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  1. Avwriter

    ATL Guidelines for taxiway ops

    It's not perfect, but take a look over the second post in this thread. Andrew
  2. Avwriter

    Tower 3d airport add ons

    ROFL - good one! Andrew
  3. Avwriter

    Tower 3d airport add ons

    It seems that short final was really a longish one, say 20 miles or so at least 😉 Andrew
  4. Avwriter

    EDDS SP1 is out

    Could you include information on what has been changed please? Andrew
  5. Avwriter

    Spooky- Halloween Schedule?

    Oh, I see. And I thought you meant you would change all the airline names to creepy ones, i.e. American Scarelines, Evil Spirit, etc 😉
  6. Avwriter

    Spooky- Halloween Schedule?

    Just curious what this would entail? Andrew Jones
  7. Avwriter

    New Airports For Tower 3D Pro

    Well, T3D, as did Tower2011, allows the player to choose which runways are open or closed. T3D Pro even lets you change runways during an active session. Thus, I do not envision there being anything to prevent you from operating it realistically, even if there is also nothing preventing you from operating it unrealistically. Not really much different from their renditions of any other airport, where it is up to the user to decide if he/she will use realistic taxiway routings and runway procedures, or improvise his/her own. Andrew
  8. Avwriter

    New Airports For Tower 3D Pro

    I am sure KMIA will come eventually. It was one of the default airports in Tower2011. Andrew
  9. Avwriter

    New Airports For Tower 3D Pro

    Yeah, that one has an interesting layout. SimSmith did the one for Tower2011, but now they seem to have disappeared. I do hope they will return to making airports soon. Andrew
  10. Avwriter

    Back-to-School Sale EXTENDED!

    ATCsuite is still up, though. Andrew
  11. Avwriter

    New Airports For Tower 3D Pro

    Actually, Nyerges just released Memphis. That hardly lets FeelThere off the hook. Crack that whip, Vic. Hah ha ha (evil laugh). Anyway, I would still like to know if SImSmith is ever going to get back into the game. Andrew
  12. Avwriter

    Tower pro on 2 terminals

    I'm not sure what would cause that problem (hopefully someone else will know what to do), but one possible workaround is to set your display in windows to stretch the display image across both screens. Then you can put the strips on one side, and the radars on the other with a big viewing area in between. If you have not tried this, it is probably worth doing once anyway, just to see if you like it better. Andrew
  13. Avwriter

    New Airports For Tower 3D Pro

    The answer is yes, but not exclusively. Vic himself confirmed this a long time ago. My guess is that their old Tower2011 airports serve as a sort of blue print, which makes designing the 3D version a little faster than starting from scratch. Note that EDDM was not made for Tower2011. There has also been confirmation the EDDS and YSSY are in the pipes, and neither of those were done for Tower2011 either. Andrew
  14. Avwriter

    Back-to-School Sale EXTENDED!

    Real Color only give you real world airline liveries for the planes (and only if you already own the Real Traffic add-on). RC does NOT include the airport. I agree it is a little confusing if you are a new customer. Here is a priority list; each item on the list requires all of the items above it: 1. Tower3D or Tower 3D Pro (both products are stand alone and will work with all of the add-ons and include fictional aircraft ans airlines by default) 2. Add-on airports only require that you own #1 3. Real Traffic replaces the fictional aircraft models that come with the base game with a much larger variety of real aircraft models (but all aircraft are painted white). 4. Real Color packs add real world aircraft liveries to the aircraft that come with Real Traffic above, and WILL NOT work without it. Here is the trick, though. Each RC product (labeled by airport) will work with all airports in the game (both default and add-on). A given pack includes liveries for all airlines known to fly to/from a specific airport (many of these pack do overlap). Thus if you buy the pack for KATL, you will get liveries for nearly all Delta Airlines planes, as well as some Southwest, United, and a number of international airlines, all of which will work at KLAX, KSFO, KJFK etc.). This means that you do not need to buy every RC pack in order to have a large number of real liveries on most of your aircraft at most of your airports. Even if you own all of the airports add-ons, 3-5 RC packs will give you liveries for most of the aircraft in the game, depending on which packs you buy, although you will occasionally see a white aircraft periodically it is not in the sets you have. Hope this helps. Andrew
  15. Avwriter

    What's the verdict on KPHX?

    Yep. It's a good deal, and so far I'm liking it, especially thanks to Crbascott's week of traffic. Andrew

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