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  1. @crbascott you got me. I like having more information in my log files, it makes it easier to track down bugs 🙂 And, yes the error is caused by a missing aptype for a 370 plane type while trying to look up its classname. ie. this line is missing Add APTYPE: B78X|781|BOEING 787-10|WIDE BODY JET - decoded classname: WIDE_BODY_JET but for a 370, whatever that is.
  2. Agreed. This seems to be a random divergence as MJKERR post quotes your post that is responding to a post asking a question about the Amsterdam video. The Amsterdam video only has 2 planes in it, a KLM and China Southern. And you're talking talking about 2 planes lining up at the same time on the same runway. Yet the video I posted that follows the BAW, and has at least one Korean plane mentioned, is specifically talking about using the "line up behind" command and that is stated in the post. Lots of muddy water and red herrings here. Happy fishing.
  3. Different intersections. No limit to the number of intersections that can be used, as long are there is enough runway left for takeoff. Tested it at KLAX with aircraft on 27R, 27R@F, 27R@J, 27R@B3, 27R@G, 27R@B4, 27R@B5, 27R@B6, 27R@M, 27R@N, 27R@P, 27R@T. 27R@U was a bit short 🙂
  4. Basically it's used everywhere except the USA, just like the metric system 😛 AIP 5.16.6, 2, conditional clearances, c. "(condition) LINE UP [RUNWAY (number)] (brief reiteration of condition) ie. Behind next landing aircraft line up and wait behind
  5. @xendra did you try the suggestion I gave you in the other thread? Did this fix the "blah blah" voice for you? p.s. thread at
  6. Hi Gabor, Noticed a couple of bugs with this airport that should be easy to fix. While the airport installs to the correct folder based on the current ICAO code (ie. FAOR) the airport internally still uses the ICAO code of FAJS. If Tower!3D needs to do a lookup to find the IATA code based on this ICAO code then it will fail as there is only a conversion for FAOR -> JNB and none for FOJS -> JNB. This failure can be seen when trying to load the faor_gaandlocaltraffic.txt file. All GA traffic fails to load as they are using the ICAO code of FAJS instead of the correct code FAOR, but that's a RT error. Cheers, Daniel
  7. At 4:17 description and views of digital strips in use for about 3 minutes in Amsterdam At 15:15 description and run through of using electronic strips at Dubai
  8. Have you tried what I suggested 4 posts back? The one that starts with
  9. Yes, you need to install a male voice for male voices. I was hoping that the MS Mike one (that is shown in your log file) would work, but it looks like it is too old and the speech synthesizer is rejecting it (the one in Win10 rejects all of the Win7 ones). However... So it does look like you might be stuck with only a female voice, but at least you'll be able to understand what she is saying. 🙂
  10. This should get rid of the "blah blah blah" voice. It also looks like this is installed by "Microsoft Speech SDK 5.1", so you could also remove it by uninstalling that. You only need that SDK (Software Development Kit) if you are developing software that uses that microsoft feature. The same goes for any other SDKs. I'm not sure if you will get the male voice or if it will fall back to using a female voice. Let us know how it goes. Cheers, Daniel Remove Sample TTS Voice.reg
  11. Whoops, sorry, files will be created where "regedit" is. So that means they will probably be in "C:\Windows\System32". Updated the batch file in previous post to create them in "C:\" (root folder of C Drive) if you don't want to go looking for them. 🙂
  12. @BillA Could you run this batch file and post the 2 files it creates ("Voices1.reg" & "Voices2.reg") that it creates. The 2 files will be in the same folder that the batch file is run from. I should then be able to create a registry file to remove the SampleTTS voice. You never know, this might also allow "Microsoft Mike" to work as the male voice. Cheers, Daniel P.S. After downloading, right-click the file, select properties and see if there is a 'Unblock' checkbox near the bottom right-hand corner. If there is, tick it and click ok. Extract Voices Win 7.bat
  13. I did some research. Microsoft never released a male voice for Win 7 and I couldn't find any free ones either. If you wanted to try and see if "Microsoft Mike" does work, then you'll need to edit window's registry, not recommended unless you know what you are doing. Sorry, if I had a computer with Win 7 on it, then I would have been able to make a file to remove them for you. The two keys that would need to be deleted would be the SampleTTS keys in both: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Speech\Voices\Tokens\ HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\Speech\Voices\Tokens\ Otherwise, unfortunately, there may be no working male voices for Win 7.
  14. Ok, these are the voices that it recognises as being installed: Installed voices: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ idx: 0 enabled: True Microsoft Anna, Microsoft Anna - English (United States) gender: Female age: Adult language: ENU/eng/en id: MS-Anna-1033-20-DSK ------------------------------------------------------------------------ idx: 1 enabled: True Microsoft Mary, Microsoft Mary gender: Female age: Adult language: ENU/eng/en id: MSMary ------------------------------------------------------------------------ idx: 2 enabled: True Microsoft Mike, Microsoft Mike gender: Male age: Adult language: ENU/eng/en id: MSMike ------------------------------------------------------------------------ idx: 3 enabled: True SampleTTSVoice, Sample TTS Voice gender: Male age: Adult language: ENU/eng/en id: SampleTTSVoice ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Anna is from Win 7, so that is why the female voice works. Mary and Mike are from Win XP, so the TTS engine will most likely reject these. SampleTTSVoice is the bad male voice.
  15. Wrong log, that one is the game log. "speech.log" is the one you need to delete and then re-create 🙂
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