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  1. I've never had to do that. I thought you had to nominate the program by EXE name? Just as a test, can you try with the firewalls disabled at both ends? Pete
  2. John will need to see the FSUIPC7.LOG created up to the point of the crash, and also probably the FSUIPC7.INI file so he can see your settings. A description of what you and MSFS were doing at the time would be useful too, please. Pete
  3. That's very good of you. Yes please. Both of us Dowsons have a lot on our plates right now, and this one is supposed to be "retired" 😉 Pete (the elder Dowson).
  4. Sorry, I'm confused. When you said: did you mean your "previous version" also being an FSUIPC6? Are you saying you just updated, for example from 6.1.0 to 6.1.1? If so, then I misunderstood. I thought you meant from FSUIPC5 to FSUIPC6. According to your list of .mcro files, you've actually of got 4. Of these: [MacroFiles] 1=6 DHC 2=737 3=400 Q 4=9 CRJ 5=7 crj 6=DHC 6 you are missing 7 crj and DHC 6. You don't have any assignments to 7 crj, but you do have just one to DHC 6 (Button 3 on Joy #1. However, I understand that isn't the problem. You appear to be saying that
  5. So your macro files are these: [MacroFiles] 1=6 DHC 2=737 3=400 Q 4=9 CRJ 5=7 crj 6=DHC 6 Did you copy your FSUIPC INI file over from your previous version? Could that list possibly have been carried over from the last installation? That would be expected and reasonable. But did you also move those 6 .mcro files over as well? They need to be in the same folder. You have assignments to macros in several different profile assignments. If not all, which ones are you saying aren't now recognised? Pete
  6. You need to show us your FSUIPC6.INI file as otherwise we have no information with which to assist! Pete P.S. I moved your question to the correct place, the Support Forum. You posted in a programming sub-forum.
  7. The log simply shows the Client requesting data from the Server (or at least, that IP address you provided), and getting nothing. The server is receiving a connection but no data with it. So, there's a firewall type block at one end or the other. That won't work. The ProtocolPreferred parameter is for those clients which connect by receiving a broadcast from the Server. That's the default method -- leaving both Protocol and Server details out of the WideClient.INI, so the client links to whatever Server is running. The only requirement for the Broadcast method to work is that
  8. ProSim has a SimConnect mode which, when selected, means it is not using FSUIPC to control MSFS. I think that mode is recommended over the older FSUIPC mode, which is still supported. However, I have read some folks find FSUIPC mode still better than its own direct SimConnect mode. Presumably still some work to do on their SimConnect code. When SimConnect is selected in ProSim I don't think FSUIPC is used at all. You are supposed to do all your assignments and calibrations in ProSim in either case. I use ProSim, but only with P3D5. No way is MSFS yet ready for use in a full blown 737
  9. I don't really know, but I would have thought that MSFS sensitivity settings for specific hardware controls should (would) not be operative if MSFS was told not to use those controls? However, I don't know MSFS very well and have never played with its sensitivities. My controls (I only fly the Just Flight Piper Arrow) are direct through FSUIPC only -- I don't have a choice as my control devices aren't ones recognised by MSFS, being part of a Piper Arrow cockpit ("GA28R") built many years ago by Aerosoft Australia (no relation to the German one). Since I'm not sure and I know John is very
  10. They are set to individual taste, and often differently for different aircraft -- especially aircraft of different types or persuasions. For example fighters and stunt jeys need sensitive fast response controls whereas large heavy multi-engined turboprops want a slower more lumbering feel. So adjust accordingly and go by results. They most certainly shouldn't as you shouldn't have them enabled in MSFS if assigning in FSUIPC. However, FSUIPC doesn't support Force Feedback, so I'm not sure how you are managing that aspect. Pete
  11. Just "Lua <name>", the same control you must have already used in your [Auto] section to start it before. For every Lua plug in seen in the same folder as FSUIPC there are a number of controls added which do different things. Please see the very first page of the FSUIPC Lua documentation ("FSUIPC Lua Plug-Ins.pdf"), which document should really have been your first point of reference if developing or using plugins. Pete
  12. When developing and testing a Lua script I always just assign a keystroke or button to it in the Assignments tab. If you invoke it through assignment the running version will be 'killed' and the current version loaded and started. Pete
  13. One other thing. By doing as I suggested above for BOTH buttons -- i.e. have one conditional on the other, both ways around -- then it won't matter which is pressed first (or, rather, which FSUIPC sees first). Pete
  14. Yes, Assign one of the buttons to do what you want, then edit the line that creates in the INI file by adding a condition, that the other button must also be pressed. If you look up Conditionals in the FSUIPC Advanced User guide you'll see how to do it, with examples. Come back if you need more help, but take a look for yourself first. The section is COMPOUND BUTTON CONDITIONS and it's on about page 22. Pete
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