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  1. The Window image you posted doesn't look blank. Don't you see the title bar and Menu, as I do, in your post? What else are you expecting it to show? The menu bar allows you to operate all of the facilities FSUIPC offers. It doesn't show images or play movies. Pete
  2. Like John, I've no idea what you mean by "log tape". Pete
  3. It doesn't look right, no. But I can't investigate today. The main question, though, is it sending Null or Del? i.e. is it working, as I thought you'd confirmed? The reset button is there to clear the existing key assignment so you can choose what you want to do again. Pete
  4. Please refer again to Updated Modules. Things have moved on apace since you tried that. There's now no such link. Pete
  5. There is a problem with the Installer at present which we are working on. If you were already registered you need not have entered details again. If you no longer have an FSUIPC4.KEY file with your registration, please create your own registration file in Notepad, to look like this: [User] Name= Address= FSUIPC= Complete all three lines with the exact details. Then save it as FSUIPC4.KEY into the FSX or P3D Modules folder. Run the Sim and check in the FSUIPC menu entry that it confirms you are properly registered. If not then you've made a mistake, so please try the above again
  6. You are being grossly unfair. John asked you for more information so he can fix things for you, but you don't even bother to do that! Please also look through the Installation document provided with the program. It does point out that sometimes you need to install other Windows components downloaded from the Internet. Full instructions are given. Your problem is probably that. Follow the instructions! Pete
  7. For now, just edit it. Add the line for your Key, FSUIPC4=xxxxxxxxxxxx I'm trying to work out what is now wrong with the installer today. Pete
  8. Thanks. I get the same as you. The registration check in the Installer is broken! It doesn't even like mine! I'm going to have to withdraw the release for now. I won't be able to work out what has gone wrong till tomorrow. 😞 Only if your existing FSUIPC4.KEY file is still intact. Just open it with a text editor and check that the details it contains are still correct. It's in your FSX\Modules folder. Pete
  9. Why are you re-registering? You didn't need to! You just bypass that clicking "Not now". The registration system has not changed. Your existing registration (held in the FSUIPC4.KEY file) would still have been valid (do NOT post that here, mind). If you want me to check the registration here you really need to give me the order number, not the date and time. But be aware that 99.9% of all registration problems are because of a bad entry -- all three parts must be EXACTLY as notifiedby SimConnect. cut and paste if in doubt. try again. Pete
  10. We need a lot more information! First, though, please get the latest FSUIPC 4 (4.976), available in the Download Links subforum. Then, if there's still a problem, we need NOT the "Install" log, but the run time log. (FSUIPC4.LOg). Also go to Windows Event Viewer and find the last crash details referring to FSX.EXE. We need those details too. Pete
  11. It is definitely there, in the last post in the thread, the one from myself. Ah, good. Thanks for confirming -- I was awaiting confirmation from the OP in the that post. I had 4.976 ready for release (it is basically the same as the one you just tested) and released it just a few minutes before your post. So it is now the current release both on FSUIPC.com and also in the Download Links sub-forum above. Pete
  12. Actually, a minor correction to that: the original design used the old "joy" interface in Windows. That was far simpler to code and much more compact, so it was a reasonable design choice. It was that which had the 32-button limit. I don't know what "DirectInput" was like back then, apart from being much more complex and bulky. The appearance of devices with more than 32 buttons has been quite recent in the history of FSUIPC. Back in the day you were lucky to find devices with more more than 8 or 9 buttons! Pete
  13. Hi Vic, Seems like the problem in MSFS is related to code it needs to execute for elevated privileged mode which is bypassed in "fastlaunch" mode. Worthy of a report to Zendesk along with your description and the Event Viewer details of the CTD. Thanks for your perseverance! Pete
  14. Yes. As well as following the clear unambiguous error report given in the Log, it's easy to check. Just make sure there#s an 'end' to go with and end every function and an 'end' to finish every "if ... else". For more information and tutorials on the Lua language please see lua.org. To correct things given error notifications you need to use the line numbers it gives you, so use an editor with line numbers enabled. Pete
  15. But this error: is a syntax error in Lua, not an error from any function supported by FSUIPC. This is the function: function AB_OVH_Ext_LANDING_toggle () if A330 then if _tl("AB_VC_OVH_ExtLight_Landing_Sw", 0) then AB_OVH_Ext_LANDING_on () else AB_OVH_Ext_LANDING_off () end else if _tl("AB_VC_OVH_ExtLight_Landing_Sw", 0) then AB_OVH_Ext_LANDING_on () else AB_OVH_Ext_LANDING_retract () end end Note the number of "end" statements. They complement only the "if ... then ...
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