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  1. As Eligrim posted, you need to install them to the steam directory because you have the steam version of Tower 3D Pro. You've installed them to the directory for the non-steam version of Tower 3D Pro. It doesn't matter where you bought the addons from, it matters where you bought Tower 3D Pro from.
  2. It does check that there is will be a free gate before it starts the incoming flight. In this case it looks like DLH441 intended to go to the gate that DLH6 freed up by asking for a pushback. The game however doesn't lock the plane to that gate, it just unlocks that gate. After a plane lands, and is told to taxi to terminal, it creates a list of ALL free gates that it's allowed to go to and picks one randomly, with gates for it's own CAT being twice as likely to be selected than the others. However, this means that CATI or CATII planes could end up in CATIII gates, thus using up all available CATIII gates while leaving lower CAT gates open that incoming CATIII planes can't go to. Or a CATIII plane, that could have gone into a gate that only they are allowed at, could end up at a mixed CATIII gate making any incoming CATIII plane to no longer have a gate available that they are allowed to go to. In, short, yes it's a software problem.
  3. Any chance that this topic can be unpinned as it's nearly 3 years out of date now. Alternatively, update the title and information for the latest release which is only 2 years out of date now. Also, kick the butt of who ever is supposed to be doing the news on steam, apparently Vancouver was the last airport release that was good enough for an announcement and thus the last one that was worth buying. Without a news announcement, people on steam have no idea that there is a new release, unless they take the time to go and look. Most people are too lazy to do this and need prompting, thus the 10 minutes it takes to make an announcement is more than worth it for the increase in sales. edit: Interestingly, there was a post on the Tower!3D Pro community hub Discussions page 2 hours ago for EDDF. However, Steam did not send me a notification or show any indication that there was something new to see. A 'News' post however will show up at the top of the library page (ie. the page you open to install or play a game) as well as a chance to show up on the community home page.
  4. In case no one else has noticed, Real Traffic v20 comes with a bonus copy of Real Traffic v19 as part of its installation. This would explain why the installer is twice the size of it's predecessor. Cheers, Daniel
  5. vaporware would be the term you're looking for πŸ™‚
  6. What was the actual error tho? Ground Collision Alert, Air Collision Alert, Runway Alert, Turbulance Cat I Alert, Turbulance Cat II Alert or Turbulance Cat III Alert? If you were landing a plane across wake turbulance, then a penalty should be applied as that could cause all sorts of problems for the landing plane.
  7. Ok, I have no idea why it's not working for you. I've just tried SP2, SP3 and SP3.3c and they all showed '3xSTOP AND GO'. Looking at the code, '-' should only be shown if the airports don't match and all 3 values are 0 ie. it's the final else in an elseif chain. πŸ€” p.s. Well there is one reason I could think of, and that's if the string couldn't be parsed to an int, but that would mean that it's a lower case L not the number 1, but I don't think you would be that mean to me πŸ˜›.
  8. You know the pilot doesn't have to tell the tower that he's doing a stop and go. In the pilot's first transmission to the Tower, the pilot could ask for his departure information and the Tower has to tell the plot that he will be entering the left/right traffic pattern πŸ˜„ The information about the flight plan should be on the flight strip, and it is the controller's responsiblity to direct the pilot accordingly. The info is there for both normal and pro versions of the game. p.s. I do agree tho that the game shouldn't treat them like normal flights, the controller should lose points if they send them away like a normal flight πŸ˜‰
  9. Also, I haven't tried TnG or SnG with a Regional Jet. I assume, due to their landing and takeoff lengths, that they will either refuse the landing clearance, abort the takeoff, or successfully takeoff by going straight through the terrain πŸ™‚
  10. Commands for a successful SnG, TnG or LA #airplane1; LEFT CLOSED TRAFFIC APPROVED RUNWAY ;#runway1; CLEARED FOR TAKEOFF #airplane1; RIGHT CLOSED TRAFFIC APPROVED RUNWAY ;#runway1; CLEARED FOR TAKEOFF or #airplane1; RUNWAY ;#runway1; CLEARED FOR TAKEOFF followed by (after takeoff) #airplane1; ENTER LEFT PATTERN RUNWAY ;#runway1 #airplane1; ENTER RIGHT PATTERN RUNWAY ;#runway1 left pattern will be entered if just cleared for takeoff then, before first turn, if you think you need to delay landing already #airplane1; EXTEND DOWNWIND ;#number1; MILES #airplane1; EXTEND DOWNWIND ;#number1; MILE then, before base turn, which usually happens when they are abeam the 10 mile mark, if you need to delay entry into landing sequence #airplane1; EXTEND UPWIND ;#number1; MILES #airplane1; EXTEND UPWIND ;#number1; MILE then (the type of clearance and how many are left to do is on the strip). I f you just give a cleared to land instruction, then you have told them they are no longer allowed to continue their practice flight, so they will just land and want to go to the apron. #airplane1; RUNWAY ;#runway1; CLEARED TO TOUCH AND GO #airplane1; RUNWAY ;#runway1; CLEARED FOR STOP AND GO #airplane1; RUNWAY ;#runway1; CLEARED FOR LOW APPROACH After doing all of their practice runs, they will do one final loop to finish and need a #airplane1; RUNWAY ;#runway1; CLEARED TO LAND Issuing a '#airplane1; CONTACT DEPARTURE' makes them fly away, and I don't think the game re-enters them into the landing sequence. I haven't fully tested this yet, but I would consider that to be a bug.
  11. If you want to make local GA traffic a little more of a challenge, esp for TIST, you could add some stop and goes, touch and goes, or low approaches. I haven't tested low approaches yet, but I'm assuming they will work. Left and right patterns work, so does extending upwind or downwind. They are just a little annoying as they go out to a 10 mile final instead of the usual 5 mile short final, but that adds to the challenge of working them back into the landing sequence as there is almost no margin for error and you may have to pull a plane out of sequence to make a hole for them πŸ™‚
  12. @crbascott Would you believe i'm l33t haxor and all your base are belong to us? ☠️😝 Yes, it's a tweak. I re-wrote the speech part of towerspeakbridge and parts of the command parser because I wanted access to all of my installed voices. I have a few, including one's that microsoft have now 'retired', thus the Disney voices πŸ˜‰ I also did some optimisation and fixed a few bugs while I was there. The two David's and Zira's are actually the same, but the Hazel's are different. Installed voices: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ idx: 0 Enabled: True Name: Microsoft David Desktop Description: Microsoft David Desktop - English (United States) ID: TTS_MS_EN-US_DAVID_11.0 Gender: Male Age: Adult Culture: ENU/eng/en ------------------------------------------------------------------------ idx: 1 Enabled: True Name: Microsoft James Description: Microsoft James - English (Australia) ID: MSTTS_V110_enAU_JamesM Gender: Male Age: Adult Culture: ENA/eng/en ------------------------------------------------------------------------ idx: 2 Enabled: True Name: Microsoft Matilda Description: Microsoft Matilda - English (Australia) ID: MSTTS_V110_enAU_MatildaM Gender: Female Age: Adult Culture: ENA/eng/en ------------------------------------------------------------------------ idx: 3 Enabled: True Name: Microsoft Eva(Canada) Description: Microsoft Eva - English (Canada) ID: MSTTS_V110_enCA_EvaM Gender: Female Age: Adult Culture: ENC/eng/en ------------------------------------------------------------------------ idx: 4 Enabled: True Name: Microsoft Linda Description: Microsoft Linda - English (Canada) ID: MSTTS_V110_enCA_LindaM Gender: Female Age: Adult Culture: ENC/eng/en ------------------------------------------------------------------------ idx: 5 Enabled: True Name: Microsoft Richard Description: Microsoft Richard - English (Canada) ID: MSTTS_V110_enCA_RichardM Gender: Male Age: Adult Culture: ENC/eng/en ------------------------------------------------------------------------ idx: 6 Enabled: True Name: Microsoft George Description: Microsoft George - English (United Kingdom) ID: MSTTS_V110_enGB_GeorgeM Gender: Male Age: Adult Culture: ENG/eng/en ------------------------------------------------------------------------ idx: 7 Enabled: True Name: Microsoft Hazel Description: Microsoft Hazel - English (United Kingdom) ID: MSTTS_V110_enGB_HazelM Gender: Female Age: Adult Culture: ENG/eng/en ------------------------------------------------------------------------ idx: 8 Enabled: True Name: Microsoft Sarah Description: Microsoft Sarah - English (United Kingdom) ID: MSTTS_V110_enGB_SarahM Gender: Female Age: Adult Culture: ENG/eng/en ------------------------------------------------------------------------ idx: 9 Enabled: True Name: Microsoft Susan Description: Microsoft Susan - English (United Kingdom) ID: MSTTS_V110_enGB_SusanM Gender: Female Age: Adult Culture: ENG/eng/en ------------------------------------------------------------------------ idx: 10 Enabled: True Name: Microsoft Sean Description: Microsoft Sean - English (Ireland) ID: MSTTS_V110_enIE_SeanM Gender: Male Age: Adult Culture: ENI/eng/en ------------------------------------------------------------------------ idx: 11 Enabled: True Name: Microsoft Koyal Description: Microsoft Koyal - English (India) ID: MSTTS_V110_enIN_CortanaKoyalM Gender: Female Age: Adult Culture: ENN/eng/en ------------------------------------------------------------------------ idx: 12 Enabled: True Name: Microsoft Heera Description: Microsoft Heera - English (India) ID: MSTTS_V110_enIN_HeeraM Gender: Female Age: Adult Culture: ENN/eng/en ------------------------------------------------------------------------ idx: 13 Enabled: True Name: Microsoft Ravi Description: Microsoft Ravi - English (India) ID: MSTTS_V110_enIN_RaviM Gender: Male Age: Adult Culture: ENN/eng/en ------------------------------------------------------------------------ idx: 14 Enabled: True Name: Microsoft David Description: Microsoft David - English (United States) ID: MSTTS_V110_enUS_DavidM Gender: Male Age: Adult Culture: ENU/eng/en ------------------------------------------------------------------------ idx: 15 Enabled: True Name: Microsoft Eva Description: Microsoft Eva - English (United States) ID: MSTTS_V110_enUS_EvaM Gender: Female Age: Adult Culture: ENU/eng/en ------------------------------------------------------------------------ idx: 16 Enabled: True Name: Microsoft Mark Description: Microsoft Mark - English (United States) ID: MSTTS_V110_enUS_MarkM Gender: Male Age: Adult Culture: ENU/eng/en ------------------------------------------------------------------------ idx: 17 Enabled: True Name: Microsoft Zira Description: Microsoft Zira - English (United States) ID: MSTTS_V110_enUS_ZiraM Gender: Female Age: Adult Culture: ENU/eng/en ------------------------------------------------------------------------ idx: 18 Enabled: True Name: Microsoft Hazel Desktop Description: Microsoft Hazel Desktop - English (Great Britain) ID: TTS_MS_EN-GB_HAZEL_11.0 Gender: Female Age: Adult Culture: ENG/eng/en ------------------------------------------------------------------------ idx: 19 Enabled: True Name: Microsoft Catherine Description: Microsoft Catherine - English (Australia) ID: MSTTS_V110_enAU_CatherineM Gender: Female Age: Adult Culture: ENA/eng/en ------------------------------------------------------------------------ idx: 20 Enabled: True Name: Microsoft Zira Desktop Description: Microsoft Zira Desktop - English (United States) ID: TTS_MS_EN-US_ZIRA_11.0 Gender: Female Age: Adult Culture: ENU/eng/en ------------------------------------------------------------------------ p.s. I wonder if anyone will notice any of the other changes πŸ™‚
  13. I'm not saying there is snow in the game, but this sure looks like it. I went for a screenshoot with a snowflake behind the strip, so that you know it hasn't been overlaid on top. p.s. Just looked at ATControl Joe's video, yep definately a video overlay, the snow in the game engine doesn't move with the camera ie. if you pan the camera to the left in the game, the snow will move from left to right across the screen while you are panning.
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