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  1. Thank you. Si you found the issue good.
  2. Did this get verified as a issue yet? Its kind of a big one when the aircraft doesn't follow restrictions its told too.
  3. Sound like you have a controller issue as it sound like your not completely idling. Brakes hole for me 😉
  4. Seen others saying the same. Maybe its a misconception of how the aircraft should behave. It feels a bit different to a 319 or 738 for instance.
  5. Im using a program for the Xplane one and I find that once on the GS its maybe 4-5 degrees nose up. Seems pretty normal too me.
  6. Oh ok thought you replied here with a complaint. Must have seen a different post. As I remember a post between mine.
  7. It can be done with manual throttle and full flap without a modification.
  8. Why you delete your comment in-between mine?
  9. Are Your sure you using correct speeds?
  10. Also look at my post about changing the eyepoint as the default one is wrong.
  11. the aircrat also flicked between 240 and the 210 speed constraints on arrival too so wanst following them. you can see in the vids
  12. AutoSave Wed 162053.cust AutoSave Wed 161953.cust AutoSave Wed 161854.cust AutoSave Wed 162152.cust
  13. so the exact page in the pic you posted doesn't exists. this is not a professional fully simulated product its not FSlabs and never was supposed to be. its more an aerosoft level aircraft. I agree its overpriced in comparison.
  14. you can set your V1 VR V2 VAC VFS on the takeoff page. you can set your VREF VAPP VAC VFS on the landing page. you cant enter a setting for every flap combo you have to work out what you need and enter it.
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