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  1. Any new updates? Last status change on the SP was on 19 Feb. Figured the update would have been out by now.
  2. Are we getting close to the next update? It was said a Service Pack was going to be released for some time.
  3. Well that explains why Chewwy94 was having that issue during his streams. He runs with AA off also.
  4. I see it on both the 175 and 195. Talked to a few others who purchased the plane and the see the same thing. The MCP is just hard to read and require user to zoom in. Adding backlight would help or something, not sure. It just shouldn't be this difficult to read the buttons.
  5. Issue one is if you are flying to a fix and then ATC has you do a heading change due to traffic and then you'r cleared to continue back direct to the same fix you get an invalid waypoints message. The next issue is if you turn on the ENG/WING anti ice on the ground per the FMS, it stays on and can't turn it off. -- mods. edit: subject line to reflect questions
  6. But isn't importing a flightplan part of the features of the FT E-Jets and not a MOD? You put the ability to import flightplans but left out the folder during the install. The previous version V2 created a customdb so you could import when you installed it. Why was this left out of V3? I understand you guys are working on fixes but Simbrief and PFPX are popular programs V2 supported. Dan M
  7. I'm still waiting for the temp fix. I was the first one to bring up the issue yesterday.
  8. Do the lights for the panels work in the daytime so it can help to view the panels? Seems to only work at night.
  9. I changed nothing. I did a clean install from 6 to 7 with no setting changes and no changes to my client. I'll just go back to v5 seeing that is what I have from simmarket. Something changed in the software because more people are seeing what I am seeing. I'll post on Avsim, maybe someone there can help me. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.
  10. Thanks for the reply. Talking to another user on Avsim, he is seeing the same thing since moving up from Rev 6. Would it be possible to get a link to the full Rev 6 installer so I can reinstall on my client. Currently I went back to rev 6 because I copied my previous folder as a backup due to the airport data. Can I get a link to Rev 6 so I can go back to a version that did not cause me this issue. Also in my earlier post I said 6 when it was actually Rev 5, which also does not cause me this issue either. Thanks.
  11. Looks I found my answer here but problem still occurs. Is there a fix because this never happened before. Just tested Rev 6 and this problem does not happen.
  12. I run FSC on my client. This way I can run several programs on my dual screen client for P3D. Something I noticed with the last two updates, 8 and 9. I normal have FSC, SmartCARS, VPilot and VatSpy and Teamspeak running on my client. FSC is dedicated to its own monitor. What I have noticed is FSC takes over as the active Window when GPS is enabled. I could be typing in VPilot or any other program, or simply watch a twitch stream and FSC takes over as the active window. If I disable GPS "Connect to FlightSim" it no longer takes over as the active window and what ever I have selected remains active. This did not happen until I updated to rev 8 and 9.
  13. It clearly states that "The biggest limitation: the P3D v3.2 and v4.x Add-On.XML method for add on insertion (particularly sceneries) is not supported". So the database manager can't read the new locations for FSDT and FlightBeam locations.
  14. While flying online with Vatsim I have angled lines //// that highlight the sector I'm in. The lines cover up a lot of information and make it difficult to view.
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