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  1. AirJamaica

    Updates from Tower3D! Pro

    Vic posted a week ago on facebook that they are working on 2 European airports
  2. AirJamaica

    Custom (REAL) Traffic #9 -- KMCO v1.0 -- FREE to the Community!

    I miss the daily Delta 763 flight KMCO- EHAM in your schedule
  3. We're waiting for months now for a big improvement of LAX to solve problems like this. The cargo area is a big mess with all those houses and trees on the tarmac. A real shame that the developers won't make some time for an update as LAX is one of the most played airports in T3D.
  4. And another small thing. Emirates 777 flight to EHBK (Maastricht) should be a cargo plane but it was parked at the pax terminal as a pax plane.
  5. What really surprises me is, how in earth does T3D have made a livery for an airliner that ceased operations 11 years ago 😆. Maybe there are more secrets in the game like Air Jamaica livery or BWIA 😎 hahaha
  6. It def was a Maxjet 767 at the intercontinental ramp lol. I won't change the airlines.txt. haha I really like the livery and the type of aircraft in this case a 762
  7. And why is there a 767 Maxjet in your schedule lol. They ceased operations back in '07
  8. What is the busiest day at the airport with the most variety of airliners? Edit: I didn't saw the graphic above haha...my bad
  9. @ATControl -- Joe also got some great LAX schedules
  10. AirJamaica

    Voted Schedule- KFSO

    I found out that one of the white planes is a Virgin Atlantic A330 300 route KSFO EGCC
  11. AirJamaica

    Voted Schedule- KFSO

    Yes i've real colour. Air Canada 767 does exist. I saw it at LAX and SFO as well. That's why I need the exact aircraft type to see the livery. I think it should be 763 but I'm not sure.
  12. AirJamaica

    Voted Schedule- KFSO

    Thks a lot man. The terminals look way busier then the standard schedule! I haven't played it yet because of the tropical weather over here. But I see some white widebodies. Does anyone know which one they are so I can change the aircraft type in the schedule file.
  13. AirJamaica

    Look out MCO

    Awesome picture man! Little Gatwick in MCO 😆
  14. AirJamaica


    I'm ready to win a million dollars lol
  15. AirJamaica

    New Airports For Tower 3D Pro

    The release is taking a long time for such a small airport lol

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