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  1. But it only takes a moment to adjust. If it feels too sensitive for you, flatten the centre a little, if not sensitive enough, steepen it. There's no "testing", just fly it and see! Pete
  2. And as it says there, the transponder isn't used for or by AI aircraft. As well as what Thomas says, the Transponder code may well be available for multiplayer aircraft, but FSUIPC includes no support at all for multiplayer. The internals for handling such things by add-ons are likely available now, at least in P3D4, but you'll then need at least a program interfacing direct to SimConnect or, more likely, internally via the PDK interface. If the question is not answered for you via Squawkbox or other existing MP related programs then you'd be best off answking in the L-M P3D Support Forum. Pete
  3. I certainly wouldn't recommend PMDG's 737 for a cockpit build. It is no doubt the best free-standing solution, but it doesn't do well in a cockpit scenario at all. There are too many difficulties and too much extra software you'd need to write, or purchase (if available). Project Magenta used to be the best, and for a while, only, solution for cockpits of all descripptions. But nowadays, for 737NG cockpits soecifically , the real solution is ProSim737. It isn't cheap (neither is PM), but it has all you need for most hardware solutions. Don't take my word for it. This is the FSUIPC + WideFS support forum, not an advice place for cockpits -- try other sites too and review websites. There are several about cockpit building and the software solutions involved. Pete
  4. Pete Dowson

    GPSOut - Invalid GGA fix quality

    I'm not sure where you are getting those GPGGA lines from. The output from GPSout.DLL (the original), and the equivalent GPSout facilities in all of FSUIPC3, FSUIPC4 and FSUIPC4 versions is actually hard-coded to be a 1 in that position. I think you must be looking at something else? Pete
  5. Pete Dowson

    Makerwys and dual ILS

    Thanks for the further detail Hervé. I think I'll leave it be for now. This area of MakeRwys coding is complicated enough (in the "ugh!" sense) and i'll only mess things up. Pete
  6. Pete Dowson

    Makerwys and dual ILS

    Okay ... just loading up to check at UK2000 EGCC ... ... Ah, yes!!! See them! so all is okay -- except that ATC programs which provide taxi onstructions will get the wrong hold positions as there's no way they can "see" the visibly marked hold shorts! 😞 Pete ...
  7. Pete Dowson

    Makerwys and dual ILS

    Did you actually see the lines on the ground? That's my real problem. I'll have another look. EGCC is my home airport and will be quick to re-check ... Pete
  8. Pete Dowson

    Makerwys and dual ILS

    Good point. But in the airports I've looked at I don't there are any hold short lines. But I can check again. Also whilst I see more hold short points defined that I would have thought were essential, wouldn't the AI hold at every one, not just the last before the runway? Also the default automatically drawn lines have always looked okay to me. Seems a lot more work to superimpose thrid party ones. Thanks. Pete
  9. Pete Dowson

    Makerwys and dual ILS

    I have that one. Do you really mean the AIRAC stuff updated by the likes of Navigraph and Aerosoft's AIRAC service? MakeRwys only gets ILS data from the AFD BGLs . Is that where those pix you added came from? Evidently not, as you proved in the data you showed. As I said, since I didn't know you could have multiple ILS's for the same runway MakeRwys would not be likely to scan further once it found one. But I wouldn't know exactly what goes on without examining the code and checking an actual BGL containing such data. Would it be important for MakeRwys to include this data? I assume it would mean double entries in the assorted Runways files it produces. I don't want to change the format as too many programs depend on it. Also it would depend how those programs assimilate the data. If they are only expecting one ILS would the order in the files be important -- would they take the first and ignore the second, or would the second override the first? It could be a bit of a nightmare and not something ot be entered into lightly. BTW, I'll soon release version 4.88. We found that many recent airports (most of the UK2000 ones for instance) have the runway HOLD POINTS set as "NO DRAW" -- they are invisible. Why Gary has done this we don't know. Really it should be applied only to Grass and Gravel taxiways. Anyway, this type of hold point uses a different code in the BGLs, one not recognised by MakeRwys as a Hold Point. The same applies to ILS Hold Points. I've fixed this is 4.88 and when testing is finished I will be releasing it. Pete
  10. Pete Dowson

    Makerwys and dual ILS

    I don't know. I've never heard of twin ILS's for aone approach. Why would that be? Which would you choose and why? What program makes those displays of details? I expect that once MakeRwys have found one ILS it wouldn't search for another. but the code is now very old and convoluted and I'd really need a lot more details to delve into it. Are those Add-on airports you find these in, if so which ones? Pete
  11. Just a bit of clarification about that. If the controls are calibrated in FSUIPC then it will arbitrate between the two inputs, using the value with the most deflection from "normal". They won't conflict. This is the arrangement used for dual controls, caprain and first officer. But, Yes, for PMDG it isn't good to use "Direct to Calibration". The way their aircraft work simply doesn't like it, and you can get conflicting actions. Pete
  12. If you mean the Schiratti website, then the link there for FSUIPC4 says it is for 4.971, but will actually download the latest there is (the owner of the website doesn't unpate it much). Otherwise this is the only "website" dealing with FSUIPC. I don't know where you are seeing "the new version downloads". Can you explain? The only other official place for Downloads of my software is just above, in the "Download Links" subforum, here: No, that was a commerical derivative of FSX called ESP and which has been substantially developed as Prepar3D. In fact a license to develop FSX further was sold to DoveTail Games who released several versions via the Steam system called FSX-SE ("Steam Edition"). Kept me very busy doing FSUIPC4 devlopments for too many years. That version is also finished. (Microsoft have announced plans for a new Flight Simulator next year). The official Microsoft site for the FSX updates has long gone Just a quick use of "Google" just found this place https://www.patches-scrolls.com/flight_simulator_x.php I checked the links for the SP1 and SP2 updates and they still appear to work fine! No, updates don't change your settings (unless you delete them). Only replacement versions, like going from FSX to Prepar3D. Well, ProSim is pretty advanced stuff for a beginner. I know about slowing down though. I'm 76, and trying hard to become officially retired, so FSUIPC4 is no longer being developed and my son has taken over FSUIPC5 development, leaving me to tinker with my own P3D4 based 737NG cockpit and, yes, using ProSim. I only got into flight sims because I couldn't get a Pilot's Licence through tunnel vision (caused by hereditary Retinitis Pigmentosa). Pete
  13. 1. Please update your FSUIPC. We cannot support old versions. (You don't purchase a specific release. All updates to FSUIPC4 are free.) 2. You are also using the original bug-ridden version of FSX. There were two free updates, both free. 3. You have no axes assigned in FSUIPC, just plenty of buttons or switches on several devices. I ask again: how did you test? What does the log show when you enable button logging and press buttons or operate switches? If you are trying to operate buttons and switches in ProSim, then note that there are no direct ProSim assignments possible in FSUIPC. FSUIPC talks to Flight SIM, so will deal Flight SIM aircraft. FSUIPC is not specific to other add-ons. Please ensure you update FSUIPC before posting again. Pete
  14. Ah! LINDA use is different and I don't know it so cannot help. Please check with their support. Pete
  15. Testing this how? Is this with P3D4 or a different simulator. Please try to use the Logging facilities (Logging Tab) to see what is happening. You can log both axes and buttons. If you can't figure it out from that we'd need to see these files from the Modules folder: (They'll be FSUIPC4 ... if you are using P3D3 or earlier, or FSX): FSUIPC5.INI FSUIPC5.LOG FSUIPC5.joyscan.csv No, you don't need to use offsets for ProSim. You can assign axes directly once you enable the directInput driver. For help with ProSim you need to go to their Forums. That's where I have to go for help with my ProSim setup! Pete

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