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  1. Yes found it how i ca do that, but there is written to click on the name tag. No, it is the plane itself where i have to click to get C
  2. Now it seems that it is ok, not chrashed last times :-) Windows 7 Ultimate Every time after 10 Minutes Gaming
  3. Thanks, that i tried and the program says: please send over the plane on the radar first What does that mean?
  4. Hi! After 10 minutes Tacon chrashes inclisive the speech recognition. Every Time i play it is over after 10 Minutes. Please Help!
  5. Ah yes there are! and how i hand off them? Contact Radar, contact center or what have i say?
  6. I bought Frankfurt EDDF with Real Traffic but is there any manual for it? Also i need the Hand off Frequencies for EDDF.
  7. Thanks! Do you know also why they are not react to Hold Position also they repeat it?
  8. Hi there! I have a problem with St. Thomas Airport in Tower!3D Pro I have no more traffic for hours! Is that normal? From the beginning (2pm) till 3pm normal traffic but after that (now 6pm) nothing.. The newest i found, that the planes does not react on HOLD POSITION also they have readback it!. Please help!
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