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  1. noting can be really. get activesky 🙂
  2. This is from the manual not the forum.
  3. RECOMMENDED SETTINGS FOR ASP4 Max Cloud Turbulence: 20% Turbulence Effect Scale: 20% Max Wind Turbulence: 20% Enhanced Turbulence: Disable Realistic thunderstorm up and downdraft rate: Disable
  4. I use FSLabs Activesky settings and they work great
  5. this is with that file. doesn't look fixed to me that's what happened when taxi lights are on. sure you uploaded the right file? the file sizes are identical down to the byte and created on the same day. first picture is with your file second is with the default file.
  6. try it and see for yourself 🙂
  7. the aircraft is not yet supported in v5 they are hopefully gonna do a patch with the Next SP
  8. hello can you help me please. the 4 digits you gave are the same as the one that doesn't work.
  9. I agree its slippery but with the latest SP you can use your speed brake to help without it fighting you with A/T
  10. have you done the SP's? that will help as there was an issue with the A/T
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