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  1. Yes I clicked on it, and then the website refused to download my package again. Instead I was redirected to a webpage saying "the password is blocked". Weird.
  2. Oh by the way, BMT Micro still has this line in their order confirmation e-mails: "Contact the developer at sales@feelthere.com for technical support"
  3. Hello developers, Today I purchased KLAS but this airport doesn't have any real traffic, although I have the real traffic add-on installed before. When I try redownloading real traffic I get the message "password is blocked". How can I get real traffic on KLAS? Thank you for helping with this issue. Kind regards, Matthias Struyf
  4. This also happens in ATL at the far east terminal. The tow truck is just spinning 360° and the airplane never gets pushed. Until now I always deleted that airplane, but that always sucks. I want to feel as if it is a real flight with real people in it who want to go on their journey. Is there a fix for this? I'm unable to upload a screenshot. I have a limit of 20 KB here which is just totally ridiculous. And posting a OneDrive-link gives an error.
  5. I can't find the vacate runway command in the help section of Tower 3D pro...
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