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  1. AirJamaica

    OMDB - Custom Schedule for 9/14/2019

    Finnaly, thank a lot for the hard work! Some minor things. Aerologic ,callsign German Cargo doesn't operate with 77w, only 772. And Saudia doesn't operate with B767's.
  2. AirJamaica

    OMDB airline can't figure out what airline

    Unreadable. Punctuation marks please
  3. AirJamaica


    So nobody got a custom schedule for DXB? There is only like 30 movements an hour...
  4. AirJamaica


    Anyone has a custom schedule for DXB already?
  5. AirJamaica

    So what's next?

    I hope EHAM , my home airport, is the non US airport🙏
  6. AirJamaica

    So what's next?

    Honolulu must be the island airport I guess😉
  7. AirJamaica

    DXB is released!

    Enjoy 🙂
  8. Amen to the punctuation and capitalization. This is unreadable
  9. With the custom schedule I use I've seen a Vir 330 arriving from EGLL.
  10. VIR VS VIRGIN ATLANTIC A333 https://www.flightradar24.com/data/aircraft/g-vgbr
  11. AirJamaica

    Camera position

    Thats exactly what I mean.
  12. AirJamaica

    Camera position

    I was thinking , maybe it's an idea too choose where your main camera position will be when playing a session. For example LFPG. I would love to see the main camera near terminal 2 where the most airliners/liveries are settled. The tower/cam position is a bit too far where you can't really see what's going on at terminal 2.
  13. AirJamaica

    DXB update request

  14. AirJamaica

    LFPG - Paris CDG Airport is OUT!!!

    Lol you let us watch your whole video for 2 new things.
  15. AirJamaica

    LFPG - Paris CDG Airport is OUT!!!

    Can you make a short 5 min video for me with or without mic to look if it is worth the 30 euro? Thanks in advance

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