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  1. The aircraft should auto tune the ILS freq. Make sure you have selected the v/l mode on the mcp. Otherwise it will stay in FMS mode.
  2. I work for KLM's towing department and have acces to E190's and E175. Could you please pm me with how I can help?
  3. Is there something I can do to help? Or do you need information about/from my computer?
  4. Even if I reduce the refresh rates of the screens, the problems still occurs. I reinstalled FSUIPC but that don't solve the problem either
  5. I have the problem with all the Feelthere Embraers and reiinstalled them about a month ago
  6. Where can I find what version I have? I even noticed that, when you move the controls whil you're at the gate. The fps drops too. No movement or anything, just standing still. I gues it has something to do with this rather than the scenery around the plane.
  7. I upgraded my videocard to a GTX 1060 6GB but the problem still occurs. Even whith the turned down refresh rates and a fresh reinstall. What could be the issue?
  8. I don't have any antivirus running besides microsoft security essentials. Can that be the problem and if so, why doesn't it conflict with other aicraft?
  9. I have updated the drivers but the problem stil exists. Especially when I try to pull the nose up. I don't have this problem in other aircaft
  10. When handflying the E-jets, I experience extreme frame drops and stutters. When flying on the autopilot, I have solid 30+ fps, however when I disconect the autopilot the fps drop to 10-18. I have no issues with PMDG aircraft for example.
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