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  1. That file is an E175, not the 170. I'm hoping for a United 170 as well 🙂
  2. Looking for an American and United E170 / E190. 🙂
  3. That's interesting..... I never noticed that before on Flightaware. CNA is the IATA code for a 'light Cessna'. C402 is the ICAO code. I would have expected the traffic, and flightaware for that matter, to use the ICAO aircraft type. KAP uses the 402 exclusively in KBOS. Also, I modified the airline file to change "CAIR" to "CARE". Hopefully that will clean up the pilot transmisstions.
  4. Thanks for the reply, Didn't notice CN4 in the schedule file. Will probably chance the CNA to CN4 myself. KAP only flies the 402 and, as you note, they do park in the parallel rows in real life. Not much we can do about that, I suppose. Rich
  5. I just purchased the RC KBOS pack and updated my RT to SP6. Cape Air traffic at Boston is using a single engine Cessna instead of the twin (C402). The YouTube videos I've seen of KBOS show what looks to be a C402, which would be correct for KAP. Everything looks to be installed properly. Rich
  6. Take a look at the Aviation Photography Boston Facebook group for spotting info.
  7. Thanks for this, Methos! I'm in central MA and visit Logan frequently for spotting. Looking forward to this addon!
  8. Seems to be working now - I found the strip window. It was sized-down to just a tiny bar which I was able to resize properly.
  9. Hi, I am now having similar issues - strange because it worked fine before. I am able to get the ADIRS window on my second monitor, but I cannot get the strip window moved. I have attached the log file. Thanks, Rich strip.log
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