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  1. Yeah, the left shift is hard-coded. if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.LeftShift) || (!GetRecButtonState() && mm_shift > 0f)) You counld use a keyboard that allows key remapping, or mouse, or wheel, or etc. https://wtfgadgets.com/usb-big-red-button
  2. You might want to check out these 2 posts. EliGrim beat me to it 🙂
  3. Unfortunately, other than the using the modified tower3d.rec file from EliGrim or from my old post, showing anyone how to modify the compiled files would be against the terms of service. p.s. and you would already need to be a competent coder, which, in itself can take years to learn.
  4. Well, when I first showed that 'new' voice commands could be added nearly 3 years ago and hex edited the files to fix a few defferred runways etc. I was hoping that some of the errors I pointed out would be fixed, as they are really easy fixes to do. At the time I considered using code injection to fix the errors for myself, but never really got around to doing it. A couple of days ago, after reading the wishlist for towerxx, I thought to myself, 'A number of these could easily be added to the existing engine without much effort'. So I started adding them to my copy. Started with getting the game to add the 2 missing defferred thresholds in KLAX, so I could stop having to hex edit the resource file. Then I made the planes land around the aiming mark instead of the first brick. Stopped strobe lights from coming on until cleared for takeoff or lining up. Fixed the smoke effects for the landing gear tires triggering when the nose wheel lands, instead of when they do. noticed a couple of other bugs, but haven't fixed them yet, it's only been 2 days and I need time to 'play test' between fixes 🙂
  5. Interesting, so you should be able to add SHT, BA, SHUTTLE, British Airways, United Kingdom to the XXXX_Airport.txt file to get the BA livery with the 'Shuttle' callsign and SHT tag. Then just need to update all the domestic flights in the XXXX_Shedule.txt file to use SHT and SH*T you can't, you need the IATA code 😇
  6. Just tested it with, FRT, FT, FIELD AIR, Feelthere International Airlines, United States FRT, VL, VALUE, Value, United States Value flights had FRT# (where # is flight number) and identified themselves as 'Value' with value liveries, 'Field Air' was unchanged with there own callsign and liveries. So it is possible to do.
  7. change the line in the XXXX_Airlines.txt file from BAW, BA, SPEED BIRD, British Airways, United Kingdom to BAW, BA, SHUTTLE, British Airways, United Kingdom Of course the International flights will then be called 'Shuttle' as well, but then, you probably already knew that 🙂
  8. Because the last time the airport was edited and released, the pc they were saving it on flipped a coin and decided to serialise the node tree containing S3 out to the xml data file before serialising the node tree containing S1. So when the airport gets loaded from the xml data file it reads in the data containing S3 first and, hey presto, it's now first in the terminals list. Ok, it's probably more complicated than flipping a coin and probably involves linked lists, hash tables, hash trees and maybe even some hashish, but it basically means that if the data changes then the order in which the nodes gets serialised can also change. The order is not something that is set by the developer.
  9. They are not random each time you play the game, they are in the order that the nodes have been saved in the xml content for the airport. What this means is, that if the airport gets edited, then the nodes could be saved in a different order to what they are now ie. random. It would, however, be possible to sort the terminals node list into a specific order once the airport's information has been loaded. I'm not guessing 😉 A simplified version of the current code is: foreach xml node. load road. if road is terminal then add to terminals list.
  10. Terminals are stored in a list and iterated over from first to last until a free terminal is found for that aircraft type and company. The list is most likely generated when loading the XXXX_terminal.txt file, so it may be possible to prioritise terminals by changing the list order. Higher on the list = higher priority. Edit: nope. After looking a bit further, it looks like they are added in the order they are loaded from the airport xml file ie. node order. So essentially random, the order could change everytime the airport is modified. On the other hand, after loading the airport it would be a neat feature to sort the terminals by the order they are in the teminal.txt file. feature request 😇
  11. I'm still hoping that the planes will start landing in the touchdown zone, preferrably near the aiming mark, instead of hitting the leading edge of the threshold. 🙂
  12. Thanks for the report Bullrot. Fixed and uploaded new version, then saw you'd already worked it out :-) After getting sidetracked and playing the game for a few hours, thought I'd better make a new reply here because most people will never notice that the original post has been updated :-) Daniel
  13. You're not going to like the answer... I used OBS :-) Relatively crappy CPU and video card, barely has enough headroom to run the game and capture @ 15 FPS. Two monitors at different resolutions: 1440x900, 1680x1050. Base canvas of 3120x990, the 990 is 1050 pixels - 60 pixels to account for the size of the menu bar on main monitor. Tower!3D Pro running in windowed mode, OBS with 2 Window Capture sources (not Display Capture), one for Main, one for ADIRS, then the usual audio sources. Daniel P.S. Ask Methos about commentary, he's a hell of a lot better than I am ;-)
  14. Hey Methos, Experienced the same thing looking for gameplay videos, recorded a couple of hours last week but hadn't put them up yet :-) KLAX video 1 & KLAX video 2 Found a few interesting ones without voice commands though Tower!3D at KLAX, Tower!3D at KPHL A beginner going through the Tutorial with Tower!3D at TIST, then getting overwhelmed with Tower!3D Pro at KPHL Another beginner but this time with Tower!3D Pro Steam Version at TIST including voice commands. Has some interesting bits that the non-Steam version doesn't, like the medals and Controlled Hours time in the Statistics, as well as a FPS counter at the top left corner. Also has some good advice to watch the command window to make sure the command matches what you said, then later ignores own advice and can't figure out why some things aren't working right. :-) Daniel
  15. Methos, the blurring is from the 'Depth of field' setting under Settings->Advanced Graphics Settings.
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