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    This has already been well documented and referenced by the developers as a known item in other forum posts Please make sure you are reading and/or searching other posts so that the forum is not jammed up w duplicated posts.
  3. Custom (REAL) Traffic #5 -- KLAX ver 2.0!

    Embraer jets were not installed/fixed by Nygeres design until a recent real traffic update came out. I don't recall which one it is.
  4. KSFO Taxiways commands

    B5 is marked in the map. Not every taxiway is marked on the ADIRS. The game still handles taxiways even when not marked. Every airport the developers put out have various taxiways that are not marked.
  5. KSFO Pushback not working

    You need to provide a log so it can be looked into
  6. KSFO is out

    Well we can eliminate most of your argument right off the bat with the following : 1. There is no need to tell a plane to get onto 10R with Z1 -- if you move them on Z, then the plane goes to the only entry on Z which is Z1 -- issue solved. 2. There is no need to tell a plane to go onto A1 to get onto 1R. Taxi them down A and the first available point is A1. Plane automatically takes it. -- issue solved 3. There is no need to tell a plane to go onto L2 for 1R. Taxi the plane down A-L and the next available point to 1R is L2. -- issue solved --- if you wish to line up your plane on any other taxiway entry point other than the full length , first entry point, then you need to designate as such. Any other full length entry to a runway is not needing to be called. Could the developer fix it -- sure. Is it necessary -- nope. ** Your other issues have already been ID'd in other posts on the forum and the developers are looking into it. If you wish to re-state what has already been stated by others, I suggest putting them in the posts that deal with those hold bar issues.
  7. KSFO is out

    The only time a plane would taxi to the wrong place is when you tell it to go to the wrong place. I use speech recognition daily when I play this and if you have trained your computer to understand you then the plane goes where it needs to go. I suggest you go back toyour speech recognition and try again. If you are claiming aircraft don't hold where you tell them to hold, you need to provide a log. Aircraft hold where they are supposed to (aside from rwy 10 issue). It's possible you are not give a hold command or you are moving an aircraft out of order with commands and cancelling your hold command.
  8. KSFO Taxiways commands

    I mean default -- real life -- 1R entry is by A. Not by M1 unless told to go to M1
  9. KSFO bug

    This is not a bug. The aircraft landing 28R pull up to the hold bar that prevents RWY 28L crossing. If you give the plane a command to taxi to it's terminal, then the plane is going to taxi to it's terminal. Since the plane is already at the runway hold line, it has nowhere else to stop until you tell it to stop.
  10. KSFO Taxiways commands

    There is no need to tell the airplane to get onto A1 or L2 from A. By default, the A1 entry is the correct entry to 1R. If you just give them A it will automatically go there. If you want L2, then just give A - L with the plane having nowhere else to go but L2.
  11. KSFO Taxiways commands

    I am replicating the same. Thanks for the heads up -- thought it might just be me. I've got the report over to the developers. Thanks for the heads up.
  12. KSFO is out

    Just change it in the airline file and save it. No need to wait for updates
  13. KSFO is out

    I’ve played SFO multiple times and there are no major known issues at this time.
  14. Custom (REAL) Traffic #6 -- KBOS ver. 1.0 -- Intro 2018

    No problem. Good to hear
  15. KSFO work in progress

    Hey Chasen, I have sent you a direct message regarding this post. Looking for some expertise help. Thanks Joe