a Reworking of the FSUIPC System. It will be helpfull, too if you just add a"example script" into the Example ZIP File. I know this is not your primary Job do make LUA Scripts individual for a User.... But here itĀ“s a little complex and a example will be verry helpfull ... Not only for me. ! Finaly.. Thank you ! Whatever the ADF is working fine.... FSUIPC is a fantastic tool. Without it. thousends of HomeCockpit Dreams never come true !
  5. Dear Pete. I hope itĀ“s ok i combined this two requests in one Topic. If there is still a existing solution please tell me short how to fix my problems.... Else maby the follow can be intresting to get ne features in a upcoming version.... By the Way... I Know both can be down with a own LUA Script but for me programming is still difficult and i think lots of users think so. 1) Missing Transponder Single Diggit "SET" Event A firend of mine got a premounted Transponder with a old analoge Display technic ....looking maby like This... Here there are Disk with Printed Numbers connected to teh 8 Position rotary switches. To Controll this with FSUIPC i think its Needed to SET the Part of Transponder Code... the Increase and Decrease is not usefull here... the Internal Value MUST be set exactly to the Value that is shown on Display and is used with the Switch Position. I Know we can write the Offset itself instead of the EventID.... BUT. Our Software we use only allwo us "Write of a Value to a FULL Byte" or "Set of ONE Bit" In that case we need to write the nibble (Halfbyte) OR we need to set a Binary Value to all 4 Bits..... Both is not Possible with our Softwaresolution. So my Request.... Is it Posible to implement 4 new EventIDĀ“s ... For Each Transpnder Diggit additional to INC and DEC a new SET Event ?? ***** 2) Problems with ADF1 and ADF2 Standby Lots of AddOns got a Problem with the FSX ADF Standbys.... So They use internal Variables ( Like Jeehell FMGS) or the talk direct via SimConnect like PMDG. In Case of PMDG i think there is no way to readout the Displayed Value of the Standby in Virtual Cockpit.... So This is not working for me. So i try FSUIPC for this but i see some Problems..... FSUIPC only allow us to set the ACTIVE ADF.... But my Panel Layout and Logic need a set of the Standby ! Futher i read that the SWAP of ADF2 is not working via FSUIPC finaly. So here my Request.... Can you solve this problems for us ?? Maby with the follow logic in example for ADF1 Standby ..... Can you use for Offset 0284 / 0286 as Data NOT the Real FSX Standby.... Can you use here simply a variable that only exist in FSUIPC ?? Then the Events that currently change the ADF1 Active need to be replaced by Events that internal in FSUIPC now Write the Variable ( And not longer the ADF1 Active in Sim ) Finaly the SWAP Logic must be replaced too, so the Swap now use the "Variable" and not longer the real Standby from FSX. ( I Hope you understand what i mean ) I think biggest part of the users need a setting of the Standby.... So a replacing is maby the better option.... maby you think about additional suppport this with new Offsetand Events. ******** Thanks for reading Pete. Maby this is interesting for you and you can add something in the future. If not. No Problem. Thanks for your Work !
  6. Hi Pete, Hi Thomas ..... First Thanks for Reply. I wondering, too that nobody report this until today.... thats why iĀ“m shure that itĀ“s my fault and not a real existing problem. To youre Question.... Myself i just use EventID for that.... But a friend want to do this via Offset ( I think he use Xplane and XPUIPC... Maby EventID not working there)... So i find out this problem only cause i try for him the BitSet technic. ( Maby 99% of Users never try this so nobody found out until now) Problem is.... IĀ“m not a programmer and i use a simple Tool called Mobiflight This Programm allow to easy set Buttons or Outputs to FSUIPC Offsets.... No need of own selfwritten code.... But there is not much real advanced Input Syntax.... You only can Write a Byte or a Bit .... No Way to write 2 Bits at once at the moment for example. I Know for advanced guys like you itĀ“s strange to use a progrmm like this.... But it workes for me verry good.... Some Problems are hard to solve with this rudimenatry tool.... But until now i always find a way ! ****** So finaly.... If you can solve this internal in FSUIPC this would be verry nice ! Thanks a lot for youre work and youre quick support !
  7. Dear Community Dear Pete. Hope you can help me with a Problem.... Not shure if there is a Problem in FSUIPC or if i did something Wrong. My Opinion is to Set the COM1 and COM2 Audio Buttons ( For Example in the FSX Cessna) with 2 Push Buttons. OFFSET 3122 By The Way... I Understand that The Other Buttons there ( BOTH,NAV1,NAV2, MKR,DME,ADF) can Stay On or OFF Individual.... COM1 and COM2 only can be active Once at same time ! So Setting the Other Stuff ( Bits 0-5 is no Problem ) I Simply write the specific Bit ! Now i tried to do the same with bit 6 and 7 ... Still thought.... If Function is already active ( Bit is 1-TRUE ) then a additional "1" will do nothing..... If a Function is OFF (Bit is Zero False) then a sending of "1" would internal set it ON and disable the other COM (Set this bit to zere then) Now the Thing i donĀ“t understand..... IF Com2 is active and i send for the COM1 Button Value "1" to Bit 7 everything is fine.... Bit 6 change into Zero 0 and Bit 7 Change into 1 ! If i try it reverse and Push the COM2 Button while COM1 is active and try to send "1" on Bit 6 THEN ..... I See that Bit 6 is shortly jumped ON and OFF Again and Bit 7 is still on 1 all the time.... Not Get into Zero ! Please Note: I Know i can do this alternate -With a EventID ... - With a write in the full Byte .... Dierect like 128 for COM1 ( Overwrite all other bits) or i use a IF Function like IF $>=128,$,$+64) This workes too in my programm code ! - Or i use a Press and Release Command.... PRESS Sets the "other" Bit to "0" Release set the target Bit to "1" BUT My Question is still..... Is This Problem i describe above a Issue or is FSUIPC correct here and should work so. A short reply would be nice... I like to understand how this workes.... And maby whats the correct way to controll this function via a Bit Write ! Thank You.... Regards !
  8. Sorry Pete.... English is not my first language and google translator is not always completly 1:1 meaningfull. Without less experiance in programming some facts are difficult to understand.... Like "ReadOnly Flags" are permanent or only when the specific AddOn is running. But whatever.... Problem is solved Thank you ! And my Apology for the unnecessary 2.nd posting. Best Regards... Peter
  9. OK thanks ! Please confirm me the follow that i understand it complete.... For Example I take some Offsets from the PM Offset Mapping from the official Homepage.... 1: Offset 5406 2 Byte MCP/FCU ISA Set (Write) ...... Like i request, i can use THIS Offset for my personal HC. I will got no problems cause PM not running on my system and so this offset is empty and the same like the official Custom Offset like 66C0 Right ?? 2: Offset 5404 2 Byte CDU/MCDU Build Number (Read Only) ...... there im not shure if i can use it cause of "ReadOnly" Flag. Means this Read Only just when using PM or is this Offset realy coverd by FSUIPC ? ... Can i use this Offset, too ? 3: At Last i see there are some bigger areas in PM Offset Mapping like 5600 5700 or 5800 with 100 bytes each i canĀ“t define if they still empty when PM is not running. So please understnad me right..... I fully understand you give this Space to youre friend Enrico years ago.... But maby you or enrico can define some official puplished areas that can be take for personal use IF the User NOT have PM installed. For Newbies like me itĀ“s a little difficult to check what offsets can be used whithout more informations. greets.
  10. Dear Pete. I try search.... find a lot Topics but not the awnser i need. Hope you can help me. While planing my Homecockpit i think the Free Offset Space (64 byte 66C0) isnĀ“t enough for my project. To awnser youre first question.... This is not a System i will give to other people. ItĀ“s just to build my personal Homecockpit. So iĀ“m NOT Request for a Offset range exclusive for me ! So i plan to use a PMDG B737 for this first big Project in my HC Builder career. At this Point i think about..... What is with all the Space, that other AddonĀ“s Use ? the "reserved" areas are so big ! For Example the Range that is reserved for Project Magenta. When Project Magenta isnĀ“t running on my system.... Is this Space then unused and i can work with it ? (Sorry for this stupid questiion but i already not understand if the AddOn writes these offsets or if FSUIPC fill this Offsets itself as requested by the producers of these Addons. So i donĀ“t know if there "free" aslong the Addon is not installed ) So my Question.... Is there a Offset List (like youre "FSUIPC4 Offset Status.pdf") that show me Area from xxxx - yyyy is only used when AddOn xyz is active ? I just need Offsets that "0" on systemstart and i can write/read them like i do with 66C0 for example. I Understand that i canĀ“t use AddOn XY aslong i use this Offsets. Thats no problem for me. Thank you !
  11. Dear Pete. Wunderfull work! . Thats it ! Youre quoted code workes great No Repeats, No Bugs. IĀ“m sad i must say i dont understand completley what the little differences done. Just see you donĀ“t use "cancel Event" and have a new Variable "ignorepress" now (Think this is to solve the reloop) .... But in some weeks and a lot of testing and learning about LUA i will check this myself i hope. So.... Great Support... It was a pleasure to talk personally to you .... Thank you Sir !
  12. Hello again Pete. Now i try lots of things but i canĀ“t solve this. Hope you got another idea what iĀ“am making wrong. -First about logging... I Try all Logging options in FSUIPC but not find what you said...... When i use "Button and Key Operations" then This Button NOT will be shown.... Looks like the logging only show buttons that assigned in FSUIPC "Button+Switches Tab"..... With another button on this stick i set in FSUIPC for maby Gear Down.... There i got a logging like "Button pressed.... Button released" But the specific button i used in this Luascript (not assigned in fsuipc) is not shown when pressed or released.... Only the "FSContorl Part" i quote you is logged at this time. To check one thing.... Is it right i run the tripleuse.lua automaticly by a entry in ini file Auto section ??? I try to set the file to a button, too in "Button and switches" but i think thats wrong....is this the Right way ?? - Second about the repeat.... Primary i hope you understand right.... I do NOT want the Button do a repeat.... and i do NOT set this somewhere. Like i explane above i do not set the script in FSUIPC Button+Switch Tab... The script run per AUTO in Ini file..... I donĀ“t think i set somewhere "repeat" To test if the button is ok i delete the tripleuse.lua and the ini entry and start FSX normaly..... then i set THIS Button for a normal function like AP_HDG_HOLD.... When i push it then Logging tells me "Press of this button" .... When i Hold it theres NO repeat shown..... When i released it the Logging report release .... Nothing else. I donĀ“t think theres a bouncing on hardware part. BUT: Youre comment let me think about another thing. It looks like the "repeat" let the Loop start again. So if i stop Longpress right in the moment before a new repeat comes again then it should work.... And Yes.... After 10-20 Trys i can see when i release the button in perfect moment then the "NewLoop" does not start. But this isnĀ“t the solution. ItĀ“s just some milliseconds to find this point. To erly or to late and the Singlepush Event is run again. So sumary i just can confirm..... When the Luascript is active then a holding of the Button results in permanet Repeating the Event....And This Repeat result in 99% of trys in a additional Singleclick event sending after release the button. If you got another idea pls tell me. Can you Confirm, that the Original File from LUA Examples workes OK (I Used it with --comments .... Just Copy it to modules folder) ??? Thank you !
  13. Hello Pete, Hope you enjoy youre holliday. Thanks for quick respond.....realy nice support ! Sad to report i canĀ“t solve the issue.... I try to change the "Events" to check if maby the viewchange are wrong and tha "flip bag" is normal with this event 65674 from the example file. BUT i got the same Problem with other EventĀ“s. For testing i use AP_ALT_VAR_INC 65892 for singlepress and AP_ALT_VAR_DEC 65893 for doublepress. For Longpress i used AP_HDG_HOLD. 65725 The effect is the Same.... Single Press workes (Increase ALT) Doublepress workes (decrease ALT) but Longpress become the same Issue..... It Aktivate the HDG Hold function but when i relase the button then it Increase ALT one time like i do another singlepress. FSUIPC Logging is a little confusing for me (Not sure witch logging is the right one) but it report that.... 156781 FS Control Sent: Ctrl=65892, Param=0 ----- This was the Single Press 162444 FS Control Sent: Ctrl=65893, Param=0 ----- This is the Doublepress 164394 FS Control Sent: Ctrl=65725, Param=0 ----- Longpress 165252 FS Control Sent: Ctrl=65892, Param=0 ------ This come from self maby a second after i release longpress. ( same event like singlepress) Additional Information..... while i use the View Events (from exmple file) i canĀ“t see that the longpress result in a repeat..... With the HDG Hold Event i see that the function is repeat as long i hold the button (shown in FSUIPC LOGGING and opitcal in On/Off/On/Off of the HDG Hold Button..... is this right or a part of the problem ?? So Pete... If you need report of another FSUIPC Logging please tell me "WHAT" logging i should use.... Or if you need a copy of the Lua File, just aks pls. But i can tell you i just use the Example file i got with Fsuipc und had only change the Joy and Btn Variable to use my specific joystick .... and i chage the Event IDĀ“s for the second testing like suscribe above..... Else it is 1:1 original. Hope you find time to help..... Thnak you and greetings from germany.
  14. Hello Pete, Hello Comunity First sorry for my poor english and sorry if this question is already awnsered.... I found no Topic till now. My experience for Lua Pragramming is still at beginning and iĀ“m not understanding all of the concept at the moment. So i canĀ“t find the Error in the following situation.... I want to set 3 Functions to a Joystick Button for a testing Project. So i found the "tripleUse.lua" Example. My opinion was to try your Example Lua first to see how it work but i got a problem with it..... First i locate the Joystickbutton i want to use and change the "joy = 0 and btn = 1 " Variable for my personal using. This workes and i can controll the Example View Left/Right/Forward with my joystick. Problem: Singeclick workes fine..... Doubleclick workes fine too. But Long Press gets a issue.... It change view like you suscribe BUT when i release the Button (after view changed) then the view not stay (Like Short and double press). It swaps back to "Left View" like with a short press. It Looks like the Release after "Long Press" is checked by your Luascript as a another new short press and result in a new Loop with a Ipc.control for the Left View. If possible please explane me if i made something wrong. Or did i found maby a "Bug" in this file ?? Looking forward for some information about that..... Thank You !
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