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  1. Any info yet on whether real world live weather might be possible? Andrew
  2. Thank you! I look forward to trying it out. Andrew Jones
  3. We know EGLL is still in the works. We just don't know how far along it is, or whether Feel There or Nyerges is doing it. Andrew Jones
  4. kai tak could be fun 🙂 Andrew Jones
  5. I just downloaded the update, but the file i received was labeled SP1a. Did I get the wrong file? Andrew Jones
  6. I am leaning toward option 3. Andrew Jones
  7. Keep in mind that Vic has stated that EGLL is planned for Tower 3D, though no info has been given on where it currently lies in the production order. As for your request, in terms of layout, EDDM and KPHX are probably the closest, but neither of those airports caters to heavies. In terms of the features/function you ask for, OMDB and EDDF are your best bets. lots of heavies and traffic, parallel runways, and they are really nice looking add-ons. OMDB probably has more heavies, but Frankfurt has a traffic mix that is closer to Heathrow Andrew
  8. So how are you guys liking it so far? Andrew
  9. Sounds like what happened with EDDS. Wasn't it missing some, or all. of its jetways too? Andrew
  10. The other day, Vic said they (FeelThere) has two airports in bets testing. I presume that those are the two you mentioned. He has also said that Nyerges is working on another one. The only other airport that has definitely been confirmed to be in the works is EGLL (unclear who is doing it), but there has been no info yet on wheter that is near term or further down the road. Andrew
  11. Good points Craig. It's deceptively easy to forget that departure/approach is not a part of it when I'm not actually playing. I guess to really throw a wrench in the works, we need for departing planes to get out to the runway and then then ask to return to the gate for whatever reason. The occasional rejected takeoff might also add in a little chaotic fun 🙂 Andrew
  12. I support that. However, it would be nice to add occasional emergencies of the sort that a plane occasionally needs to return to the airport because of mechanical issues, sick passenger etc. Just something to test our ability to rework the traffic flow to accommodate an unexpected situation. Andrew
  13. Agreed. EDDF is one of the best airport add-ons for this sim, right up there with OMDB and EGKK Andrew
  14. EDDF is about as international as it gets. It and OMDB are the two I would pick up first, plus, OMDB is on sale (by far the best looking airport they have done. Beyond that, LEBL has a fun layout that offers unique ground handling challenges. Andrew
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