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  1. Can the radar screens still be moved to a second monitor, if desired? Andrew
  2. It would also be very interesting to know whether we can select from multiple viewpoints around the airport, or even create our own. Andrew
  3. Good choice. I have heard before that the wind leaving a sonic boom in its wake is a tell tale sign that the airspace needs to be cleared. Andrew
  4. Sorry to hear that. They either need to quit making them, or put their hearts back into. EGLL was spectacular, but since them the new airports have really gone down hill. Andrew
  5. Glad it worked for you. How do you like the airport. From the video, it looks like a nice, complex taxiway layout, but it also seemed to have a rather bleak appearance (even by Tower 3D standards). It that how it comes across to you? Andrew
  6. Click the "add to cart" button one time, then look down in the lower right corner of the screen and you will see a shopping cart symbol; click on that and it will take you to checkout. Very convoluted, but I guess that's how it works now. Enjoy. Andrew
  7. The bigger question is where things stand with the next version of Tower!. I would deduce that their relative silence in the last couple of months, combined with the slower pace of new DLC releases, means that they are "heads down" in the nitty gritty of completing it. Time will tell, I supose, even if Vic does not 😉 Andrew
  8. Not small by volume, but compact by scale, like KLGA. This sort of airport works very well, in my opinion. The cramped space makes for lots of fun taxi puzzles to work out. Andrew
  9. Wonderful news. Welcome back! Andrew
  10. I believe that Vic said Nyerges is working on something, but they have not said what. To my knowledge, FeelThere has yet to state if what else they have in work. Andrew
  11. As stated above, be sure to PM EliGrim Andrew
  12. Thank you!!! Problem solved in under 30 seconds. My son has been plugging a Nintendo Pro Controller into the PC for his Steam games and leaving it there. Unplugging it eliminated the issue. Feels good to solve something so easily. Glad I did not reinstall Windows. Andrew
  13. Well, the problem is back. Same as before. It affects the airport selection menu, and the start time selection. Cannot think of anything I did differently that would explain why the problem disappeared for a day, and then reappeared. If problems the website, as suggested above, are the issue, I guess that could explain it, though I do not grasp how the website configuration could affect menus in the game. For now, I'm just leaving it set on EGLL, but changing the time is a pain. Is anyone else experiencing this? I do not see this in any other game or software that I use. Andrew
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