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  1. It has been inspiring to watch this site/app grow over the last several months. Your contribution is a wonderful addition to Tower 3D, benefiting both the end users, and the developers as well (I am sure that quite a few of us will purchase the Retro Pack because you gave us an easy way to use it with every airport). Thank you for this generous gift, and congratulations on reaching 1.0! Andrew Jones
  2. No arguments there at all. I just meant that I would not want decorative eye candy to take away resources from the functional variety. Andrew
  3. Keep in mind that the current version is rather limited in its ability to handle this kind of thing. Notice that most of the included skyline are relatively generic and simplified. Vic has stated that adding more tend to have a big impact on performance. Perhaps the next version will be different in that regard, though personally I would prefer they keep their focus on the actual game functionality rather than on eye candy. Andrew
  4. Well, time has not stopped, so I suppose we are closer than we were yesterday or last week. Release announcements, however, typically only come after the product is available on the website. Andrew
  5. To clarify further, it is not necessary to buy Real Color packs for every airport you intend to play, as long as you do not mind seeing a few white planes here and there. These packs are cumulative and each one you get will benefit your other airports. You can be strategic in your purchases. For example, let's say you buy several American airport add-ons. Even just getting the RC packs for 2-3 big airports (like KJFK, KSFO, KMCO), you will find that you have decent coverage for most of the others, and then you can gradual fill in with more RC packs as you like, without having to buy them all. However, if you have RC packs for several American airports, and then buy a single European airport add-on like, EGKK or EDDF,, you will likely feel the need to get the RC pack for that airport, as the percentage of American airlines will be much lower than European airlines. Then, if later on you pick up another European airport or two, you may find you already have pretty good RC coverage and don't really need the corresponding RC pack for that one. Andrew
  6. EGLL is the only airport currently confirmed to be in development, but keep in mind that stealth releases like LFPG and EKCH are not unusual either. Andrew
  7. Have been using SB with KSFO. Having the option to easily control the # departures vs. arrivals makes a huge difference in making this airport playable, i.e. makes it easy to create a schedule with better spacing between arrivals (especially since this airport was very limited in the number of customer created schedules. Fantastic tool! Thanks again for all your work Eli! I will soon try it out with KATL. Looking forward to using the Retro options as well. Andrew
  8. With the new sale on, both PHNL and KSEA are on sale. Trying to decide on one, the other or both. For those of you who have them, how do you like them? Andrew
  9. +1 I appreciate that they are developing a new version, but unless they are done making DLCs for this one, then it would be better not to make it sound like Tower 3D is already dead. Not all will be ready to move on to the new version immediately, and DLCs for Tower 2011 continued to come out for months after Tower3D's release. Andrew
  10. Now there is a great idea for a DLC: Tower 3D Ridiculous Requests Edition: including automatic live synchronization with Flightaware, full integration with Sim Airport, lightning and hail simulation with full damage model to aircraft, random drunken pilot generator, and 747s with JATO bottles. Andrew
  11. I second that. KATL has waited a very long time for some basic fixes: 1. Terminal F 2. Tower height 3. Rain textures Andrew Jones
  12. How many requests total did you catalog? IN other words, what percentage out of the the total does that 81 represent? Andrew
  13. I do not believe that there is an absolute rule in regard to this, and is certainly not the same at every airport. In my observation, there is usually a balance that controllers try to strike between trying to be fair by getting planes off in the approximate order of their scheduled departure/actual pushback times ( which themselves vary a lot in different circumstances), vs. simply clearing the deck as efficiently as possible; this often means giving priority to planes that are obstructing other planes, sequencing for wake turbulence (heavies may be held back if there are a several smaller aircraft in queue nearby), or which aircraft are simply closer to the runways and so can be moved out faster. Some departures will even get clearance sooner because an arriving plane will need that particular gate. There are a lot of factors at play, and the priority will even vary from one day to the next depending on what is going on. Andrew
  14. Any info yet on whether real world live weather might be possible? Andrew
  15. Thank you! I look forward to trying it out. Andrew Jones
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