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  1. Pete Dowson

    SerialFP2 No Device Found

    What am I supposed to look at here? Your message is rather curt to say the least. From your subject title, the only clue you give, SerialFP2 is not my program. For that you need VSI support. Pete
  2. Was that an FSUIPC5.INI file (i.e. were you using P3D version 4 before as well? It is likely that the IDs of your devices have changed. Check the [JoyNames] section in your cvonfig file, see if they IDs there correspond to what you see for Joy# when you use the Button or Axis assignment tab. By "using admin rights" do you mean "...as adminitstrator" in the right-click menu? Did you let P3D install in Program Files, rather than choose a separate folder, like C:\Prepar3D? Win10 is much more strict on permissions, and sometimes there's a setting that prevents the Installer setting the Modules folder permissions sufficiently. Is there an FSUIPC5.LOG in the P3D modules folder? Is the INI file there the one you tried to copy there? Perhaps you could show me the FSUIPC5 Install log? Pete
  3. Pete Dowson

    Problem installing FSUIPC5

    FSUIPC5 is NOT FSUIPC4. You need to purchase a key. Pete
  4. Yes, they are designed to be used with click spots on aircraft panels. They are NOT emulating a mouse. Pete
  5. I don't think so. Do they read 16381 or 16383 with default aircraft? Can you show me the FSUIPC log showing the monitored values, please? The original SimConnect value will also be logged, which would show whether FSUIPC was acting correctly. FSUIPC converts a "percant" value as supplied by SimConnect (actually a fractional value between 0 and 1) to the range 0 to 16383, to make it common with FS9 and before, which always used a 0-16383 system for percentages. Does Humberto say that the reason for the 3 reds is that the values are not 16383? I'll check here to see what I get, but there's been no such problem with ProSim for me (though at present I'm still on 2.08). Pete
  6. Pete Dowson

    FSUIPC Saitek X56 Issue

    Sorry, I don't understand -- "interruption"? How do you mean? That certainly is strange as FSUIPC is using standard DirectInput methods. Without resorting to raw serial USB port treatment (which you can program via the com library in Lua) there's nothing more it can do. Pete
  7. Pete Dowson

    Reading LVars over WideFS

    Actually it doesn't say to read the result in the same process. I don't think that can work with Wideclient. The L:Var is obtained by a request to PANELS.DLL in the Sim. The way to do these things (and there are others, for instance when reading weather stuff), and especially in WideClient, is to write something impossible to your offset, and the offset address, and the L:Var name, which can all be one process. Then, separately, wait for your impossible value to change in your offset. That would obviously require some sort of process loop. If the application needs much more immediate access to such values there's really no way other than running only on the same PC. Even then I'm not sure it can be guaranteed in the same process. Pete
  8. Well, it would probably have been quicker to refer to the documentation supplied than posting here. But, still, here goes: Offsets are listed in the Offsets Status document installed in your FSUIPC Documents folder. Searching that quickly finds the following (after a few other references to other "gear"): 0BE8 4 Gear control: 0=Up, 16383=Down 0BEC 4 Gear position (nose): 0=full up, 1 6383=full down 0BF0 4 Gear position (right): 0=full up, 1 6383=full down 0BF4 4 Gear position (left): 0=full up, 16383=full down where the '4' is the number of bytes. So they are 32-bit (4 x 8 ) integers, or type "U32" (unsigned 32-bit). In the Logging tab in FSUIPC options, right-hand side, you can see monitoring values by offset. You will use all 4 entries, with the above offsets and all of type U32. (This Logging facility IS described in the FSUIPC User Guide which you can also find in the FSUIPC Documents folder). Below the table of 4 there are options. I would recommend both normal logging and FS Window options checked. Then you have a record of the offsets changing in the LOG file, as well as being able to watch them on screen. Pete
  9. Pete Dowson

    32bit v 64bit

    No, you are okay. FSUIPC5 does have a different interface for 64-bit programs (which isn't supported in FSUIPC4 and earlier), but existing 32-bit ones are okay with the older interface. And there's nothing extra fror 64 bit programs. Ah, you found out! 😉 Pete
  10. Isn't that what it does in any case? It's a Windows thing. That runs a program, You originally seemed to be asking to switch to a running program, which is all ALT TAB can do. You can do this with h = ext.gethandle("name") --name is program name incl .exe, or program title (as listed in Task Manager) ext.focus(h) Oh, and, sorry, i misled you about needing WideClient. You can use the ext library in FSUIPC too -- I forgot I added that library to both! 😞 Just same the above short two-lines program as, say, "usexxx.lua" where xxx suggests the program you are switching to, then, in FSUIPC, assign your button or key to Lua usexxx. Pete
  11. Pete Dowson

    Button Thread Started

    The joystick number 1004 is the joystick with ID 4 on the PC running WideClient, the first in WideServer's list. (The button number is 16 in both cases). Looking at the Logs, I see that you are running WideClient on the same PC as the sim (using ClassInstance=0). So, since you still have Wideclient scanning buttons (as it is supposed to do), it sees the button and sends the press to FSUIPC, as it is supposed to do. You can stop WideClient scanning buttons by setting "ButtonScanInterval" to 0 in its INI file. It means what it says -- the button scanning thread has been started. You changed the Log option to "Yes" which makes Wideclient log a lot more information. It defaults to "Errors+". Pete
  12. Pete Dowson

    fmc ngx fsuipc

    Google translation: Good, So just the wrong parameter. (By the way, 536870912 = x20000000). Pete
  13. Pete Dowson

    fmc ngx fsuipc

    Google tells me this means: Keyboards do repeats automtically. Are you pressing the key for too long? If not, please enable Button/key ;gging and Event (non Axis) logging in the Logging tab of FSUIPC, then repeat the attempt, and show me the log file (in the Modules folder). Also please show me the INI file (FSUIPC configuration settings) so I can check your assignments. Pete
  14. Pete Dowson

    Landing rates

    Okay. Thanks for letting me know. Pete
  15. Pete Dowson

    Landing rates

    Wasn't that the display shown in the picture you posted earlier? If so, as I computed for you, it has the vertical speed correct. Unless Smartcars is using FSUIPC to get its data, then it cannot be using that offset. The offsets are part of FSUIPC now -- only in FS98 were they in the Sim. The work involved in developing successive versions of FSUIPC was in tracking down the locations of the values needed in each new FS version. That changed in FSX when SimConnect was invented, with my involvement, to make it all easier and hopefully version independent. Pete

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