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  1. Now it works. I have updated to the latest DLL. Thanks for the great program and the quick help.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. at 40% traffic, 3 aircraft are displayed each. Only some data is read out at a time. Even clicking the button does not retrieve the aircraft info.
  3. I am trying to read data from FS2004 with the current version of Fsuipcdll, under Windows10. Most of the data I can read, but some unfortunately not. The whole Aircraftinfo group does not provide any data. Also in the official example program these data are not read. ATC ID, Tail number and Aircraft Type are not displayed. Heading, Altitude for example work. Where could be the problem? Probably sitting in front of the PC ;)
  4. Have you tested if fsuipc works with other programs? Then it would be a Pmdg problem. Maybe your virus scanner is also the problem.
  5. If you start the simulator as administrator your program must be started as administrator and vice versa. Otherwise fsuipc does not deliver any data.
  6. In my hurry I found only an incomplete project but even this should help. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1bdzEpNQefkNCt_3BVppJ6Ckr8bF9VP1k?usp=sharing
  7. Tonight I upload my working project as source code. Maybe it will help.
  8. That was exactly the solution. Thank you for the fast and effective help, as always.
  9. I have a strange problem with the above mentioned constellation. FSUIPC is registered and works perfectly in FS. Buttons, keys, axes can be configured. But most of the external programs which access FSUIPC from outside do not recognize that FSUIPC is running and do not connect. This is true for self-made software via FsuipcClient.DLL as well as for others like weather programs etc. A few work. FSinterrogate does not work either. Tested with FSUIPC 3.5, 3.99999w and the current one. No idea what is going on.
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