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  1. Thanks a ton! It took a bit of trial and errors but with both the PMDG SDK pdf and this one it's rather 'easy' to get to what one wants to do. I managed to turn one of my axis into a 10-detent light switch. Easiest is to record the positions 'roughly' and then edit the FSUIPC.ini manually with the right values. Thanks again Fred
  2. Thanks for the link. Will check later today and share my experience back. fred
  3. OK. I will need a bit more reading through manuals and tutorials ;) Thanks for your help, I have a good basis to improve my knowledge of how these things work. Fred
  4. I tried my best but am probably missing something. Here's what i have in the SDK: unsigned char LTS_GlareshieldPNLlKnob; // Position 0...150 unsigned char LTS_GlareshieldFLOODKnob; // Position 0...150 In the manual I get the below: 647F 1 BYTE LTS_GlareshieldPNLlKnob Position 0...150 6480 1 BYTE LTS_GlareshieldFLOODKnob Position 0...150 But when I put x6480 in the offset nothing happens. Am I missing anything? Surely yes. Thanks for your assistance. Fred
  5. Thanks Pete, I had a first look at the .h file and the manual, I guess I need to put my hands on it and give it a try. Will let you know. Thx Fred
  6. Good morning/afternoon to all, I have just purchased a VRinsight Multi-Switch panel and would like to do the following: - Assign the R1/R2 rotary buttons to the PMDG777 panel lights in order to control the cockpit lighting from that panel - Assign S1/S sliders to the PMDG777 ENG1/ENG2 fuel cut-off buttons. When I get to the max of the slider, the ENG1 switch will flip to on. When I slide to the mininum, the ENG1 switch flips to off. Any way to create events based on an axis actual value? I know for key press but not for specific events like above. Thanks, Fred
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