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  1. AirJamaica

    LFPG - Paris CDG Airport is OUT!!!

    Lol you let us watch your whole video for 2 new things.
  2. AirJamaica

    LFPG - Paris CDG Airport is OUT!!!

    Can you make a short 5 min video for me with or without mic to look if it is worth the 30 euro? Thanks in advance
  3. AirJamaica

    LFPG - Paris CDG Airport is OUT!!!

    Or you can make one😉
  4. AirJamaica

    LFPG - Paris CDG Airport is OUT!!!

    Anyone who made a video session yet?
  5. AirJamaica


    I can't wait for CDG😍
  6. I already had one but gave her a bit more attention for the last 2 weeks😂😉
  7. Look for a girlfriend to fill in your time lol, before you know it they will release Gatwick
  8. AirJamaica


    I work at the ramp with these aircrafts. What kind of photos you looking for?
  9. @FeelThere please give us a release date for EGKK. Checking the site and forum all day everyday, it makes me crazy
  10. AirJamaica

    KMIA for Tower!3D Pro?

    Why does it take so long to release an airport...
  11. Agreed with Braf. Called out American, United and Delta too many times lol

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