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  1. I'm glad this topic is being updated since i've started it in February 24, 2014. There's a lot of information over here: https://tar1090.adsbexchange.com/ I think this community sure can build sectors and schedules, so i'm willing to pay a less price if the the developers tools are provided too. Wouldn't it be great to build MUAC airspace for example ! So my answer to your question @FeelThere (release the product for a less price without support): YES, YES, YES !, i'm willing to buy it.
  2. @FeelThere That's good news ! Very important to have a real traffic but when this is not possible: how about making your own schedules ?
  3. Vic, any news ? Or is this project set on hold ?
  4. @FeelThere, any news ?
  5. I can't wait for screenshots of the upcoming ARTCC ! ;-)
  6. I hope this list isn't that long ...... ;-)
  7. Agree ! Some screenshots would be beautiful @FeelThere!
  8. Maybe this year ? I hope so .....
  9. Vic, Now that Tower3dPro is out, can you give a status of the developement of ATCC ?
  10. Is there a list what the SP1 fixes ?
  11. Well, the sooner ATC Pro is released, the sooner ARTCC comes out ! ;-)
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