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  1. No, I did actually mean assign to buttons to send values 0 and 16383, explicitly, in case the axis wasn't getting through with such a range. A button for 0% and another for 100% would show whether the action you couldn't make work with an axis assignment was only because of incorrect values. Anyway, I see Thomas has already done the testing in MSFS and reported the results for you. (Thanks Thomas!). Pete
  2. Well, from curiosity I did this and tool a quick look. Unfortunately, apart from it being in some C or C++ or C# variant I don't understand (with lots of library calls to non-included libraries), it is also very lean and has headers referencing all sorts of other packages. I assume those other packages could be from the same or other authors also on the Free GNU system and GitHub, but quite honestly for the amount I got left to do it will be much quicker for me to press home. Thanks anyway, Pete
  3. FSUIPC is using SimConnect all the time anyway, to maintain the data in the offsets. The unregistered FSUIPC is useful fo many applications which use these facilities, and can also be useful for it's logging facilities, but offers no User-oriented facilities. For those a purchase is needed. The documentation does explain this. Any, glad you solved it by yourself. Mind you, I should have notice d that it wasn't a registered install, from your Log, where it clearly stated: FSUIPC4 not user registered Apologies for that! Pete
  4. Does Anti Ice Set work for it if you assign in FSUIPC instead? I can test tomorrow just using a button assigned to Anti Ice Set with parameter 16384 and another the same but with parameter 0. Those are the values I'd expect to produce 100% and 0% respectively. I'm wondering if it might be yet another MSFS bug. If you enable Axis and Even logging in FSUIPC, does the FSUIPC log show the anti-ice events at all? You might also check via PFCcom64 logging. Just for my education, please tell me, when would you use partial carb heat, eg 50%? What would be the purpose? it seems to me you either want the hot air on the Carb to prevent or remove ice, or off because it isn't needed. I always thought it would just be an on/off setting. Pete
  5. The only change in my PFC drivers to work with MSFS is to recognise FSUIPC7 so that it links to it correctly. Otherwise it has been unchanged for many years. The main change in the last 5 years was to make a 64-bit version to work with FSUIPC5 on P3D4. Pete
  6. Please show us your INI file. The usual reason for such a message is NewInterceptTextMenu missing or set incorrectly. Otherwise it has to be a corrupt or incorrect FSX API.DLL module. Pete
  7. Thanks Pelle, but I'm not sure I'd understand other folks code any better than decoding the files for myself. Anyway, i don't see how to get any source. I'm progressing quite well, thanks to help from Matt on FSDeveloper, who has written a BGL to XML decoder. I've one remaining problem for the data -- getting the ILS data which is now separated from the Runway data (in "NAX" files in fs-base-nav instead of with the runways in the APX files in fsBase). What i've got working at present is working for MS-Store installations, but it appears I have to do more work to make it work correctly for Steam installs. Than, possibly, DVD installs are different again. 😞 Of course nothing i'm doing will work for add-ons using DRM protection techniques for their scenery. It's all a bit of a mess, if you ask me! Pete
  8. I've been thinking about this since your original message, and two thoughts occurred to me. On jet aircraft there's an "anti-ice setting, and looking through the list of controls there's one called ANTI ICE SET. Now most "SET" controls are actually usable as axes. So, since the function of Carb Heat it to prevent or remove Ice, I wondered if that might work? Worth a try. Of course, like many other controls, it might not be connected up inside MSFS (yet). There's also Pitot Heat, but that is to prevent the pitot tube blocking and giving causing wrong airspeed readings, so I doubt that would be used for carb heat. Pete
  9. No. You'll be fine. The only reason you need to re-run the installer is in order to enter your WideFs registration key. It will also update your FSUIPC if you are using a later installer. Pete
  10. How interesting. Is it available as an axis in MSFS itself? It has never been so through SimConnect, so if it is in MSFS then it's yet another control they've not yet implemented an interface for. It would need requesting via Zendesk. Pete
  11. Carb heat is either on or off. Are you seeing an adjustable heating on the aircraft? It's basically just an on/off valve which is opened to send hot air to prevent carb icing, or de-ice it when it gets iced. So you want a switch, button, or keypress assigned to it, Pete
  12. Hi Pelle That requirement was removed some time ago (don't remember when, but probably FSUIPC4 -- because it was assumed new applications would use SimConnect directly rather than indirectly through FSUIPC). The overhead of ennumerating all running processes to identify the caller for every offset access was becoming too much, especially with modern multi-cored CPUs. and folks running large numbers of processes. We now just have to trust that makers of commercial products using FSUIPC will contact us first and agree an arrangement. Mostly that happened, but there are some notable exceptions. Pete
  13. You should not mix assignments between P3D and FSUIPC. Use one or the other. If assigning in FSUIPC, disable controllers completely in P3D (there's an option in P3D to do this). If you don't you will get interference. I think the PMDG aircraft are designed in such a way that reverse control does not work well on an axis. Most folks use the "THROTTLEn DECR" controls to engage reverse after reducing thrust to idle on the throttle. If you want to use separate levers for reversers then you can try assigning the forward thrust throttle levers to the normal "AXIS THROTTLEn SET" controls, and either don't calibrate (calibration can mess up things with PMDG aircraft), or if you try calibration in FSUIPC set the "No reverse zone" option so the whole axis is for forward thrust. Reversers can then be assigned the FSUIPC-added controls "REVERSERn". Pete
  14. If you start it again (eg via a keypress assignment to "lua <name>", the currently running on will be killed and your amended one loaded. It's as simple as that. If you only want to kill it without running it again, just have an assignment to "luakill <name>". The assignable controls for a lua plug-in are actually documented! Please see the PDF entitled FSUIPC Lua Plug-Ins. You evidently haven't yet used FSUIPC very much yet? All the assignable controls are listed, in alphabetic order, in the drop-downs for button, keypress and axis assignment. This is a fundamental part of the reason folks use FSUIPC! FSUIPC is well documented in the User Guide provided, and the Lua part has its own documents too. You will find lots of useful information if you look. Also there are a lot of additional contributions from users in the User Contributions sub forum above. Pete
  15. It was reserved for a presumed 64-bit version of FSX which looked like being on the cards at one time -- but that was the aborted FSW which turned out to be anything but an FS development in any case. I suppose we could have used that slot for MSFS, which really shouldn't really be known as FS2020 (and isn't called that), as MS intend for it to be developed over more than the one year or so FSW95, FS2000, FS2002, FS2004 and, really, FSX (FS2006?) were, prior to FSX-SE. Pete
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