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  1. Hi! Back again with Another calibration problem. Am using the latest of all versions, now that that has been cleared the problem is as follows When I try to calibrate my axis for the steering tiller for my PMDG 737-800 in FSUIPC is only beeps all the time and it is not possible to calibrate. Well it is possible, bot not when I click in the REV" box which I NEED TO DO otherwise it is turning the wrong direction. It is very strange since it is possible to calibrate without the REV box ticked, but I need to have it! Have now tried it for hours and still no solution. The values I get are these; Center -280 in top and 3900 in bottom Right -5128 (and not the center changes to top and bottom this value…..) Left 8400 but impossible to set since it only beeps without explanation. Just a f.....g beep) When I try to set first max left it is okay, but then impossible to set max right, again when the REV box is ticked. How to solve this? PROBLEM SOLVED You have to calibrate backwards as well.When I was calibrating to max left and set it to max right box then it worked! It is very easy to add a pop-up windows telling what the problem is instead of just a beep. Maybe you should do this in the next update of the FSUIPC. A beep says nothing but an error, a message box can tell what the problem is, if you program it that way…. This thread can be closed.
  2. Hi I have now completed my flight simulator and most of the things work really great. But there is a problem that I have found with the output values from FSUIPC. Am using PMDG 737 NGX and when I am setting the MCP speed to a specific Mach setting most of the values work fine, but sometime FSUIPC sends an output that is 0.739999999999999 instead of 0.74, and that generates a problem on my display since it tries to set the 0.739999999999 value instead of 0.74. This is a problem for several settings on the higher values for the Mach settings. .74, .75 .76 and some more are not setting correct output value. How to correct this problem? Have been looking for a solution pretty long time now but need to ask about this. This is actually the only problem I have with my simulator at this point everything else works great. Am using the Mobiflight solution for my displays and an Arduino Mega 2560 card for my 7 segment displays I use. Anyone know what might cauise a problem here with the incorrect FSUIPC output?
  3. sebpil

    Mach number output

    And the problem is solved. Made a mistake in programming Mobiflight which is pretty easy to do. In Compare I had written at first only: ($/10.0) and then it worked to run Mobiflight but with display error. Now it is changed to: Round($/10,0) And everything works great! Just made a test flight as well and no problems any more.
  4. sebpil

    Mach number output

    Yes I would like to do that, but how?
  5. Good day. I have been trying everything I know now to try to get two switches, one for gear up and one for gear down to send the command to PMDG. Have built my own landing gear module and other panels. So far the codes given have all worked and I use the "Select for FS control" and then choose "Custom control" for all events. I got a list of numbers for switches and commands and so far everything has worked, but not the landing gear operation. Have tried to use the 70087, 74183, 74184 with all variations. Nothing happens. The opnly thing that happens is that the gear lever goes from locked to unlocked if I use 70087 and set parameter -1. Else, nothing happens. There must be a command for this. Have also tried to add 455, 4551, 4552 but still nothing happens. What is wrong here?
  6. So I try this one again. The last input left me with a message in the FSUIPC: This is compund. Please edit in FSUIPC. So I followed the instructions exactly, by setting this; 31=CP(F-A,7)A,7,C69994,1 -{Custom control: <69994>}- 32=CP(F+A,7)A,7,C69994,0 -{Custom control: <69994>}- So I hope you can see something I cannot. I just followed what you said and get an error message. Why? To me this is=Programming. When I tell a software what to do that is programming. I am a real life PILOT not a programmer, so in my world the safety of my passengers come first. Maybe that is why I do not understand computer programming the way you do. The only thing I am asking here is, What am I doing wrong? I followed your instructions in my topic YOU have locked for a strange reason. I just try to understand how to program your software so it works and does as it should. As soon as you enter a software that IS programming. Am just asking someone here what is wrong. Do I need both the + and - flag setting or only one of them? Have tried only + and only - and still get the message it is a compound and I need to edit the FSUIPC.ini. Sorry so far I do not understand.
  7. sebpil

    EFIS TFC button

    All of a sudden it works, yesterday it did not but now, everything is okay. Strange have not made any changes from the last post here and it just work. Well I learned something. Thank you. Topic can be closed
  8. Sorry if you do not understand my question here. Trust me I HAVE READ a lot here before I post since I know you do not want to post support!! YOU need to learn that not everyone is a hard core programmer, and we have other things we work with in our lives. I am using this forum to ask for help, if you are such an angry man, do not reply then. It is not easy to understand everything in your software, for you everything is easy. And DO NOT EXPECT evryone to READ EVERYTHING POSTED here, that will take a lifetime to do. It is not easy to search the forum either. And that is a problem. May I suggest you to sort each question in a different folder. For example one for PMDG, one for Buttons, one for Switches etc. that would make it much more easy to navigate here and find answers. It is sad to get such angry replies all the time from you. I am very clear and polite when I ask, and you want to eat me each time I ask. Customer service is not your strength here. If I would be angry at you all the time then I would agree if you were angry at me, but when I am asking a question because it is hard to understand your manual, that is not present some times becauase YOU HAVE NOT MENTIONED AN UPDATE and just expect everyone JUST TO LOOK AT YOUR SITE 24/7, that is hard to get from you man. Point a finger in the correct directions and make manuals easy to understand instead of BARKING as an angry dog, would make things easier for users.
  9. Good day! Now I try to find the command for the momentary push button on the B738 EFIS for the TFC (traffic) button. All I get when I put in cusom control number 69994 is either to set 1 or 0. When set for 1 it will go in and be stuck there and there is no way of disable it again. If I set 0 on the "control sent when button released" then it turns off but it is impossible to activate it again. I simply need to have the button pushed down all the time for TFC to be visible. Are there other settings than 1 or 0 for this button? There is NOTHING in the PMDG SDK about this. So far I have tested to set the value to different ones such as 1.....10 but only 1 and 0 does something to the button. What am I doing wrong here?
  10. sebpil

    EFIS TFC button

    By the way is it possible to set in the Parameter box or do I need to hard program it in the FSUIPC.ini?
  11. sebpil

    EFIS TFC button

    I must be very hard to learn..... This is how my line looks in FSUIPC.ini 3=PA,7,C69994,1 -{Custom control: <69994>}- And I cannot find the section in the advance manual you refer to. My version is dated to June 2017. What do I need to add in this line I have? Am not familiar with this way you describe. What is F+3,5? Just give an example of how to set this single button and I will be happy, that will probably be easier to understand than a chemistry formula. If I had the correct manual for my FSUIPC version it would be great. My FSUIPC version is 5.11.
  12. Hi, I have a number of interface cards to be able to build my flight simulator. So far I have about eight BBI32 cards. Sometimes when I connect a new BBI32 it indicates that this card already has been programmed when I want to set the event when a switch/encoder is moved. That is why I wonder, is there a limit of how many interface cards you can connect using the FSUIPC? I will need about 15 such cards, at least, when my flight deck is completed. Is there a known problem when you detect many serial cards that some can collide even if they have different serial numbers?
  13. sebpil

    Interface cards limit

    Sorry for my mistake, I was in the tyotal wrong forum, thank you for correcting it. Will try the things you suggest and see what happens. So far my simulator is under development and what happens is that I do connect one 32 button interface card after another but not in sequence or all together. Maybe that is a problem. However I have changed my setting in the FSUIPC.INI file to JoyLetters Auto assign=Yes. Looking forward to see what happens next time I will run some tests. If the problem comes back I will get more idetailed information. Thank you for your support so far.
  14. Hi Am looking for a list of offset values for instrument displays. So far I have managed to program my B738 MCP, COM1, NAV1 and Transponder. But this has taken some time since I need to hunt the offset values, for example for COM1 active it is 034E COM1 standby is 311A. But where do I find a list of all displays, like the altitude settings for overhead panel, ADF frequencies etc. Is there a list of what offset values to use for these displays? Am using Mobiflight to program my displays and that is very easy but they always refer to FSUIPC offsets. Getting a bit confused where to find this. Can anyone help me please?
  15. sebpil

    Offset values?

    Thank you very much!
  16. Hi, Now I have been using the FSUIPC for a few months and so far it works fine. Just began programming some displays but use Mobiflight for that even if that requires more complex programming skills which can be hard. Am using an Arduino Mega 2560 to control the displays, a set of seven segment LEDs. One issue I have is when I start my flight simulator (P3Dv4) with PMDG B738 the switch positions are not recognized by flight simulator. For an instance if a switch has been moved when the flight simulator is turned off the simulator does not detect the switch position. I have enabled the data broadcast in PMDG ini file else the displays would not work. But do I need to add more commands for the simulator to detect switch positions? Example of one button Normal procedure is to start and end every flight with parking brake set. But it doesn't matter if the witch in the flight deck is on the simulator still does not detect that. That is only one example. Guess more people wonder the same thing. Thank you for your assistance.
  17. Hi, Have tried to set the altitude increase and decrease using the CTS288 encoder. When I add custom control number 70032 which is the PMDG 738 command for altitude selector the altitude only increases whatever I set in the parameter box. If I set -100 it still increases altitude but I cannot find anything about the parameters so set for increase and decrease. What are the parameters?? Am totally confused. Do not suggest LINDA cause that does not work at all for me, I cannot do anything with Linda it seems to be some kind of "hope" software that does not work. I turn the CTS288 left then I should be able to set the parameter to something that will decrease the value on the display but whatever I set it only increases. What am I doing wrong here??
  18. sebpil

    PMDG MCP P3D v4

    Problem solved. There is a value for the parameter to set for increase and decrease. However strange that it does not work with -100 and +100, that would have been easiest way. Now the controls are about 16000 for increase and about 8000 for decrease the value....very strange and hard to find.
  19. Hello again, Posted the same yesterday but cannot find my question so I try again. I have a Leo Bodnar BBI-64 card. There is no problem to detect the first 32 buttons I have connected, but from 33 to 64 is not detected in FSUIPC. Am using the Keymapper software suggested by Leo Bodnar, but I do not know what I am doing wrong, it still is not possible to detect my other 32 buttons. In the keymapper the button reacts and the computer knows it is there but no response whatsoever in FSUIPC. All first 32 buttons are detected at once. Why is that? If I choose control panel and "game control" or whatever you call it, there is also only 32 buttons that can be detected. Do I need some sort of addon for FSUIPC to detect the rest of my 32 buttons or what is needed? My system is Windows 10, 16 GB RAM, 6 GB ASUS video card. Have seen that the FSUIPC does not detect buttons above 32, BUT P3D does whenI go to Menu Options -> Controls and then choose a button above 32. Strange.....
  20. Thanks for your reply. That is strange! In other topics here users can use more than 200 buttons. I am very confused about LINDA it does not do much other than detect the button I switch on-off, there is no way to set a command for it like in FSUIPC like using the codes for example the overhead anti collision light <69756>, that seems impossible to ger LINDA to understand. Or in other words, interface cards with more than 32 button controls is junk, is that what you say? I can see in the ini file of 5.122 that it detects 64 buttons on my unit but cannot use button 33-64. That should be an easy way to solve for a programmer, but I am not that, so I am still looking for a solution for this. This is what I mean with a similar other topic with way more than 32 buttons, http://forum.simflight.com/topic/80315-256-button-hid-as-joystick/

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