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  1. Well said Wayne, this has needed to be said for some time. Richard
  2. What peripherals are plugged into your PC? If anything additional to mouse and keyboard, unplug them and see if problem persists.
  3. I received an email informing me of this. Can you tell me how long the offers are available and if they will be available on Steam? Thanks Richard
  4. Would it be possible for Feelthere and Nyerges to post a sticky advising of extant versions of there software and date of release to assist customers? thanks Richard
  5. I know that its little comfort, but it works for me under Windows 10. Ensure that you have set up your pc for multi-monitior
  6. Some initial thoughts using default airports. Initial training at TIST Task 1. Land 10 planes in clear weather Task 2. Takeoff 10 planes in clear weather Task 3. Land 10 planes in random weather Task 4. Takeoff 10 planes random weather Task 5 = Task 3 + Task 4 together Check Session. Work for 2 hours at TIST in random weather (maybe requires a the ability to save sessions) If successful award Certificate and move to KLAX. Work successfully for 10 hours at KLAX in random weather for award of Senior Controller Move to KPHL and work for 50 hours
  7. First of all I want to say that I think Tower!3d Pro is an excellent product. Keeps my brain working in my advancing years. Just wondering if its appeal might be further enhanced by a career mode, modelled on real training? This would add another level of challenge that would add extra stimulation. Thanks Richard
  8. Thank you both for taking the time to reply. Your experience and advice is appreciated. I am currently cutting my teeth on KLAX (throttled back to 50%). Once I am a bit more (a lot more) capable with more traffic and stop taxiway standoffs I shall up the ante. Thanks again Richard
  9. Just wondering if its possible and desirable to rate the airports by difficulty? Thanks Richard
  10. blazemonger well said. Running under Windows 10 with no problems - Tower3d! pro is a great experience.
  11. Have you investigated the possibility that the cooling has failed in your computer and it has overheated? Richard
  12. Thanks wsuch, If I buy from steam will purchases of airports etc direct from feelthere be compatible?
  13. Is there any advantage buying this on steam or from another vendor? For example, does steam add additional software problems; is it easier to keep the software up to date etc? Thanks Richard
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