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  1. CUSTOM (REAL) traffic #1 - KLAX!!! FREE to the Community!

    Thanks for this. You said to copy to 'both' folders but I have steam edition and could not find a Feelthere folder anywhere?? Copied to steam folder only and played 0600 to 0800. All good except 1 in every 7 or 8 dont have Liveries (is this because I only have RC for LAX only?) Also could not get any voice response/action from ABW743 Cargo. Text commands did work. Cheers thanks.
  2. Cleared to Land

    Yeah Gday. Noticed while listening to radio for KLAX that they clear more than 1 aircraft to land on runway. Just curious as to why they do this, as here in Australia you they dont clear an aircraft to land unless they are number 1 to land and the runway is clear. cheers
  3. Gameplay Reference Cards

    Im Lazy.. ok thanks, will refer to those text files in future. Heya JP,, those Cards are awesome dude btw. Good to see the Tail and callsign, since we never see them in our part of the Woods. Cheers.
  4. Gameplay Reference Cards

    Playing late night LAX and came across "ELY5" I refered to your chart and not there, if you want to add this maybe. At the time I couldnt understand what voice rec was saying, so just had to manually handle it. quick google shows El Al LY 5 Tel Aviv to Los Angeles
  5. Lacking Aircraft Lighting on Final

    I can imagine the man hours in implementing this but would be good. Is work also being put into cancelling all sound when you pause the game? cheers AVA good1.
  6. Yeah Gday. Would love to see more effort put into aircraft lighting on finals at night. You just dont get those beams of light behind each other on finals (normally visible from 20NM away) IRL. love to see this in next SP? loving the game btw, dont get me wrong. Laters.
  7. Yeah gday. bought Tower3dpro (Steam) on the weekend and have instantly got the addiction. Also bought RT and RC from ATCsuite byfeelthere but have not received any email confirmations or download links. (i saw recently staff were on a holiday, will I get this today?) On another note i had aircraft goto wrong taxiway (attached picture) -- my command was "taxi to ramp Via H M B C9" but a/c went to C8? instead. is this a coding glitch. come to think of it now i may have had "Via H M B C9 C" (extra C on the end, as i didnt know which bay) -- should the a/c still have gone to C9 though?? Still on this same taxi -- can you use any of the Charlie taxiways even though only C9 appears on the radar? (still new. havent experimented much yet) One more small glitch on main menu. The Atlanta DLC advert sometimes doesnt dissappear and covers the airport layout and runway selector box and i cant see or change it. I have to switch between menu's, click on several airports or restart the game and then it might decide to go away. ok thanks, cant wait to get into the Real Traffic.