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  1. Delfino .. yeah, it's tough but, I try to keep everyone in sequence as they called so the strips technically don't move. Makes it hard in that you have to keep them in that order but, I think with the right hold short commands, it can be done smoothly. Gona do another KBOS soon with JUST the tower window view. I'll put the strips and radar on a separate monitor to keep the screen "clean" - maybe I'll do a, "behind the scenes" style video of me standing behind all the mess instead of just the screen. I like KBOS in that there are several runway patterns used which result in many different t
  2. Don't know if this has been resolved yet but, if I remember right, in 2011 there were quite a few issues with runway lengths and even approach speeds (I think it was the E190 that had an approach speed of something sick like 230 or something .. ran over everyone). In terms of the 77W .. I BELIEVE it had a field length minimum of something like 11,000 (there were a few aircraft that had to modified in order to work at KBOS). Too bad we don't have an aircraft editor for 3D Pro.
  3. I've been taking a break from Tower for a bit to dive into (of all things) Farming Simulator 17. (Lol! Yeah, cause they're SO similar! ;p ) Now that my home airport of KBOS has been added, I WILL be back! :) But anyway, this is a cool idea and I actually did something similar a while back with KPHL. Basically working without ground radar and going by the view out the window. Flight strips would be a nice addition (to the chaos - lol) Here's my "KPHL Challenge"
  4. That's the one that gives you all the, "random" camera positions that follow an aircraft. I'm talking about locking the tower view so that it doesn't automatically point to the aircraft selected.
  5. I agree the auto camera can be a great tool but also annoying. I'd like the option to disable it .. don't think it would be too hard, just put a checkbox in the settings. (If by auto camera we're referring to how it automatically pans to the aircraft you're calling.) I think we should have the option to leave the camera stationary/manual pan. Many times, I'd like the camera to remain focused on one area of the ramp while giving commands and the auto camera spins me around and around.
  6. Glad you liked it .. my first time - with video that is. I'll do better next time (Ha!) I actually parked at Wonderland and rode the blue line down there .. only $5 to park for 14 hours (as opposed to parking at KBOS which is closer to $100/second - eyeroll). I love that spot in central parking, just to the right of the tower! Too bad they flipped runways just after I got there! They WERE going out 33L and 27 and landing on 33L but soon switched to 33R and 9. Weird too, hardly any wind but thinking maybe they're still not finished the work on 4R/22L. I know they were repaving it and wo
  7. So I decided to take a drive to Logan Airport for a little planespotting and did a video. I also discovered some interesting ground control details that I was unaware of, some of which may be of interest for the design of KBOS for Tower!3D. :) First, taxiway E is used to bring traffic into the ramp area: Terminal B south pier (the old US Airways where I used to work), Terminal A and South Cargo (Fedex). Taxiway K is for traffic outbound from that ramp. Taxiways A & B however, are not necessarily used in the same manner as one might expect (like KJFK seems to use, A running
  8. I second that! I needed the original download link for Tower!3D Pro so I could get the update. I emailed BMT Micro and had a reply (and the link) within hours! Didn't expect to hear until the next day - and these days with some companies, you're fortunate to hear within a WEEK! GREAT customer service! 5 stars!
  9. For that matter, what about some kind of AI system to handle some aspects of controlling with you? Maybe you want to just be ground controller - so you check the box, "AI controlled tower" and all tower operations are handled for you. Reverse for being tower controller. Or maybe a combobox where you select your desired position: Tower, Ground or both. And, how about splitting the ground and tower audio between the speakers so for example, all ground comms are heard on the left, tower is on the right. And I agree that adding ramp in there would be awesome because then you don't
  10. Okay so next thought: since in single player you're basically running ground control as well as tower, why not simulate the 2 frequencies? I think it would just add another touch of realism. So there would be 2 buttons to key the mic: one for ground control and one for tower. Along with standard commands, you will have "contact tower on" and "contact ground on" as well. This means when an aircraft calls you will need to respond on their frequency. There should be some indicator as to which frequency is being used when an aircraft calls .. maybe an indicator will illuminate to display gree
  11. I didn't see a place for this so figured I'd just drop it in here. So, I was thinking of something that would be (I think) a nice feature to have in the next Tower version. Certainly not something that could be patched into the current version as it deals restructuring commands and pathfinding. So, instead of setting the destination of each aircraft and then directing how to get there .. I'm thinking the aircraft will know where it's going (gate or runway) but will not be restricted to the most direct route. Further, have commands issued in stages (if desired). For example, I'm sure we al
  12. Sounds like a plan! Enjoy vacation! ~ John
  13. I can add a bit of possible insight (and possible confusion too). I was testing some traffic files a while back .. wanted to test each of the airlines callsigns to see if they were being properly spoken. So I took the RT file for the airport in question and selected about a dozen departures and their corresponding arrivals. I set their times all the same so I would get them all at once (well, you know). When I tried to load the airport, it decided to hang at 57% and refused to go further (as you said, sound of cars, etc). I honestly have no idea what went wrong but this could indicate tha
  14. Ground: "Tug 5 proceed to taxiway X to unscrew a screwup" Beyond that, I got nothing. :p As for the log file, I thought that's what I attached. Tower3D.bat generates something different? And do we run that "during" the issue or after shutting down? I just reviewed the log file that was already there and uploaded thinking that was it - you see the repetitive commands indicating something going on.and figured that would she some light on it. Please let us know exactly when to run that bat file and I'll attach it here. Thanks! ~ John
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