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  1. hi again, another thing that i had to do in order to get the aircraft heading: i had to devide hdg3 with 65536.0 also (i've set them to int) when i didnt do it, it would give me an inaccurate value such as 17733729 which is quite wrong and i didnt knew this also peter thanks for giving those suggestions it relly helped me descover and fix my problem related to those doubles which was 5 digit number integers it works fine now again thank you
  2. hello, as the title says it all, i want to read the heading into my application (through C++) i've tried everything that came to my mind to fix this, but i couldnt fix this this is my code: //this function normalizes the heading uint32_t normalize_heading(int32_t h) { if(h>359) { h-=359; } else if(h<0) { h+=359; } return h; } unsigned int heading; short mag_var; if(FSUIPC_Read(0x0580, 4, &heading, &result)&&FSUIPC_Process(&result)) { if(FSUIPC_Read(0x2A0, 2, &mag_var, &result)&&FSUIPC_Process(&result)) { double hdg1=heading*360/65536; double hdg2=mag_var*360/65536; double hdg3=hdg1-hdg2; hdg3=normalize_heading(hdg3); show_heading(hdg3); i've also tried this when calculating the heading: unsigned int heading; short mag_var; if(FSUIPC_Read(0x0580, 4, &heading, &result)&&FSUIPC_Process(&result)) { if(FSUIPC_Read(0x2A0, 2, &mag_var, &result)&&FSUIPC_Process(&result)) { double hdg1=heading*360/(65536*65536); double hdg2=mag_var*360/65536; double hdg3=hdg1-hdg2; hdg3=normalize_heading(hdg3); but compiler gave warning about devide by zero then when i run this, it crashes my application thanks in advance for your help peter
  3. thanks but something that i've found and just want to ask: i've opened atc.dll with dependency walker, and it should and it had exported some functions: now, if i write with fsuipc into there addresses, what happens? i mean if i write to its function addresses what happens, does it crash or something else will occur (maybe that might be a trick to control the fsx's atc stuff) (as you've stated, fsuipc uses offsets to be compatible with fs98) again, thank you
  4. hi, i can just say, thanks a lot but what about aerosoft airbus a320/321? i mean does it use those offsets defined in fsuipc? thanks
  5. hello, yes i'm writing an application to interface with fsuipc another question: how can i get more offsets from fsx? or better to say, how can i scan fsx for offsets? maybe i can find ATC stuff with that information) i'm not planning to add more things with different add-ons like proFlight emulator or other stuff, but at first only the fsx ATC things i've read about that it is a poor ATC thing, and worse than this is my screen-reading software doesnt read it (then i wouldnt need to implement something to do this if it would read that) about .net framework: the problem is, i dont know why, but i dont want to use dotnet at all also, maybe a typo in the documentation: offset 0264 which is the pause control is a bool value (1 byte) not 2 bytes maybe with short value it is 2 bytes, but i'm using it with bool which is 1 bytee also, how can i get a key for my add-on as i'm coding my add-on for free for everyone to use it (i dont want people like me to be limited in fsx due to problem in there eyesight)
  6. hello, first, i'm newbie to development with fsuipc, and i have some questions: 1. how can i assign controls to my application? for example how can i change the engine to cutoff or idle (in pmdg 737)? although thats a control not an offset 2. how can i read atc window to manage it? (i'm coding a co-pilot for not using my eyesight because i'm loosing it) and i want copilot to do this and screen reader doesnt read it 3. whats the difference between FSUIPC_Read and FSUIPC_ReadSpecial functions? for now, i can remember these thanks
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