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  1. I know you won't answer this but any hints for a release date?😅
  2. I don't understand lol. What do we need to do to win ?
  3. Let them first make a new version of T3D. The graphics are a joke for this era. It looks like a game that was made in the early 2000's
  4. Finnaly, thank a lot for the hard work! Some minor things. Aerologic ,callsign German Cargo doesn't operate with 77w, only 772. And Saudia doesn't operate with B767's.
  5. So nobody got a custom schedule for DXB? There is only like 30 movements an hour...
  6. Anyone has a custom schedule for DXB already?
  7. I hope EHAM , my home airport, is the non US airport🙏
  8. Honolulu must be the island airport I guess😉
  9. Amen to the punctuation and capitalization. This is unreadable
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