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  1. To be fair though, it should be possible to use it in the game, and this does appear to be a bug and not deliberate on the part of Feel There. After all, it appears that 26R was intended to be functional, since it shows up as a select-able active runway in the menu when starting the game. Andrew
  2. Avwriter

    Atl big fix

    Iv'e been asking for this for nearly two years. KATL could be a great add-on if they would fix 3-4 items holding it back. This was one of the first add-ons released, and many other airports have been patched, some multiple times, but for some reason, KATL never seems to get a turn. It's a real shame. Andrew
  3. Avwriter

    EGKK Users - plz reply

    I'll bite. It is a relatively small airport, but the terminal/taxiway layout is complex enough to be interesting, and makes for a nice flow to and from the runway. Yes it actually is possible to shoot gaps, within reason. The first exit seems well positioned to get planes off the runway with reasonable efficiency. Andrew
  4. Glad to see that you have worked out a practical way to do that. If you are looking for a challenge, perhaps you could try something similar with KSFO? That airport has the biggest spacing problem of any available. Andrew
  5. Click on the link you just posted. After the new page opens, click on the "Download" button in the upper right corner of the page. No need to sign in if you are downloading direct to your PC. Andrew
  6. Nice job Joe!. Just had a great session at 07:00. As you said departures and arrivals very well space. Andrew
  7. Avwriter

    Release Date For London Gatwick Airport

    Does not make much difference in the game, but in real life SAN is much more constrained by terrain and surrounding buildings. I presume, but have not checked that GKKs main runway is longer than SAN as well. Andrew
  8. Avwriter

    ATL Guidelines for taxiway ops

    It's not perfect, but take a look over the second post in this thread. Andrew
  9. Avwriter

    EDDS SP1 is out

    Could you include information on what has been changed please? Andrew
  10. Avwriter

    Spooky- Halloween Schedule?

    Oh, I see. And I thought you meant you would change all the airline names to creepy ones, i.e. American Scarelines, Evil Spirit, etc 😉
  11. Avwriter

    Spooky- Halloween Schedule?

    Just curious what this would entail? Andrew Jones
  12. Avwriter

    New Airports For Tower 3D Pro

    Well, T3D, as did Tower2011, allows the player to choose which runways are open or closed. T3D Pro even lets you change runways during an active session. Thus, I do not envision there being anything to prevent you from operating it realistically, even if there is also nothing preventing you from operating it unrealistically. Not really much different from their renditions of any other airport, where it is up to the user to decide if he/she will use realistic taxiway routings and runway procedures, or improvise his/her own. Andrew
  13. Avwriter

    New Airports For Tower 3D Pro

    I am sure KMIA will come eventually. It was one of the default airports in Tower2011. Andrew
  14. Avwriter

    New Airports For Tower 3D Pro

    Yeah, that one has an interesting layout. SimSmith did the one for Tower2011, but now they seem to have disappeared. I do hope they will return to making airports soon. Andrew
  15. Avwriter

    Back-to-School Sale EXTENDED!

    ATCsuite is still up, though. Andrew

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