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  1. Hy Mr Pete Tank you very much for your fast answer, but i am sorry for my ignorance, i am not sure if i did the correct thing. Here what i did: FSX, Aircraft, settings, realism, flight control , automatic rudder``. I uncheck automatic rudder, but still have the same problem when i am in the air Jacques
  2. Hy,every one, I have problems with the rudders. When i am on the ground and check every things before flying, every thing is ok. The rudder is working perfectly. But as soon i am in the airs in a Airbus 321, the rudder stop responding completely. For the others airplanes like Boeing 737, Beachcraft Baron, Boing 737, Cessna 172 SP and the Havilland Beaver, the rudder move just a little bit to th left or to the right. I have look in the joysticks calibration but every thing seem normal. Tank you for your help. Jacques FSUIPC4.log
  3. I have read many times the FSUIPC-QUICK START TUTORIAL.And also, i have follow the instructions for the assigments and the calibration. I have also read the document of John Cook. I have also look at your guide but because i am not a technician it seems very difficult to understand. The first time i have used FSUIPC, every things works fine.It tooks time to make the calibration but i was happy with the results. The raisons why i want use it, .was because i had problems with the brakes and the yoke. I could not roll on the taxiway in straight line. You suggest to keep controllers enabled in FSX and use the calibration tab in FSUIPC. But it does not work either. Can you tell me if i erase the keys of FSUIPC in the registre, that will help me to start a new installation of FSUIPC from scrath. I also I reformat my pc but nothing change. Jacques
  4. Hi, Still have problems whit The calibration. Now i have values in calibration whitout giving any values in axis assignmment. Examples: Left brakes Set 16383 in, 16383 out Ailerons Set 896 in, 16384 out Elevator Set 0 in 16384 out Throttle -16193 in - 16193 out The yoke does not move. Jacques FSUIPC4.ini FSUIPC4.log
  5. Hi Mr Dowson, I d'ont understand. I am realy confused. I d'ont know how to disabling the axes and bottons. What i am doing is the same thing i was doing before all those problems. And yet, it was working perfecly. Now i have values for the throttle whitout assigning it . Thoses values are - 1693 in and -16193 out. The steering wheel does not fonction. The brakes stay on in the left corner. For the INI. It is the only one that i have. If there are others, can you tell me where it is. i Jacques FSUIPC4.log
  6. Hy Pete, sorry if i send you the wrong file. Now i will show you the ini file that i have. I hope that will help. For the rest, i disabled every axes and bottons except for the hat swich in ch flight sim and ch flight stick. For the calibration i follow the guide of Sim Samurai. Jacques FSUIPC4.log
  7. Hy, Everythings start whit brakes prolems. The différentiels brakes stay on, in the left corner all the time. So i decided to desinstall and reinstall FSUIPC4.tinking that will correct the problem. I did that many times. But now, instead correcting the situation, i have bigs problems with my installation of FSUIPC4.When i open FSX to have access to FSUIPC4, every things goes wrong. The plane runs fast on the taxy way whitout using the throttles because they are not calibrate yet. The yoke does not respond either. I can not move it, nor to the left nor to the right. The "BRAKES" stay on with "BRAKES DIFFENRETELS" in red at the left corner.Also when i try to calibrate the brakes the values of the left brakes move only in right brakes cases . I d'ont know what am i doing wrong. but still doing the same thing i was doing when i first install it. I did a fresh reinsttallation of my Windows 7 recently, thinking that will correct thoses problems but nothing changes Now i wish someone could help me because i love to fly. I hope i post my demand for help at the right place. May be Pete Dowson could answer me. FSUIPC4_prev.log FSUIPC4 Install.log
  8. I am sorry but i d'ont know how i can find the main forum. Can you tell me where is it?? Now evrythings goes wrong.The yoke does not move any more The brakes don't move either. Also i have problems when i presss the brakes, I see BRAKES and DIFFERENTIEL BRAKES in red in the lowerleft. Also i have problems whit the throttles.The plane is running fast whitout using the throttles. I deleted all the joystick assignments for the brakes and the yoke and the throttle.in FSX. Now i d'ont know what to do.I just did a fresh reinstallation of my Windows 7 but like see it did not help at all.All my joysticks are ch products FSUIPC4.log
  9. Good afternoon, I have big problems whit my brakes.They always stay on.When i push on the right brakes the value are moving in the left brakes the axix assigment are the same for the left and the right brakes O-Z axis for boht brakes.The value for the right brakes are-15993 in and -15993 out. The value for the left brakes are16256 in and 16256 out.The values for the right brakes are -15993 in and -15993 out. Another question. When i make mistakes, i select Axis Assigments and press and hold Rescan. Then at the botton right i clik "Delete This". But i d'ont see nothing happening. Why? The only way i find to correct my problems is to desinstall and reinstall FSUIPC4. Also i made a fresh réinstallation of my Windows 7 pro. Please, help me. I like to flight in FSX. All my joystick are CH products.The Pro pedals, the sim flight yoke , the throttle quadrant and the flight stick. FSUIPC4.log
  10. hello, i was impatient to install FSUIPC because i tought that will correct my problem. rolling on the taxiway.But still have it. What can i do to correct this problem? Let me know if i am at the right place to ask my question.I am new in this forum.
  11. Hello, I have look in the installation package but i did not find any INI file there. I think is important to have it like i read in your manuel. What can i do to have it?My FSUIPC4 is running ok. I have install the last version of it.
  12. Moved to Main Forum. Please post questions always in Main Forum ! FSUIPC4 install.logFSUIPC4 install.logFSUIPC4 install.log Hello, I have reinstalled fsuipc4 this morning.Free version works ok. But when i try to reinstal the paid version, my key product is not recognise any more.I just bought it five days ago.Instead i get this error: code 16 May be i made mistakes when i desinstalled it.
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