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  1. It would also be nice to see landing lights and strobes snap on once take-off clearance has been issued. To be fair, many smaller aircraft (singles and light twin props) do have red rotating beacons on their tails, but definitely not large passenger jets. Andrew
  2. The sale is a good one. Problem is, I already have most of the airports that I want. About all that is left for me to buy are EDDS, KMEM, and KRDU. Any suggestions as to which is the most fun out of those? Andrew
  3. It's probably pushing what is feasible, but it would be wonderful if there was a way for the new version to have at least partial backwards compatibility with the current gen add-on airports. Andrew
  4. It might also be good if the end of session session summery included average times during the session for runway turnoff to gate and gate to t/o clearance. Give us some way to gauge our overall efficiency. Andrew
  5. Get rid of the points system. This is a simulation, not Space Invaders. Instead, just have the onscreen counter show the number of errors you have made. If you click on that number, it should bring up a pop-up that shows a detailed list of what they were, beginning with the most recent. Andrew
  6. if you own real traffic, then all you need is RC for Dubai. It's even on sale right now: https://www.feelthere.com/shop/air-traffic-control/tower3d/real-color-omdb-for-tower3d/
  7. LEBL is fun, but the layout is a bit awkward. OMDB and EGKK are probably the best looking airports right now. OMDB's layout makes it fairly easy to get a good zen flow with tons of big planes moving in alternately opposite directions on all the parallel taxi ways. At peaks it looks almost like some sort of gigantic mechanical clockwork to me. Very satisfying/entertaining to see and control. One that is easy to overlook is KLGA. It has a couple of bugs, but for me is very fun and challenging to control. It really makes you think carefully about planning out taxi routes. Andrew
  8. It's not especially in-depth, but features some fantastic footage. On a slightly humorous note, I was mildly baffled at how the Air Traffic Manager of Atlanta Center could be under the impression that the state of Tennessee has been renamed to "South Virginia" (take a look at 3:20). Andrew
  9. Please include the language "Winds are calm." It is so silly to have to say, "Wind is 270 at zero knots." Andrew
  10. 1. FeelThere has, at the very least, not ruled out that EDDF is in the pipeline. Interpret the post below as you like: FeelThere Moderator Members 119 1,854 posts LocationUSA Report post Posted September 14 Yes it is 🙂 Vic 2. EDDF for Tower!2011 was made by Nyerges. Therefore, if there is to be an EDDF for Tower3D, it will also likely be made by him. 3. Not a single airport add-on has ever represented planned features from the future (new runways, terminals, etc.). Thus it is unlikely to be different with EDDF. Avwriter
  11. Thanks Joe, that covers it very well. I don't suppose you know what was done for KSFO an month or two ago? Thanks again, Andrew
  12. I was just wondering if Feelthere could comment on what changes were made to EGKK in the just released update (just heard about it via email newsletter), and also to KSFO in its last update. I am always happy to see improvements and fixes taking place, but it would be very nice to know exactly what they are? Andrew
  13. Thank you very much! Been waiting a long time for this one. I am sure it will be worth it! Andrew
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