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  1. I don't own this aircraft yet (I currently have v.2), but I am planning to purchase it in the near future. After looking at the list of fixes, I just want to say that you're setting an example for other flight sim developers. This is what customer service and support is all about. You recognized bugs and issues by open communication with users of your product, took some time to research and correct them, then released an update with a list. Furthermore, you sent out emails which, by the way, I received even though I have not yet purchased the product. As one of your customers, I am highly appreciative.
  2. I have the same problem as the original poster. The only way around it is to not use the landing lights at night. My understanding is that this is caused by how the dynamic lighting interacts with the model, so the aircraft's model will need to be adjusted. I would really like this issue to be fixed as well. Please consider. Thanks.
  3. Ariel, If you're talking about the Window's event viewer log for the crash, unfortunately there isn't one. It was the first thing I looked for after the crash. During this event P3Dv4.3 just immediately exits to desktop. I tried the flight twice with the same procedures as I originally posted with the same results. If there is another log that I can provide, please refer me to it's location, and I'll gladly upload it here. I am using P3Dv4.3 Professional, Current version of the Feelthere E195 for P3D, Up-To-Date version of EZDOK (compatibility with P3Dv4.3), Navigraph AIRAC 1807, and Registered FSUIPC.
  4. Glad I could help! Please post a screenshot ✈️
  5. I began a flight from KELP El Paso to KDFW Dallas/Fort Worth. I set up the MCDU for KELP to KDFW. No SID on departure. Set runway 13R, I13R, and no STAR for the arrival. I run through all of the checklists, taxi to the active runway, set the navigation to FMS, and set the first waypoint, MORRI, as direct. As soon as press the LSKR6 button to activate, P3Dv4.3 crashes to desktop. I am able to reproduce the issue. Any support is appreciated. Thank you.
  6. I just tried another flight. I'm half-way through with no issues. The only thing I tried before the flight was to run the E-Jets configurator again, and I set the cockpit to cold dark. I'm not sure why it stopped responding the first time, but I'll start a new topic in the forum if I have any further issues. Thank you again for all the support.
  7. Alex, I just purchased the E-Jets v.1 and v.2 for P3Dv4, and I'm having the same problem with the 170 becoming unresponsive. The MCDU and cockpit stop responding when I am setting up the MCDU. It seems as though it's the same situation experienced with the ERJ-145. I am still using Prepar3d v4.2, and I made sure to run installers as administrator. Would you like me to start a new thread for this?
  8. I had the same issue during my first install. Uninstall and reinstall with administrative privileges. If you don't know how, left click the installation file to highlight, right click to bring up a menu, and choose the option to install as administrator.
  9. Try here Report back if this was helpful.
  10. Alex, After downloading and moving the file to the D:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\SimObjects\Airplanes\FeelThere ERJ145XR v2\panel folder (overwriting the old one), I'm happy to report that I was able to complete the flight from KSEA Seattle to CYYJ Victoria with no issues. I will do a few more flights and report back on them as well, but I'm confident that the issue has been resolved. I haven't tried any flights in the ERJ 135 yet. Do you think the problem will persist with that aircraft, or do you plan on updating it as well? Thank you for your hard work and excellent support :D
  11. You are correct. It was saved on the ground, right before the fmc and all buttons in the cockpit become unresponsive. My original post about the aircraft not responding mid-flight. That was my original experience, and reinstalling with admin privileges seemed to allow me to complete the flight once. This led me to believe I no longer had an issue. However, I had tried the flight again many times after that, and it always became unresponsive after programming the fmc while on the ground at KSEA. I apologize for the confusion.
  12. The file(s) I sent in a previous reply were saved just before the aircraft became unresponsive. It's unfortunate that you haven't been able to reproduce it on your end. However, I do believe that a solution can eventually be found. I will include more information that may or may not be helpful in determining the cause of the issue... - I have P3Dv4 installed on another harddrive rather than C: . - I use the current version of EZDOK. I will try disabling it and attempt the flight again later. Will report back. - I have assigned my user full admin privileges for the entire P3Dv4 folder. - I have the registered version of FSUIPC5 installed. Would you recommend I try disabling this? - I have made sure all SimConnect clients from the P3Dv4 redist folder have been installed. - I use REX Essentials w/Overdrive. I have attempted the flight with and without it enabled. - I was able to complete the flight once after reinstalling with admin privileges. However, the problem now persists even when reinstalling with admin privileges. - Problems persists with and without the current AIRAC installed. Is there any way I can send you a log of the aircraft data before and after the problem occurs? Thank you again for the ongoing support.
  13. maxam, There is another method. The Nvidia plugin for photoshop allows you to create bump map without needing a mdl file. Back when I used photoshop, I was able to create a nice bump map for a freeware aircraft (Tom's MRTT) I enjoyed flying, so the time learning how to do it was well spent. I've long forgotten how to do it now, but it involved erasing everything except the markings that you wanted to look raised (or recessed if you used the invert option) and running it all through the Nvidia plugin. Information on this can be found at www.fsdeveloper.com.
  14. I did a complete uninstall of the ERJ, made sure to remove the feelthere folder and uninstaller file from the P3D directory, restarted my computer, and reinstalled the ERJ with admin privileges. I did not update the AIRAC cycle. I just attempted the same flight, and once again the aircraft became completely unresponsive as originally posted.
  15. Thank you for taking the time to do that flight. If you made it to departure, than it seems the issue hasn't been reproduced. As you can see from my video, everything in the cockpit seems to stop responding. I was short on time when I set up the flight again in order to save it for you, and I didn't realize I had left the discontinuity there. It was removed in previous attempts. I will continue with a full reinstall of the aircraft with admin privileges without updating the navigraph, just to see if the problem persists. I will report back. In any case, I eagerly await the update.
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