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  1. Only if you have a smaller screen fi e on my 65 inch 😉
  2. But do you acknowledge this is an issue?
  3. FT do you understand what I'm saying can I get an acknowledgment you have received my message and understand whats wrong......
  4. A/T wont Idle thrust even when there is excess speed regardless of it being a selected or managed speed. please see the approach. the only way I could slow down was to disable A/T and use speed brake. i believe this issue has been touched on already but here is a vid check out the arrival. SP1 correctly installed. this is the 2nd flight and is the same behavior each time. Just seems like the A/T wont move to Idle even when needed. I also noticed that I had a speed constraint of 220 on a way point that the aircraft followed then the next way point had 200 as a spd constraint but in-between the speed went too 240kts. i didn't allow this to happen as i took over the throttle so dont know if when i get closed to the 200kts constraint it may have slowed down, it should not speed up in between anyway. it did sucessfully keep the 290/.70/3 I set in descent correctly just didn't idle the throttle in the later stages where its important for it to do that quickly to get me ready for landing. i also had to disable A/T for finals as if i put it on it just would not idle.
  5. No worries. You wanna het V2 but don't expect it to look anywhere as nice as this. To be fair you wanna get Prepar3D V4 academic as your sim and then use V3 Ejets.
  6. You sound like your saying your a pilot but don't understand a simple explanation.
  7. V2 is the older version but not on the same level as V3
  8. To be honest I'm not sure why they didn't simulate it in an aircraft that cost more than other study level aircraft. Just like they think they can get away with using the same load planner as V2 Ejets. Oh well its good enough I guess.
  9. Yer the CoG doesn't move at all regardless if what you put in the payload. So in reality the trim only varies depending on Vspeed and Flaps
  10. In this model the load does not effect the CoG so I tend to just use UP 2-4 depending on wight.
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