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  1. It seems that the switch is returning 0, 1, 2 and 3. My code isn't inventing those numbers, they are what arrives. Are there definitey only 3 positions? If so there's something a bit wrong with the device or its firmware. I don't know about the FSUIPC logs, but I think your log names for the PFChid program are the wrong way around. As far as I can see, the Tankselect2 log is for TackSelect1 and vice versa. Otherwise nothing make sense! It is odd. But now we have results for both switches, it looks like it only accepts 0 and 1. The return' for 2, and that odd 3, give the 'default' without the /n part. I can look for exactly that now we have some details. Maybe the macro coding was only ever tastest with only two positioned switches For any other logs, please do both together, not separately. The way you've done it makes it harder working it all out for me. it might be clearer for you like that, but best for you to test as you wish without any macros, and for me with the full set of macros. I'll be looking at this in the morning. Pete
  2. Okay. I need to know first whether it still crashes if you comment out the com stuff (com.open abd com-write lines). Otherwuse I would need to find some way of making one of my COM ports valid. Also, I assume there's and 'end' at the end? Pete
  3. Pete Dowson

    LUA Script and GSX Menu

    With event.textmenu you'd be able to read the menus, the item placing in the menu itself, and, possibly just as importantly, the textual prompts outside the menu. A plug-in could handle other programs with menus too, whether they have L:Vars you can use or not. So, I've decided it might be very useful and so I am adding this capability now. It will be in the next update for FSUIPC5 (only). Not sure when yet -- there are other things we are doing -- but probably within days rather than weeks. Pete
  4. Pete Dowson

    LUA Script and GSX Menu

    Actually, I don't see any reason I cannot add it to the FSUIPC5 Lua event library. There just never seemed to be any point before. I can implement that for the next 5.14 update. So, you don't read the text of the menus, you just relay on the L:Vars? The event.textmenu facility would give you texts as well, not just for menus but also Simconnect messages and contents of message windows. Pete
  5. Aha! Yes, sorry. I found a silly little bug. This is corrected in 4.862, just uploaded. Pete
  6. Pete Dowson

    LUA Script and GSX Menu

    Sorry, those links tell me that LINDA does it for you, for certin aircraft at least. What is it you now want to do? The image you posted looks like one from an iPad or Android running EFC for ProSim. Pete
  7. If you have a small Lua plug-in which gives the problem, and which I can run here with P3D, then maybe I can work out why. The Lua interpreter coding is very similar -- identical for the most part. Pete
  8. Pete Dowson

    fsuipc5 upgrade

    Yes. It's a different product, as P3D4 is from P3D3 and FSUIPC4 was from FSUIPC3. It's the first new product from me for 12 years. Not now. There was for the first few months. Pete
  9. Ah, so something in the mean time is corrupting something. I wish you'd told me it wasn't consistent in the first place. It would have saved be delving into archives on another PC. You said and that almost explicitly says "others crash ... if they are used". Never mind. Not if it works some of the time. I suppose it could be a timing glitch, catching FS9 when it isn't able to respond to the request for a Container pointer for the panel. You're not changing aircraft whilst this is going on I hope? The only way to tell if it is timing would be to slow it down. You could try using FSInterrogate for a similar batch of offsets and having that repeat fast, too, just to see. Otherwise, it it isn't an FS9 timing problem -- FSUIPC asking for something not possible at that time, or maybe asking for it before the previous response is provided, then it definitely seems like some corruption is occurring, but, i'm sorry, there's no way I can track it down. Do you have FSX? If you can reproduce it with your Lua plug-in on FSXthen it must be related t the Lua interpreter and I can maybe get an idea of what it is, even if i can't fix it on FS9. Pete
  10. To eliminate the Lua end, ry using FSInterrograte to read offsets directly? I think 036C, 0B18, 0BCC, 0BE8, 11BE use the same methods -- as far as I recall it's a request to the PANEL of the aircraft. Are you using an add-on aircraft of a default. If a default then I would suspect some corruption in your FS9 installation, maybe in FSUIPC3 itself. Even if it is an FSUIPC3 bug,I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I'm well beyond any ability to find it and even less fix it. 02C8 is the current vertical speed and I'm sure many programs for FS9 must be reading it quite happily. The Lua support code to read offsts is no different fom one offset to another -- as I said, they are, by then, all simply numbers in memory, bo action is carried out. So it must the the part of FS which FSUIPC is calling. [LATER] Did some more research with some archives. Those variables depend on a "container" for the aircraft, where the latter is identified by an ID. The same data is read not only for the user aircraft (for those offsets) but also for all the AI traffic. So my TrafficLook program will be requesting the same values, albeit not from the same offsets. Another test, to check, in any case. Pete
  11. I don't support old versions. Please use the current version: 4.861. Then let me know. t works fine here on several different systems. Pete
  12. Can you show me the first few lines from Runways.txt, please? Pete
  13. Okay. Apologies. I found another code entry which does a FORWARD search for the '.' character, and removes everything thereafter! This was done to fix a program with certain P3D airport names which ended with a '.' -- this caused any flight saved with that airport name at the end to have "..fxml" at the end, which then failed when sent to SimConnect to do a flight load! I reported this to L-M, so they probably eventually fixed one or the other (airport names, or SimConnect FlightLoad, or both). However, I "fiddled" it in FSUIPC so that users could continue safely as they were. This fiddle" has come back to bite me, it seems. 😞 I will remove that fiddle -- or rather make it conditional on seeing ".." not just ".". Then adding another .flt at the end of your strings will work. This will just be for P3D4 and FSUIPC5. Okay? Pete
  14. Just find the [Profile.A2A Comanche] section in the FSUIPC ini file, and delete the line in that section referring to the V-Tail. Pete
  15. Pete Dowson

    LUA Script and GSX Menu

    Is the text actual ASCII characters, or part of an Image? If it is a character string then of course you can using the standard Lua string library functions to search for specific words or phrases, and thus act upon them. Refer to string.find. Image recognition is far too complex. I doubt if Lua is the right language for that, and I wouldn't know how to even begin! That image looks like it is from the EFC program which is in Beta at present, from the ProSim forum. Correct? On P3D4 you can get texts as above, in searchable string form, from SimConnect directly, or using FSUIPC + WideClient. Then run your Lua program in the client. Pete

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