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  1. How are folks enjoying EDDM

    Getting back to the original topic, I did pick up EDDM and am finding it to be a more interesting challenge than I expected. A quick look at the airport layout leads one to expect that this airport would be easy, considering its basic staggered two-runway parallel layout. At moderate traffic rates this is indeed quite true, but as the traffic builds up, the specific arrangement of the terminals and taxiways sets up some nasty traps for the complacent controller :-) I also must really congratulate Nyerges on his graphics design. The terminal buildings and jetways look distinctively convincing and realistic. Also their smart placement of the action camera spots affords really some neat views as well. For a feature that was somewhat broken from the start, the 3rd party developers seems to be finding unique ways to take advantage of it. Gabor, if you are listening, I really hope that EDDF will be your next project. Even after all these years in Tower2011 and Tower3D(Pro), I am still sometimes surprised at how different the experience can be at airports that have ostensibly similar layouts. I look forward to seeing what the usual suspects here come up with in terms of custom schedules ;-)
  2. When will MCO be released for Tower 3dpro

    The latest post I read from Vic was that MCO is definitely the next airport, and that it is in a very late stage of development. Lately, they have been cranking out an airport every month or so. Thus it would seem reasonable to expect it in the next 4-5 weeks. Beyond that, we will just have to wait for Vic, but he tends to be a bit mysterious on such matters. So keep checking the front page of the FeelThere website every day, as usually there is not any warning before a new airport goes live. It just shows up there. Andrew
  3. Tower 3D Pro CTD

    Agreed. This idea of releasing updates, and then announcing them a week or two later is confusing and unhelpful. Without an announcement on the forum VERY few people will test it out, since very few will know about it. Consider that your total user base is most likely much larger than the list of active forum members here, so by announcing it immediately on the forum, you will still accomplish your purpose of having knowledgeable users test it out first. Likewise, maintaining a current version list for the main games and for all add-ons would go a long way to help knowledgeable users evaluate new changes and avoid making squawks about items that have already been addressed in unannounced updates. Andrew
  4. How are folks enjoying EDDM

    Just wondering if anyone who has it feels like offering a mini review. Now that we are starting to get more releases, I am finding I need to pick and choose more than I did before ;-)
  5. Domestic & Intl flights by same airline

    I think it really depends on the airport. Procedures of this sort seem to vary widely. Towing seems relatively rare at my own hometown airport. However, those of you who have flown to/through Frankfurt (EDDF), know that the aircraft towing activity there goes on constantly and appears to make up a significant part of the overall ground traffic. Andrew
  6. Got the FeelThere Newsletter today, and almost fell out of my seat when it advertised KMCO for Tower3D. Thought to myself, Wow, that was fast. Then clicked on it and saw it was the Tower2011 version. Just thought I would mention it in case you might want to issue a retraction, Vic. Andrew
  7. NO COMMENT :)

    KMCO has a neat taxiway layout. I recall the Tower2011 version as being particularly fun. Looking forward to the Tower 3D version. Andrew

    Make sure that you sent the email to their support address, which may be different from the address that you receipt came from. I just looked it up and it is cservice@bmtmicro.com. Include your name and order number. Andrew

    This happens from time to time. Just email BMT and they will reset it. Andrew

    Thank you, Vic. I look forward to trying this out. Andrew
  11. Tower!3D Pro -Anatomy of a KSFO Landing

    Thanks for the research and tip, Craig. That strategy helps a lot for trying to get departures off the ones in between arrivals. Andrew
  12. KLAX missing terminal

    Wow. I stand corrected. What a cumbersome way to design a terminal. Probably why no one has caught this oversight until now. Andrew
  13. KLAX missing terminal

    I don't see how. Again, take a look at the official terminal map on the LAX website (see below). Terminal 8 is the Skywest/United terminal. There is no terminal listed to the east. https://www.flylax.com/en/lax-terminal-maps Andrew
  14. KLAX missing terminal

    What you are seeing is not a regular pax terminal, though it looks like one from above. Have a look at a current terminal map of KLAX, and you will see that it is not listed. I do not know the details (perhaps someone in the know will chime in), but I am guessing that it is an old abandoned terminal, which is now being used for surplus parking, or something similar. Andrew
  15. KSFO Taxiways commands

    Thank you Vic! Andrew