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  1. I have tried launching the sim from a shut down computer, same issue. Happens every time I retract the flaps back up, and I have been able to replicate on both the default liveries and custom liveries.
  2. Hello all, I've noticed a small bug in the model of the 175. After extending the flaps and then bringing them back up again, a small black piece sticks out of the flaps once retracted. It doesn't go away until you restart the simulator. It only occurs on the right wing as well. Images below.
  3. Happens on every flight for me as well. Using custom liveries and the default one.
  4. Same issue here. Spinner is there when engines are off, but once they start it goes away. Only occurs on the 170/175.
  5. When loading into the aircraft (170-195) the Autobrake button, wipers, yaw trim are all stuck to the left and cannot be moved. Has anyone else experienced this issue?
  6. Any updates on this? Just bought it as well only to realize it doesn't include the -9. Would be great to see as the QW just came out :)
  7. Flood lights are not working for me either
  8. Same issue for me as well. Just grabbed the .fx files from FSX so I can test them out in v4.
  9. Hi Pete. I do not own FSUIPC5. I since reinstalled the problem went away.
  10. Hi there, After installing the latest version of FSUIPC today the sim seems to crash on load up. With the ucrtbase.dll error. I have tried unplugging the joystick like seen before but it still crashes. Any ideas? FSUIPC5 Install.log
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