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  1. It’s dark———bc it’s a nighttime game play.
  2. RWY 9 is only 7,000 ft long. You must be seeing things.
  3. What do you mean “hold up”? Airports take time to develop and if it’s not released then it’s being developed.
  4. This is the same guy that was claiming that KLGA was burning his PC down (an airport that has very low CPU drag). Definitely sounds like a melted video card.
  5. Go watch.... Tower!3D Pro -- EP#79 -- Gatwick Updates (SP) Inbound youre welcome.
  6. I think it’s time you pick a new topic to troll on. You’re fighting a losing battle
  7. I also noticed that you’ve commented on a thread that was posted almost TWO years ago. So yeah, the terminal file is correct because that’s what was happening at that time.
  8. I guess you don't read the forums much. Developers -- we're not altering the current engine. Your wish will never happen.
  9. No bugs on final release? You do understand that even the biggest game developers on the planet have bugs in their games at release. I'd scratch that one from your wish list.
  10. Are you sure you’re reviewing the right list? I personally test Gatwick and know for a fact the list is correct. what exactly do you disagree with?
  11. This is a fault of game code that is well overdue for updates. You will have to wait for the next version of the game for a change of that nature
  12. No, I'm talking about the modeling of the airport and the graphic quality of the overall airport as I stated in the opening comments of the video.
  13. Go around are useful. You are not penalized if you tell the plane to go around and then tell it to contact departure. You are only penalized if you let it go around with no where to go
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