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  1. Pete Dowson

    FSUIPC5 registration

    I've moved your post from the Download Links subforum, which is a repository for links to programs, NOT a Support Site, to the FSUIPC Support Forum so it can be answered. Please take care to post to the correct place if you want attention! What have you done with it since then, 12 days ago? And why €49.99. Even with 20% VAT it is only €35.99. And why is that? If you purchased it surely you had an account! Have you forgotten your name or password? Normally to change a password you need the current one. I don't think your real name is "captzog". Why use a false name here? I need to see proper identification. Name, email used for order, and order number. Pete
  2. Pete Dowson

    Flight Data Recording

    Yes, adjusting the existing line as you need. All that is standard Lua as documented in the Lua website and books. Pete
  3. That isn't an FSUIPC log, but one produced to allow GoFlight support (or those who made the software you are using) to help. Possibly it is checking for a different version of FSUIPC, or is trying to connect before FSUIPC's interface is established. Pete
  4. Pete Dowson

    Setting InitDelay in FSUIPC.ini

    The value is fixed at 30 for the original, uncorrected version of FSX. I think the Advanced User guide probably specified that, but it was defaulted to 0 and the option to change it added for all the later versions. I'm surprised that anyone is still left running the original 2005/6 version of FSX when there were so many problems fixed in each of the issued updates, SP1 and SP2. I'll be sure to add a note for such users to the documentation. The value was fixed for the original release because 30 seconds was found ideal for avoiding assorted initialisation problems which, when fixed, made 0 possible. It was allowed to be varied then to provide another way to avoid problems with other add-ons. This section in the FSUIPC4 History pdf is relevant (page 26): 7. The order of initialisation actions in FSUIPC4 has been changed substantially in an attempt to try to avert the possibility of causing a loading problem with SimConnect, whether or not this is caused by Trust checking timing bugs. Furthermore, in order to allow changes to the timing to be tried, to avoid clashes with other competing SimConnect clients being loaded at the same time, a new parameter is added to the FSUIPC4.INI [General] section: InitDelay=0 This can be set to a value from 0 to 120 to delay the actual linking to SimConnect by that number of seconds. Whether this actually helps is unknown at this time. That was for version 4.80, in February 2012, over 6 years since FSX's release. This is also relevant, from page 21: 17. In order to try to avoid problems with some Direct Input or Sound devices causing conflicts during FSX initialisation, if you delay the SimConnect initialisation using the InitDelay option in the FSUIPC4.INI file you can delay FSUIPC's DInput and DSound scanning by the same time by adding InitDelayDevicesToo=Yes to the [General] section. That was for FSUIPC Version 4.84, released in July 2012, nearly 7 years after the first release of FSX. Pete P.S. Advanced User Guide is changed now, but this will only find its way into user Documents folders when another full update is made, and there's no call for that at present. So please just assume there's a subnote in the Guide saying "Fixed at 30 for FSX RTM version". Thank you.
  5. Pete Dowson

    Flight Data Recording

    All those which can be read using the ipc library facilities to read offsets, yes. It does cover all the things FSUIPC can read for oyu! Pete
  6. Pete Dowson

    Flight Data Recording

    Just edit the Lua file. It is a simple text file. you'll see quite easily where it opens file file. Just specify the whole path as well as the filename you wish! The only thing you need to know is that for each \ charater you need two 9i.e. \\) because in Lua as in many programming languages, \ is an "escape" character, used to prefix control codes. Do not be so afraid of Lua. it is a simple scripting system. Just look at the file, in an editor like Notepad. You will see how easy it all is! Documentation is in your FSUIPC documents folder. Pete
  7. Pete Dowson

    Go Flight tMCP Pro

    The Log shows: 5594 LUA.0: beginning "D:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Modules\ipcInit.lua" 5704 *** LUA Error: D:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Modules\gitlua.lua:5: module 'socket' not found: no field package.preload['socket']socket no file 'D:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\modules\socket.lua' no file 'D:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\modules\socket\init.lua' no file 'D:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\modules\lua\socket.lua' no file 'D:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\modules\lua\socket\init.lua' no file 'D:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\modules\lua\socket.dll' no file 'D:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\modules\lua\loadall.dll' which appears to indicate that you are trying to use a plug-in called "gitlua.lua" which I have never heard of, but it seems to be trying to use a lua socket package which you haven't installed. Note that you'd need the 64-bit package as it seems that it needs to run "socket.dll" and "loadall.dll" which need to be 64-bit in order to run inside P3D4. I have no idea how this is related to your "Goflight Interface Tool", which I also don't know at all. What does it have to do with gout GoFlight MCP? Isn't that supported by the standard GoFlight driver for P3D4? Why on Earth does it need something on the Internet or over a TCP/IP interface? That's what sockets are all about -- web access and PC Networking. I think you need proper help from GoFlight. Pete
  8. Pete Dowson

    Use Simracing peda

    Will they work in the Simulator? Have you tried. If it is not recognised as a standard Joystick type device in Windows and therefore the flight simulator, then FSUIPC won't recognise it either. Why are you wanting to use FSUIPC in any case? Pete
  9. Pete Dowson


    There are lots of Lua examples provided in your FSUIPC Documents folder, and other examples in the User Contributions forum here. Pete
  10. Pete Dowson

    Flight Data Recording

    The FSUIPC Lua documentation is in the same folder! Just place the Lua into the Modules folder, and assign a button or keypress to that ("Lua recordtocsv"). Or you can make it run automatically in one of several ways as documented. Pete
  11. No, L-M have only implemented the capturing of the SimConnect texts and menus. This was really the main expectation. Inbuilt stuff like ATC is a different matter altogether. If this is a requirement in any demand then those needing it should tell L-M. I must admit that I've not found this to be the case -- most folks with such sophisticated needs have surely moved to better ATC solutions? There's no shortage. I don't get notification of that, yet -- same as when Menus are closed. This seems to be set to be fixed with the next P3D4 update though. Pete
  12. Pete Dowson

    Flight Data Recording

    There is already a lua plug-in supplied as an example which does that and more. Please see the Example plug-ins ZIP file you your FSUIPC Documents folder (in the Modules folder) where you will see one called "RecordToCSV.lua". It is currently set to record time (local and Zulu), lat, lon, alt, pitch, bank, hdgTrue and hdgMag at 20 times per second (approx -- depends on P3d loading of course). It would be easy to edit it to reduce the amount logged, and maybe increase the rate. Pete
  13. I'm afraid that, if you have not previously assigned Ctrl+Shift+F2 as a hot key in FSUIPC, this cannot be anything to do with FSUIPC. There's no difference to it at all between whatever keys you use, they are just numbers and no difference is made for the different function or text keys. And in any case there is absolutely no way FSUIPC can cause your keyboard to lock up. Maybe you have some other software running which uses F2 in a combination as a "hotkey" and is doing something then. You'll need to check more thoroughly. Pete
  14. Pete Dowson

    Tecnam p2006t

    Assign them to increment or decrement an FSUIPC User Offset (in the 66C0-66FF range), then use a Lua plug-in to send the value to you have changed to the relevant L:Var. Pete
  15. Pete Dowson


    FSUIPC can only off whatever Flight Sim provides, from its nuilt-in facilities, and I'm afraid scant attention is paid there to the pressurisation panel. Add-ons like PMDG's aircraft supply their own. You need ProSim's help with that, or elase Open Cockpits for details of how to modify their script to deal with your specific hardware build. I'm sure you should get advice for one or the other if not both. The only thing I can think off would be for you to get ProSim to write the values to an FSUIPC user offset (something in the region 66C0 to 66FF, an then write yourself a little Lua plug-in to convert that to the form you want, in other User Offsets. After that t should be easy enough to modify the Script to suit your build. You should never have to delete your setting! When you update just run the Installer!!! No settings are ever changed! Pete

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