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  1. I appreciate your help and interest. I believe I have solved my problem. I found a newer set of drivers for my CH joysticks. These drivers restored the function.
  2. This is a follow on to my 5/25 post. I converted from Windows XP fo Windows 7 64. FS9 functions in every way except with the ability to configure my CH yoke, CH pedals, and CH throttle quadrant. I have FSUIPC on my system, but I have found with or without FSUIPC my CH modules don't communicate with FS9. I calibrated them from Win 7, without any problem. I've reassigned the axes for the CH modules without any success.from FS9. I've cannot, therefore, operate any of my aircraft in my collection. Any help is appreciated. Michael Verlin
  3. [General] History=WK6R30ERDNB0NFQ837ZJB TCASid=Flight TCASrange=40 TrafficScanPerFrame=10 AxisCalibration=No CentredDialogue=Yes ShowMultilineWindow=Yes SuppressSingleline=Yes ClearWeatherDynamics=Yes OwnWeatherChanges=Yes WeatherReadInterval=4 MoveBGLvariables=Yes TimeForSelect=4 WeatherReadsFast=No MainMenu=&Modules SubMenu=&FSUIPC ... WindSmoothing=Yes AutoTaxiWind=No PropTaxiWind=No TimeSetMode=Partial WhiteMessages=No ThrottleSyncAll=Yes GraduatedVisibility=No LowerVisAltitude=0 UpperVisAltitude=25000 UpperVisibility=6000 Gener
  4. My version is registered. My installation is at C:\ I remembered how to switch screen modes, and even though I did that I couldn't get FSUIPC to function as it had in the past. If you have any ideas, I welcome your input.
  5. Thomas, I tried following your suggestion. I was able to enter windowed mode. This allowed me to see the FSUIPC window. Unfortunately, FSUIPC does not allow joystick calibration or any other entries. In order to run FS9 in windows 7 I had move FS9 to a location above the program files. There have been multiple entries on other forums in this regard. As such I'm looking at removing FSUIPC. As things stand now I cannot use FS9.
  6. I used full screen when under Windows XP without any problems. I can't find the command to switch to window mode. I'm skeptical that this is the answer, but I'm willing to try it. Please let me know how I go about switching to windowed mode.
  7. I've just finished reinstalling FS9 under Windows 7 64. I reinstalled FSUIPC. Installation proceeded without problems. I cannot bring up FSUIPC from FS9. The Screen goes black. I am unable to access the ability to configure the CH modules now.
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