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  1. Pete, thanks for your reply. I did al the tests you asked an everything is ok. Then I remembered that I deleted the elevator, trim, rudder and ailerons from my two-engine-prop-profile to see if the plane then would use the general-axes settings for these. It did not so I re-assigned all except I forgot the trim. I then tried the trim in a plane from another profile and that worked, but I noticed I had to turn the trim-wheel quite a while longer, before it would show up in the assignment sector of FSUIPC. So I went back in a two-engine-prop-profile plane. Took more time to turn the trim-wheel and it worked. All is fine now. Sorry for wasting your time with my un-patience. Roy
  2. Hallo Peter, I don't know whether it's updating to P3D4.4 or FSUIPC 5.15 but my Saitek trimwheel does not work any more. It's listed in the FSUIPC5.ini, but not moving in Axis assignment or Calibration. I have set it up in P3D by way of test and there it works fine. Roy
  3. Pete, I had issues with FSUIPC 4961 + P3D_V3 HF3 + FSCopilot. Went back to FSUIPC 4959 with no problems. I am now using 4962 and so far it works great for me. Thanks very much. Roy
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