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  1. ATControl  -- Joe

    Custom (REAL) Traffic #12 -- Boston v2.0 -- Summer 2018

    I don’t understand your issue then. To use the schedules, read the READ ME
  2. ATControl  -- Joe

    Custom (REAL) Traffic #12 -- Boston v2.0 -- Summer 2018

    What exactly did you enter from the folders? What folders did you use?
  3. ATControl  -- Joe

    Custom (REAL) Traffic #12 -- Boston v2.0 -- Summer 2018

    What exactly isn't working? You need to be more specific.
  4. ATControl  -- Joe

    Custom (REAL) Traffic #17 -- EGKK (London Gatwick) v1.0 -- Winter 2019

    Excellent. I spent many hours trying to get every power hour as playable as possible w/ the limitations of the game.
  5. What's up everyone, My name is Joe. Thanks for checking out my custom (REAL) traffic schedules. You can find me at ATControl --- YouTube Home playing this game ***I create QUALITY schedules -- not QUANTITIES of schedules*** --- If you are using this in your games/videos/posts -- please make reference to ME as the owner (direct link to my YT channel) EGKK -- London-Gatwick International Airport *******SEE THIS SCHEDULE IN MOTION******* (click links) 1. London-Gatwick (EGKK) -- First Look 2. London-Gatwick (EGKK) -- Night Ops ==================================================== ((CURRENT GAME SCHEDULE -- 2/26/2019)) ==================================================== DROPBOX -- London-Gatwick (EGKK) v1.0 -- Winter 2019 ==================================================== What to expect with EGKK v1.0 - Winter 2019: ****This schedule was carefully developed to give you the best chance to move traffic -- adequate spacing for a departure push before the next arrival -- make the most of the space!*** ---- I spent more quality time developing this schedule than any other schedule I have made --- -- 723 commercial flights === This may not seem like a lot of flights for one day -- in a compact space with 1 runway -- it's A LOT of traffic --- Schedule averages ~40+ flights per hour, up to 47 at peak mid-morning volume --- Power hour schedules for easy plug and play -- View the Volume Chart image to pick the hour that is right for you --- No GA and cargo this go around -- sorry, just not that type of airport --- This airport will TEST you -- expedite departures, shoot gaps and keep planes moving -- Terminal file up to date with current 2019 airline locations HAPPY CONTROLLING!!!!
  6. ATControl  -- Joe


    I don’t recall saying it couldn’t—I referenced that the gate Emirates uses is on the end of the north terminal satalite. There would never be a need to put an A380 under the bridge.
  7. ATControl  -- Joe

    LEBL Bugs

    You should include a copy of your log of an issue like this comes up.
  8. ATControl  -- Joe

    Custom (REAL) Traffic #15 -- Barcelona v1.0 -- Fall 2018/19

    There is no rule in air traffic that states it must be spoken as nine or niner. The game understands both. Thanks
  9. ATControl  -- Joe

    LEBL Bugs

    Please make sure to add issues with my schedules to the threads where my schedule exists so updates can be made directly. I have already updated those 2 items.
  10. ATControl  -- Joe

    Custom (REAL) Traffic #15 -- Barcelona v1.0 -- Fall 2018/19

    Updated 2 flights that were holding a wrong letter for the airline code. Pick up the most current schedule via the dropbox link above. Verify you have the most current date.
  11. PHX schedule was also posted by me that was missed
  12. ATControl  -- Joe

    LEBL Bugs

    LEBL IS playable. You’ve isolated ONE item that needs addressing. I’m sure Gabor would look at it but the rest of the airport can be played. Every other runway works just fine including landing on rwy2.
  13. ATControl  -- Joe

    LEBL Bugs


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