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  1. Hi Pete/John, Installed FSUIPC7 V7.2.5 yesterday and from then on cannot acces Lvar variables via my lua script. WASM is enabled but all other menu-items (except Disable) from the Add-ons/WASM menu are grayed out so i cannot list available Lvars. Via the standalone WASMClient works everything fine, here i can list and set Lvars.
  2. Thanks, John, Yes I was refering to the undocked Instrument windows of MSFS. For FSX there was a program Simtimizer that could do this but that doesn't work anymore for MSFS. That's why i wondered if it maybe could be done with lua, but could not find anything about it in the lua-library docs. Would not give up wihout asking the expert though. Thanks for the nice program especialy the WASM extension of the beta is very useful. Regards, Leo
  3. Hi Pete/John, Do you know if it is possible to readout the position and size of undocked windows with lua and then store it and restore them on a new startup, so to make this persistant? I looked in the lua library but are not able to find it, maybe i am overlooking it or it is indeed not possible. Thanks for your time and the great program.
  4. John, your the best, I had the Model Behaviors window open to monitor the Lvar changes. I have closed that and restarted FSUIPC7 and it works all. I was indeed on version 7.1.0e, my mistake. Now everything worked!!! Thanks
  5. Thanks John, Tried it but cannot access the Lvars with the FSUIPC7 version 7.1.0d althoug i have the WASM module installed, can access and set Lvars with the testclient and have enabled the WASM module under Add-ons in FSUIPC7. See that the other options in the WASM submenu of FSUIPC7 (List Lvars, List Hvars Set Lvar etc) are all grayed out, only disable is available. Also event.Lvar in my lua script is not triggered when the Lvar value changes, so i think i still have problems accessing Lvars via lua. I used the lua documentation from FSUIPC4 and FSUIPC7 extensively, was only missing Lvar documentation. Thanks for that.
  6. Hi John, Where can i find this Lua Library ducumentation, the only Lua library documentation i find is the one i got with the registered version of FSUIPC7 but that doesn't mention Lvar support.
  7. Me too, also make intensive use of Aircraft dependant lua files to setup and handle things. Eager to see this becoming available.
  8. Thanks John, Had time to try the mobiflight WASM module and it solved my problem. Thanks for the tip. I also found a lot of other controls which were listed in the aforementioned document that are not working e.g. zoom and zoom_fine and many others. I asume this list was not checked to be valid? regards, Leo
  9. Hi Pete and John, I can't use my buttons that are used for control of the G1000 which send the controls listed in "Controls List for MSFS Build 999.txt" Also ZOOM_IN and ZOOM_OUT are not working. These controls are listed in the "Controls List for MSFS Build 999.txt the log shows the cotrols beeing send but no action happens Is this list verified to be working? Sorry if this support request is transmitted more than once, because i was unable to login first an was not sure if it was send. Thanks for your beautiful program.
  10. Tested it tonight and worked like a charme!!! My [button] area in the ini is a lot smaller now! Thanks for the tip!
  11. Ok understand, thanks again. Have to dig up my old programming knowledge a little bit because that's long long ago. But think many examples can be found on Internet. Leo
  12. Hi Pete, inrementing or decrementing 66C0 between 0 and 7 but only using value 0 and 7? Why not just have t toggline between 0 and 1? No, i am using all the values for Incrementing and decrementing the Scale of the ND Display as you can see from the linenumbers, I just didn't want to clutter the post with all these lines. Doesn't loading and executing a Lua plugin cost extra performance? The PMDG 737 eats already a lot of the performance of my system. Anyway thanks for your time, maybe i will start experimenting with Lua.
  13. Hi Pete, Thanks for your wonderfull program. I have a (maybe dumb) question. In my FSUIPC.ini make use of the Cyclic Byte Increment and decrement functions to incr/decr. user offset, which i then use as conditions in Button assignments. But is it not possible to send the Value of this offset directly in FSUIPC.ini as parameter to the control assigned to a button press instead of using it as a condition which would save a lot of lines in my .ini file because i make extensive use of it. Also I don't like using LUA scripts, seems to me that this is at the cost of Performance (one more thing to load and execute). Fastest way is directly in the button assignment in my humble opinion. As example: 350=CP(+64,4)(+Y,8)(+Y,16)Y,2,Cx510066C0,x00070001 -{offset byte cyclic inc, offset 66C0 (Incr=1, Limit=7)}- 351=CP(+64,4)(+Y,8)(+Y,16)Y,3,Cx610066C0,x00070001 -{offset byte cyclic dec, offset 66C0 (Decr=1, Limit=7)}- 352=B66C0=0 CP(+64,4)(+Y,8)(+Y,16)Y,2,C69993,0 -{Custom control: <69993>}- ;EFIS ND Scale 353=B66C0=0 CP(+64,4)(+Y,8)(+Y,16)Y,2,C70049,0 -{Custom control: <70049>}- ..... 366=B66C0=7 CP(+64,4)(+Y,8)(+Y,16)Y,2,C69993,7 -{Custom control: <69993>}- 367=B66C0=7 CP(+64,4)(+Y,8)(+Y,16)Y,2,C70049,7 -{Custom control: <70049>}- 368=B66C0=0 CP(+64,4)(+Y,8)(+Y,16)Y,3,C69993,0 -{Custom control: <69993>}- 369=B66C0=0 CP(+64,4)(+Y,8)(+Y,16)Y,3,C70049,0 -{Custom control: <70049>}- ....... 382=B66C0=7 CP(+64,4)(+Y,8)(+Y,16)Y,3,C69993,7 -{Custom control: <69993>}- 383=B66C0=7 CP(+64,4)(+Y,8)(+Y,16)Y,3,C70049,7 -{Custom control: <70049>}- Wouldn't it be nice to replace it with: 350=CP(+64,4)(+Y,8)(+Y,16)Y,2,Cx510066C0,x00070001 -{offset byte cyclic inc, offset 66C0 (Incr=1, Limit=7)}- 351=CP(+64,4)(+Y,8)(+Y,16)Y,3,Cx610066C0,x00070001 -{offset byte cyclic dec, offset 66C0 (Decr=1, Limit=7)}- 352=CP(+64,4)(+Y,8)(+Y,16)Y,2,C69993,<VALUE OF B66C0> -{Custom control: <69993>}- ;EFIS ND Scale 353=CP(+64,4)(+Y,8)(+Y,16)Y,3,C69993,<VALUE OF B66C0> -{Custom control: <69993>}- Hope you can help me out here. Thanks anyway for your time and great program!
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