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  1. Avwriter

    Do I buy KJFK next?

    KMCO is a nice one. CRBscott is right about the traffic, but Battlehawk's week of schedules helps a lot. It is not super super busy, but busy enough to be entertaining, just the right amount of flow for reaching the a solid traffic zen moment. The taxiways also have a nice flow to them (quite different from KLAX) and it is by far the most colorful add-on in the daytime. Andrew
  2. Avwriter

    Do I buy KJFK next?

    Happy to help. One other item I just thought of and is worth considering is how many custom (user-made) schedules are available for a given airport. Out of the ones I recommended, both KMCO and EGKK have a full week of schedules by Battlehawk77. See the full list here https://charityalbumman.blogspot.com/2018/08/tower-3d-inc-pro-custom-schedules-list.html BY the way, I did not mention YMML or CYVR simply because I have not tried them yet. Perhaps someone else might want to chime in on those... Andrew
  3. Avwriter

    Do I buy KJFK next?

    KJFK is not a bad add-on. It has relatively few bugs (as it has had a few SPs), and a complex taxiway layout together with crossing runways. On the other hand, it is one of the older ones, and does not benefit from some of the visual flare that the newest ones seem to have (i.e. EGKK, OMDB. Also consider the fact that it has a relatively large territory, which will put a greater load on your PC, especially when running at higher traffic levels. While you are right that KJFK will give you a fairly wide variety of liveries (assuming you buy the RC) I would not really make that a huge priority, personally. Instead, consider the following factors: 1. Which airport layouts do you find personally more interesting, or are there any add-on that feature airports with which you have a personal connection? Even now (and I have been playing this game a long time), I am surprised how much of a difference this makes. 2. Carefully study the taxiway layouts of the airports your are considering. They typically make a bigger impact on game play than the runway configuration. 3. If you have not done so, watch some YouTube videos of the airports you are interested in. This will give you a very good idea at how each one plays. The only airprots that I would tend to steer you away from at this point are KSFO (harder than most to get planes off the runway fast enough), LFPG (poor ground textures that may or may not be resolved by the developer), KLAS (the layout to me is awkward, and just does not feel satisfying, but this is my personal impression). My personal favorites (not in any particular order, are KMCO, EGKK, OMDB, KLGA, and KBOS. I also love KATL, but that's totally personal; the KATL addon has way more bugs than it should at this point. Hope that helps, Andrew
  4. Avwriter

    So what's next?

    Like many developers these days, FeelThere does not dabble in publicly announcing time frames. However, lately they have been averaging a new DLC release every 1-2 months. Andrew
  5. Avwriter

    Vote for your favorite airport in Tower 3D PRo

    You left out KLGA, KPHX, and KPHL Andrew
  6. Avwriter


    Here is my list (been slowly collecting it since the day after launch). I put asterisks next to items I feel are especially needed. *-Multiple fixed POVs (user selectable) (i.e. Tower, ramp tower, end of the runway, cargo ramp, major intersections, etc.) -Chase plane view -There should be two options for schedules, Fixed (user-made) and randomly generated (but based on airlines known to serve a given airport). Having this would suit different styles of play. *-Colors should be more vibrant *-Downloadable real world weather, or at least allow users to set the desired wind direction/speed along with other weather parameters. *-Visible landing lights on airborne aircraft -Real pilot voices -International terminals need to be handled differently, so that flights are not classified just by carrier, but by destination/origin. For example, at KATL, DAL does fly out of international terminal, but you will not see DAL MD-80s and CRJs there. Instead it will usually be A330s,767s and 777s. The small fries mostly go to other terminals. -Aircraft should periodically need to be towed between terminals and maintenance facilities. *-Provide a way for aircraft that get into in nose-to-nose situations to be towed out of the way. When this happens IRL (rare but it does happen), life does not stop permanently, it is just delayed for a while and someone gets yelled at and towed out of the way 🙂 -Holding pads should be incorporated where appropriate. -Catering trucks, waste disposal trucks, wing walkers, need I say more 🙂 -I understand that you do not wish to depict crashes, but there should still be emergencies. Aircraft that need to return to the gate because of sick passenger or mechanical failure or other problems. -Player should be evaluated on average time from runway to gate, and from gate to runway -Speaking of seasons... We need them. Have the trees change color and the length of the day and night vary realistically. In winter weather, aircraft should require a visit to a deicing station, prior to departure. -Please incorporate more realistic cargo terminals with actual buildings. -If RT and RC will continue to be sold as add-ons, then they should be purchasable/install able from within the game. -Ability to work Ground, and have the Tower position automated in single player mode. At bigger airports, the player should even be able to chose among several positions (i.e. ground northside, ramp tower, etc.) to work, as well as being able to combine them. -Aircraft landing speeds should be less sluggish, and planes should clear the runway quickly. -A "cleared for immediate takeoff" command to expedite departures when necessary. -"Turn right/left on Taxiway xxx" command. -We need a "Give way" command. i.e. "Give way to DAL 737 before joining taxiway Mike." *-Pushback instructions need to include "tail north/south/east/west" -Gates need to be spaced farther apart, so that planes are not crammed together unrealistically at crowded airports like KLGA -Allow for multiple liveries of the same airline and airframe (e.g. SWA uses several different liveries for their 737-800s) -User-controlled spacing requirements for approaches (i.e 5 miles, 8 miles, 10 miles); this could be incorporated by allowing us to "send a request" to Approach Control Andrew
  7. Avwriter


    Cool beans. Thanks for letting us know, Vic. Andrew
  8. Avwriter

    OMDB-DXB Custom Schedule

    Thank you! Andrew
  9. Avwriter

    Tower 2011 - EGLL (Heathrow) - advice

    Be sure to save your work. Tower2011 timetables are the same format as those for Tower 3D, so it will work whenever they release EGLL for T3D
  10. Avwriter

    So what's next?

    This seems largely true. They followed this scheme from the start, but have been departing from it more in recent months. As far as KRDU goes, though it is only a guess until/unless confirmed by Vic. Andrew
  11. Avwriter

    So what's next?

    Hmm. KRDU perhaps, since y'all did that one for Tower2011? Andrew
  12. Avwriter

    Thomas Cook Airlines Now Defunct

    Sad, indeed, and disgraceful leaving pax stranded like that. Just like what happened with Wow a year or two back. Andrew
  13. Avwriter


    Thank you, Gabor!
  14. Avwriter


    Thank you for taking the initiative here promptly, Ariel. Your responsiveness makes a big difference. Andrew
  15. Avwriter


    In crbscott's defense, I would further point out that there is not a separate forum for Nyerges Design. Moreover, he is right that the two products are intimately connected. This is not about laying blame, and making people feel bad. The point is to learn from past mistakes and turn a fairly good product into a Fantastic one. Nyerges does a great job with liveries and models. The Nyerges schedules, however, have been consistently problematic all the way back to the Tower2011 days (namely that they include unrealistically low traffic levels). Surely, there is a way that this could be resolved, considering that some of their customers manage to regularly produce schedules in their spare time that are light years better (even including entire weeks of traffic instead of just a single day, and breaking schedules into snippets that ensure that all of the traffic shows up for a given hour). I am ever grateful to the users here who produce custom schedules, but if they can do it for free in their spare time, it seems like Nyerges might try a little harder to improve his process, since he is asking us to pay for it. Again, I am not questioning the integrity of either Nyerges or FeelThere. I know that you guys are honest, but this is an issue that one way or another needs to be solved; others here have shown that this technical hurdle can be overcome. Andrew

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