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  1. Here's a game log from a modified version of the game that shows where potential problems are in the schedule due to duplicate flight numbers. IATA: LAX - 92 flights Add Arr: 07:01 - RPA6285 Add Arr: 07:01 - RPA3213 Add Arr: 07:09 - RPA3025 Add Arr: 07:09 - RPA3120 Add Arr: 07:25 - RPA3115 Add Arr: 07:46 - RPA3288 Add Arr: 08:00 - RPA3228 Add Arr: 08:29 - RPA3112 Add Arr: 09:02 - RPA3239 Add Arr: 09:10 - RPA3113 Add Arr: 09:50 - RPA6261 Add Arr: 09:50 - RPA3253 Add Arr: 09:58 - RPA3114 Add Arr: 10:41 - RPA2965 Add Arr: 11:13 - RPA3292 Add Arr: 11:51 - RPA6243 Add Arr: 11:51 - RPA3297 Add Arr: 12:18 - RPA3214 Add Arr: 12:18 - RPA3214 WARNING: Incoming duplicate flight RPA3214 found! Add Arr: 12:48 - RPA3087 Add Arr: 13:48 - RPA3092 Add Arr: 14:08 - RPA3039 Add Arr: 14:20 - RPA6246 Add Arr: 14:20 - RPA3021 Add Arr: 15:20 - RPA3003 Add Arr: 15:31 - RPA3104 Add Arr: 15:43 - RPA3298 Add Arr: 16:17 - RPA6244 Add Arr: 16:17 - RPA3196 Add Arr: 16:22 - RPA3251 Add Arr: 16:41 - RPA3058 Add Arr: 17:07 - RPA3282 Add Arr: 17:16 - RPA3230 Add Dep: 07:00 - RPA2965 WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA2965 found! Add Arr: 07:25 - RPA3115 Dep: 07:54 - RPA3003 WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA3003 found! Add Arr: 07:09 - RPA3120 Dep: 08:05 - RPA3087 WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA3087 found! Add Arr: 07:09 - RPA3025 Dep: 08:08 - RPA6243 WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA6243 found! Add Arr: 07:01 - RPA3213 Dep: 08:08 - RPA3297 WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA3297 found! Add Arr: 07:46 - RPA3288 Dep: 08:20 - RPA3092 WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA3092 found! Add Arr: 08:00 - RPA3228 Dep: 08:32 - RPA3104 WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA3104 found! Add Arr: 08:29 - RPA3112 Dep: 09:00 - RPA3214 WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA3214 found! Add Arr: 07:01 - RPA6285 Dep: 09:30 - RPA3094 Add Arr: 09:10 - RPA3113 Dep: 09:55 - RPA3282 WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA3282 found! Add Arr: 09:50 - RPA3253 Dep: 10:26 - RPA3039 WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA3039 found! Add Arr: 09:58 - RPA3114 Dep: 10:35 - RPA6246 WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA6246 found! Add Arr: 09:50 - RPA6261 Dep: 10:35 - RPA3021 WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA3021 found! Add Arr: 09:02 - RPA3239 Dep: 10:43 - RPA3023 Add Dep: 10:58 - RPA3230 WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA3230 found! Add Arr: 11:13 - RPA3292 Dep: 11:58 - RPA3298 WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA3298 found! Add Arr: 11:51 - RPA3297 Dep: 12:38 - RPA6244 WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA6244 found! Add Arr: 11:51 - RPA6243 Dep: 12:38 - RPA3196 WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA3196 found! Add Arr: 12:18 - RPA3214 Dep: 13:03 - RPA3058 WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA3058 found! Add Arr: 12:48 - RPA3087 Dep: 13:19 - RPA3191 WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA3191 found! Add Arr: 12:18 - RPA3214 Dep: 13:33 - RPA3049 Add Arr: 10:41 - RPA2965 Dep: 14:05 - RPA3244 WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA3244 found! Add Arr: 14:20 - RPA3021 Dep: 15:05 - RPA6263 WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA6263 found! Add Arr: 14:20 - RPA6246 Dep: 15:05 - RPA3053 WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA3053 found! Add Arr: 14:08 - RPA3039 Dep: 15:25 - RPA3122 WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA3122 found! Add Arr: 15:20 - RPA3003 Dep: 15:57 - RPA3072 WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA3072 found! Add Arr: 15:43 - RPA3298 Dep: 16:22 - RPA3024 WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA3024 found! Add Arr: 15:31 - RPA3104 Dep: 16:32 - RPA3140 WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA3140 found! Add Arr: 16:22 - RPA3251 Dep: 17:02 - RPA6300 WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA6300 found! Add Arr: 16:17 - RPA3196 Dep: 17:02 - RPA3121 WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA3121 found! Add Arr: 16:41 - RPA3058 Dep: 17:12 - RPA3119 Add Arr: 17:07 - RPA3282 Dep: 17:36 - RPA3287 WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA3287 found! Add Arr: 17:16 - RPA3230 Dep: 18:03 - RPA2974 Add Arr: 16:17 - RPA6244 Dep: 18:40 - RPA3255 Add Arr: 13:48 - RPA3092 Dep: 19:30 - RPA3078
  2. SFO,LAX,E75,YX,2965,10:41,12:00,1,YX Overrides the departure due to the duplicate flight number. So when the game looks up the plane by flight number, this is the flight it finds, not the departure flight.
  3. You don't have a departure to start the schedule. Every plane in your schedule is a restarter plane and starts by incoming. That pause before 100% loading is the game fast forwarding time to try and find an outgoing plane to start the game with. I'm surprised it doesn't get stuck there. Additionally almost every incoming plane has a duplicated flight number as an outgoing plane. These planes are not restarter matches. This will cause problems. In this case you don't have any departures at all due to the duplicate flight numbers. The flight you see in your log that can not find a 'free terminal' is an incoming flight, not an outgoing flight. You do have a restarter/outgoing flight with the same flight number, see previous point. p.s. Useful information that would have been helpful in working out what was wrong. The time you tried to run the schedule from. The modified airlines.txt file for the schedule. The modified terminal.txt file for the schedule
  4. This is an old version of my tower3d.rec file. The game hasn't been able to handle commas in the commands since v3.0 (end of 2017) Try EliGrim's updated one at
  5. The information to stop this has already been provided. Cause of VIR24 restarting as VIR23: VIR24 arrives 30 mins before VIR23 departs, therefore VIR24 is an eligible candidate to become VIR23. Your convoluted posts boil down to: I don't want VIR24 to become VIR23 Spoon-fed solution: Make the incoming time of VIR24 less than 30 mins before VIR23 departs. i.e. VIR24 LAX - LHR 14:56 or later
  6. @scoobflight completely different bugs. This is for taxiiing, the other is for a jetway not moving. @arctichound there are a number of terminals at a variety of airports that still have gates that cause routing errors after the plane has pushed back. Most of these (actually all, but I was trying to be polite) could be resolved by fixing a couple of bugs in the game engine. Unfortunately, feelThere have stated a number of times in the past 4 years that they will not be making any further updates to the game engine. A small number of reported terminal bugs have been fixed by a service pack for the affected airport. However, if a service pack is going to be made, it is usually made within the first 6 months of the airport being released. CYVR was released near the end of May in 2019, so the chances of a service pack is basically nil.
  7. Not sure they cared too much about backward compatibility in the Window 11 beta, considering the hardware restrictions for installation. I also never said they were getting rid of .NET Framework completely, just that it doesn't come installed with windows 11. The early betas only included .NET Core 5 (no longer called framework) and did not include earlier frameworks, which is why there are tutorials available that show people how to install the earlier frameworks on windows 11. I'm not sure what is included in the latest betas as I haven't checked. p.s. I think 4.8 was included as well. The game uses 3.5.
  8. Microsoft also ditched .NET Framework on earlier builds of Windows 11 and only included .NET Core. As the game is built using .NET Framework, this could be the issue also.
  9. On a lot of newer systems it seems to be pretty common that the game doesn't like Wi-Fi or at least certain Wi-Fi drivers. Try turning off your laptop's Wi-Fi and then see if the game will work.
  10. Do what everyone else does: grab some white-out and change the northern Y8 & Y10 to Z1 & Z2 respectively. Disclaimer: Do not use white-out on computer screens. These views do not necessarily reflect those of the company that make white-out nor are they endorsed by any company making white-out that I am aware of. feelThere may or may not endorse this practice, but as far as I am aware has made no comment in any previous post either in approval or disapproval of this practice.
  11. Nope, that is a GA plane, loaded from the GAandLocalTraffic.txt file. If it was a Garuda Indonesia flight, then it would have been loaded from the schedule.txt file and have the appropriate flight number and callsign. All the GA planes are white normally, but if there is a texture that matches the plane's type and has the "_ga" extension (i.e. XXXX_ga) then that texture will be applied to the GA plane. I do not recall ever seeing a non-white GA plane by default (i.e. livery included in the RT file's model). Edit: I could take a screenshot with the same plane requesting to do a "stop and go" if that will convince you that it is, in fact, a GA plane 🙂
  12. I'm not sure if you mean "Do I have a list of GA aircraft I would like to see factory liveries on?" or "Do I have a list of GA aircraft that the game currently puts liveries on?" For the first: No I have not looked through all of the available aircraft types and created a list of those that I would like to have GA liveries for. For the second: As a test, I changed the second line in the RT tist_gaandlocaltraffic.txt file to TIST, KLAX, 10:00, 332, 1N4634, 0, 0, 0, Nero 4634, NERO FOUR SIX THREE FOUR and took this screenshot. I may or may not have used a custom mod to get the screenshot that only has the ability to move the camera without changing how the rest of the game functions. 😄
  13. No fake codes are needed for GA traffic from GAandLocalTraffic.txt file, they all use the IATA code ga (i.e. CNA._ga, CNF._ga, CNT._ga etc.). I'm talking about the things like some of the default thick red/blue pinstrip liveries on some Cessnas, Beechcraft's distinctive yellow etc. @EliGrim Technically, default liveries for all aircraft types could be added to the default models in the Real Traffic pack, these would then be replaced by an airline livery if one is found. Edit: Being able to add the textures to the default planes via an external livery pack would require changes to the game code and we know that is not going to happen. 🙂
  14. I think it is an interesting idea. However, I think it could be made more enticing to include some General Aviation liveries for all the, currently, white GA planes, seeing as these packs would be general updates instead of airport specific. A lot of GA planes have "stock" factory paint jobs available.
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