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  1. Yep, my mistake. I forgot which one had the higher version number. The 'ns' is added if the steam library doesn't load, so I'm used to ignoring that. 🙂
  2. @powmia1972 It looks like you are trying to run the steam version of the game with some files missing. Run the steam file verifier for the game to restore the missing files.
  3. Looks like they can line up aircraft on the deferred threshold at the start of Runways 09L & 09R as well at the intersection N10 on 09R in that sim. I wonder if we will ever be able to do that in this new Heathrow (EGLL) airport.
  4. I know, I made the post based on the "squeaky wheel" theory 🙂
  5. The most important thing about the file format is the spacing. The game breaks up each line by column. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890 AAA ANAA_FRENCH_POLYNESIA 17.25 S 145.30 W NTGA 3-5 IATA 7-45 NAME (not used) 48-EOL DATA The data section is then split up by whitespace into geolat, geolat_dir, geolon, geolon_dir & icao. The name is never used and can contain spaces. The data the game provides for latitude and longitude is a mixture o
  6. Reading back over this thread, I thought I'd emphasise one point that I believe @FeelThere needs to fix in a Service Pack as it makes the airport completely unusable for realistic operations and would be considered a release stopping bug in any professional software product. The runways need to be extended to include the displaced thresholds so that planes can take-off from those intersections. This has been done for every previous airport, including TIST where almost half of runway 28 is displaced threshold. The runways include where the dotted lines are, this is the displaced thresho
  7. The speech recognition engine runs as a separate program to the game and, after the airport has loaded, it can take a few minutes before it is ready. The faster your computer and graphics card, the quicker it will be ready. In this video, from about 4 years ago, you can see that it takes nearly 4 and a half minutes before the speech recognition is useable. The clicking sounds when you press the left-shift button are made by the game, so they can't be used to work out if the SR engine is ready or not.
  8. The distance is static. After a aircraft lands and goes into "escape runway" mode, the next exit is calculated and a route is created. This route includes the first 500 feet of the exiting taxiway (or to the end of the taxiway if it is shorter than 500 feet). When the plane exits the runway it will travel to the end of this 500 feet and stop. This 500 feet is measured from the centreline of the runway, not from the edge of the runway, and the smaller the exit angle of the taxiway, the closer the end of the route will be to the runway centreline. ie. a taxiway at 90 degrees will end 500 feet fr
  9. Yes, I should also add that the game will stop the plane at the holding point when the centre of the plane reaches 100 feet from it, not when the nose of the plane approaches it. This is the same when exiting the runway, when it should actually be after the tail has passed the holding point.
  10. @Pedantic G correct @crbascott the game only uses the holding line when approaching the runway. It ignores the holding line when leaving the runway and just travels a set distance down the exiting taxiway. The only time it would stop at a holding point when exiting would be if the holding point was inside that set distance, but I can't think of any examples where it is. This could be the reason why they couldn't fix them 🙂
  11. Normally planes will hold at the Pattern A runway holding point when entering a runway or exiting a runway after landing https://mediawiki.ivao.aero/index.php?title=Aerodrome_Marking_Signs#Runway_holding_point_pattern_A unless the airport is experiencing CAT II or CAT III ILS weather conditions (this is not the same as CAT II/III aircraft type) then they stop at the Pattern B holding points for increased safety https://mediawiki.ivao.aero/index.php?title=Aerodrome_Marking_Signs#Runway_holding_point_pattern_B All of the airports addons that I've tested so far have the holdin
  12. Basically, yes. I was trying to think of an easy example in a released airport when I saw this post... perfect. 🙂
  13. I agree with @crbascott, the displaced threshold is part of the runway and all previous airports have included it as part of the runway. As a matter of fact, the internal format for the airport file has the ability to include the length of the displaced threshold as part of the runway information so that planes don't land on it. Without having this done correctly, then it will be impossible to get planes to start their takeoff from the displaced threshold like they can do in real life. One of the reasons that displaced thresholds exist is to give planes taking off more runway length (TORA
  14. GfxDevice: creating device client; threaded=1 d3d11: failed to lock vertex buffer 000000000D562DF8 of size 4194304 [0x8007000E]. d3d11: failed to lock index buffer 000000001087DBF8 of size 65536 [0x8007000E]. Crash!!! This is the crash from your logs. The crash is due to failing to allocate 4GB of memory. This memory must be a single, solid chunk. If the memory is not available and the graphics driver doesn't wait for the operating system to free up some memory and then try again, then it will crash. A quick search shows that Radeon cards have been having this issue with games made in Unity
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