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  1. Pete Dowson

    FSLABS A320 & FSUIPC Problem

    Not initially, as we don't know hat to look for. The default logging will show whether FSUIPC is running okay. Be sure to close the session, after observing your problems of course, before getting the log -- there's more useful information at the end. How do you "generate a new FSUIPC INI"? That file is created for you and maintained via the FSUIPC Settings. There's nothing that can be set in the INI which will stop FSUIPC settings opening. The FSUIPC install is correct if the FSUIPC entry appears in the menu. There's then nothing else to it except the DLL itself in the Modules folder. I've really no idea how you "regenerated" the INI file. You can edit it or delete it, but I don't understand what you are doing. Pete
  2. Pete Dowson

    LuaToggle Clarification

    Yes, that's one way to run a plug-in. Correct. None of the assignable Lua controls other than Lua <name> and LuaDebug <name> actually load and run a plug-in. they are all designed to talk to or affect the way a running plug-in acts. There's no point in toggling a flag from one state to another n a plug-in which has just been loaded -- it might as well simply assume such a toggle in the first place. Yes. Scripts intended to remain running can be loaded via [Auto] sections, or by macro, or by other Lua plug-ins, or, still, by assignment to a Lua <name> control. The difference between a plug-in designed to stay running and one which just does something and terminates is the presence of event functions which tell it to wait for something to happen -- like a flag being toggled, or an offset changing, and so on. If you want to assign a key or button to a plug-in which just does something and exits, but you want it to do somethnig different each time, use the parameter value when assigning to Lua <name>. That's passed to the plug-in as the variable "ipcPARAM". Pete
  3. Pete Dowson

    FSLABS A320 & FSUIPC Problem

    You've attached a lot of files, all of them unfortuately not relevant. The main one needed in the FSUIPC4.LOG file. I'm using GSX with no problems, but then I am using P3D4 now. I see you are still on one of the original FSX versions. Hmm. Sorry. Definitely a matter for their support forum then! Pete
  4. Thanks. I'll try it here in the morning. Pete
  5. If it is that big then it isn't the same corruption I've seen so far. Anyway, it should ZIP up very small. Try a process of elimination on your add-ons. something is causing the problems. Pete
  6. Normally after deleting it a new one is created by P3D (though possibly only when closed?). Instead of deleting it you could try copying it yourself from the Weather folder in P3D. I think that's all P3D does in any case. But if one of your add-ons then corrupts it almost immediately on starting P3d, it will obviosly give some problem. But it sounds like that must happen later. It would be nice to determine what add-on is doing it as it certainly isn't P3D itself. I've been trying to get L-M to perform some sort of checks on this file before using it blindly. I don't know which add-on is corrupting it, but the bad ones I've seen so far are pretty much the same -- just around 200-300 bytes instead of the required kilobytes. L-M say they cannot reproduce any problems, but I think that this is only because the symptoms are so varied. Usually, for me, such a file just crashes P3D. But others have had things like add-on menus not appearing and other strange issues. I believe bits of memory are somehow being corrupted, but this varies system to system. Do you have Dropbox or something similar, where you could put the bad wxstationlist.bin file, and send me a link. You can't email it and I don't think this forum will allow it as an attachment. Link to petedowson@btconnect.com. Then I'll see what it does here, and forward it to L-M as more evidence. Pete
  7. That's a very strange symptom. It certainly doesn't happen here, on Win7 or Win10. There have been strange things reported in P3D4.3 which eventually narrow down to actual memory corruptin due to a bad "wxstationlist.bin" file. You could try deleting that before starting P3D4. I'm actually planning to automatically delete that file at the end of a session. P3D will make a new one in any case. (You'll find it in the AppData folder, next to the P3d CFG file). Otherwise I really cannot think what could be doing it. SimConnect is not "installed" by FSUIPC. FSUIPC interfaces directly to the SimConnect interface built into P3D itself. Programs only install and use separate SimConnect DLLs when they are designed to interface to legacy versions (any of three FSX versions), or need to run on a networked PC. Pete
  8. Pete Dowson

    Mouse wheel for panning

    How do you pan in different directions with just mose wheel up / down? Does the click switch directions with Ezdok? If you are using a mouse, why not just use FSUIPC's MouseLook? Holding the wheel down (clicked) and moving the mouse itself left/right/forward/back? Pete
  9. Pete Dowson

    Mouse wheel for panning

    Hmm. Sorry, then ... maybe that new program ("ChasePlane" ?) which gets good reviews will help. Otherwise you can try Lua but I don't think it will be as smooth as a proper PAN_VIEW assignment. Maybe there's another program which turns mouse operations into assignable joystick axis inputs? Pete
  10. Pete Dowson

    FSUIPC5.123 crashes in window10

    Okay. the order is correct for FSUIPC5, but i'm worried about the non-ASCII character in your name. I'm not sure how that works in my Installer. I'll try here ... [LATER] I've run the Installer, and registered with the exact details from your purchase, and it works fine. It generates the FSUIPC5.KEY file which contains the exact details listed for your purchase. So, either you are making a mistake or, for some reason, the characters you are entering are using some different encoding from your keyboard. I don't have the non-ASCII characters and don't know how to enter them, so I simple copied and pasted each field separately into the installer's fields. I respectfully suggest, again, that you do the same! I also note that when you started this thread (whilst I was away) you had a problem with the Registered version, and that you only destroyed your registration by deleting everything. So if you successfully registered once, what are you doing differently now? The installer hasn't changed. Pete
  11. Pete Dowson

    Mouse wheel for panning

    So how would you be able to pan properly? You could only go up and down not side to side. Or does Ezdok change from one to the other on a click? And if you have Ezdok with the facility, why need another way? Pete
  12. I'm afraid you have not calibrated properly at all: Aileron=256,256,256,256 Elevator=384,384,384,384 Rudder=0,0,0,0 LeftBrake=-16380,16383 RightBrake=16127,16127 The only one there with a chance of success in the Left Brake. None of the others have any range of values between any two parts. Also you have 2 throttles, 2 Prop Pitch, and 2 Mixture controls assigned "direct to fSUIPC calibration", but have not attempted to calibrate them. Please refer to the Calibration chapter in the user guide and follow the numbered steps for each axis in turn. Pete Pete
  13. Pete Dowson

    FSUIPC5.123 crashes in window10

    I don't know if you bought the right one. I can't search for "anbrod1" in the data base. I need the nmae and order number. The SAME name and the SAME email as in the Registration? Did you cut and paste as I suggested? Also, it is easy in the code to mistake 1's and I's and 2's and Z's. COPY AND PASTE. Pete
  14. Pete Dowson

    Mouse wheel for panning

    How would you pan using a click? Do you mean a mouse wheel moving not only round but also rocking left and right? There are no easy assignment facilities in FSUIPC for using the mouse wheel for panning. But you could do it using a Lua plug-in --there are events for receiving and even trapping mouse wheel movements both horizontal and forward/back. But interpreting these to do directional panning would probably not be as smooth as using a normal POV assigned to PAN_VIEW, which does it all. Does Prosim offer such a facility? Pete
  15. Sorry, what percent in a flightplan? i don't understand? Does the slider not limit the AI? I've never used anything but add-on traffic providers -- MyTraffic6, UT2, UTlive, Traffic Global. Sometimes more than one of those together. UT2 andUTLive, because they inject the traffic, not using BGLs, have their own "slider". Pete

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