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  1. In the release it worked. In SP1 it was removed to remove some issues.
  2. its the textures please have forum search someone has converted the textures to be better.
  3. Yer maybe check there is a whole thread about it there ate 100’s out there now.
  4. Fsx folder Feelthere folder customDB(may need to be created)
  5. Hold dow control and scroll will go up in 10s heading And speed or 1000s altitude
  6. ah ok yer fly 170 a couple of times but mainly the E190 for BA yes
  7. Yer instantly. Look at my YouTube. Search Matt Glover
  8. Have you checked the ejets configurator that nothing is assigned.
  9. Im not FT but yes they are working on new fixes.
  10. yes standby. hopefully within days. I just tested a Fix for this along with A/T reacting too much too soon.
  11. are you sure you filled out everything in the FMC performance correctly and vspeeds?
  12. 9900k @ 5GHZ 32GB 3000MHZ VENGANCE RAM 2080TI M.2 SSD's
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