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  1. It looks like a few people, including me, have had trouble due to the game settings being wrong for some reason. Running this file Tower3D Remove Settings.reg as an admin will remove ALL of the game's settings, something an uninstall/reinstall doesn't do. If the problem still occurs after this, then it isn't due to the game settings/bad window save values/etc. Then the next step is to get it to work properly on the same monitor first, you haven't said if this works. If this works then the program is working properly. Then the next step is to get it to work properly on the second monitor. If this doesn't work, after the previous step worked, then it is an issue with windows/drivers.
  2. It's also possible the window is being drawn outside of the area that your monitors cover ie. drawn off-screen. An old trick to get these back onto your drawn area. Right-click on the title at the top of the empty preview square that pops up from the taskbar. If "Restore" is clickable, click that first. Right click the title again, this time click "Move", then press an arrow key. The window should now be stuck to your mouse pointer. Left click to drop it somewhere on-screen. It may look like it is just a title bar, if so, move your mouse pointer to the bottom right corner until it changes to a diagonal resize pointer. Left click and drag to resize to correct size.
  3. There is no such thing as "voice only" commands. All commands can be typed, including those contained in the tower3d.rec file. Please test your hypotheses before replying with something that can so easily be shown to be incorrect, simply by typing it into the game's command line.
  4. Only commands that the game already knows how to process (ie. can be typed into the command line and work) will be accepted by the game. You could add "Callsign, the moon is made of cheese" and the voice recog will convert it to text, but the game still doesn't know how to process it, and so it will be rejected and will not work.
  5. The relevant error is: EXCEPTION base:The language for the grammar does not match the language of the speech recognizer. Have you followed the checklist in the first post of this thread?
  6. Also, that particular error indicates that your tower3d.rec file (where the voice recognition commands are) is most likely corrupt or has a badly formatted command in it. If you don't know how to fix this yourself then use Steam's game file fixer. Or it's the error that always gets triggered when the game is initially loaded. When an airport gets loaded, it works fine, and something else is causing your problem. So as @scoobflight said, attaching the log file is the best way to figure out the real problem.
  7. What do I mean by optimal? If I have a 8 hour schedule where both Arrivals and Departures are sorted from the the start of the day (morning) to the end of the day (afternoon). Then a plane that arrives at the start of the schedule will match with a departing plane near the end of the schedule. This means that the plane will arrive and sit at the terminal for nearly 8 hrs, stopping that gate from being used by other planes. Using the same schedule, but having the Arrivals sorted from the last flight of the day (afternoon) to the first flight of the day (morning) (ie. backwards), and the Departures are sorted from the first flight of the day (morning) to the last flight of the day (afternoon). Then a plane that arrives at the start of the schedule will match with a departing plane near the start of the schedule. This means that the plane will arrive and might only sit at the terminal for 30 minutes before departing again, allowing other planes to use that gate. More gates open = more planes coming in = more fun = more penalty points? 🙂
  8. I thought that a more detailed description of how timetables are built may be useful for people making custom schedules. Times are stored as a percentage of the day ie. 0 to 1 The game loads the schedule in order from top to bottom. It the goes through the list in order and creates all incoming flights from the start time minus 15 minutes until midnight or start time plus 12hrs. (It could easily do the full 24hrs just by adding 1 to flights that are too early, but doesn't) It then goes through the list in order and creates outgoing flights using the same time period As each outgoing flight is created it checks against the incoming flights to see if it can reuse an incoming plane for the outgoing flight. The criteria for the match is that the plane must be scheduled to arrive at least 30 mins before the outgoing plane and must be the same plane type and be from the same company. It matches the last flight it finds in the list that meet this criteria. This means that in order to get the optimal restarter matches: Incoming/Arriving flights should be ordered from the last flight of the day to the first flight of the day. Outgoing/Departing flights should be ordered from the first flight of the day to the last flight of the day. Multi-player games do use restarter planes. Now that I've written this out, I'll also post this information where it can be useful to others. 😃 Cheers, Daniel
  9. Bugs in airport design will still be there when using my modifications e.g. a broken/missing taxiway will still be broken/missing. I also haven't made any functional changes to the route generation code (yet), so any routing failures will also be the same. Since Honolulu has been released, I did send the pushback truck drivers for some training, so in the future that might hide some pushback problems that the unmoddified game might have. I'll have to add that "line up and wait" bug to my list of things to fix though. 🙂
  10. @battlehawk77 I wasn't planning on holding my breath until it was fixed by the devs, they already land in the right place when playing on my computer for some reason. 😀
  11. If that's the intended work around instead of fixing the software, then it's still off. The two thick white lines, or aiming point (the 1000ft mark), is the preferred touchdown point on the runway ie. near the start of the "skid" marks where the wheels make first contact with the runway, not half up the "skid" marks where the full weight of the plane is now on the wheels. Only new pilots flare that much all the time. Don't forget to reduce the landing length of all the aircraft to account to for the now reduced runway lengths so that planes that should be able to land there still can. 😀 p.s. I'm also well aware that the software lands at the first knot on the runway and that adding 1000ft makes it land on the aiming mark as I pointed that out in this post 3 years ago. Fixing the software is better than using a work around in every airport, especially when it's a simple 5 min fix.
  12. Why does every runway have a deferred threshold when IRL none of them do? This shortens the allowed landing length of the runway preventing some planes from being able to land on it that should be able to. Runway 26R has a fake deferred threshold of over 2000ft, this will push a lot of planes to exit at the end of the runway, when they could have exited at Taxiway L or earlier? Airport PHNL runway 8L has displaced threshold of 1450 feet. Airport PHNL runway 4L has displaced threshold of 1118 feet. Airport PHNL runway 4R has displaced threshold of 1500 feet. Airport PHNL runway 8R has displaced threshold of 1222 feet. Airport PHNL runway 26R has displaced threshold of 2160 feet. Airport PHNL runway 22R has displaced threshold of 1275 feet. Airport PHNL runway 22L has displaced threshold of 1118 feet. Airport PHNL runway 26L has displaced threshold of 1460 feet.
  13. Unhandled plane xx! -500 pts You forgot to send xx to departure -100 pts Wait penalty xx: -50 pts Crash xx - xx. -1000 pts Ground Collision Alert! ( xx - xx ) -500 pts Air Collision Alert! ( xx - xx ) -500 pts Runway Alert! ( xx - xx ) -500 pts Turbulance Cat I Alert! ( xx - xx ) -500 pts Turbulance Cat II Alert! ( xx - xx ) -500 pts Turbulance Cat III Alert! ( xx - xx ) -500 pts MAP ERROR, no escape xx: -10 pts
  14. Right click on the plan icon on the ADIRS (or 'T' for DBRITE). Keep the right button down and move the mouse, at least the distance of the line to the text, away from the icon in the direction you want to move the text. If you don't move the mouse far enough away, while the right button is down, nothing will happen. I made that mistake myself when first starting as most programs, with a similar feature, only require the mouse to move a few pixels in the required direction.
  15. Believe it or not, it's the "move" button. Doesn't do anything except light up tho. And the one hidden in the blank space to the right of it, is the "compass" button 🙂
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