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  1. Awesome Pete! works flawless so far. Very apreciated.
  2. You are my Hero Pete! I already tried before in hex notation to no avail (tried again, not working) and I thought it could be a sign problem too, but didnt occur to me to try with a negative sign. It works flawlesly! Thank you very much for your support, very apreciated. Arza
  3. Hi Pete, I write here cos is related to the same issues with the SDK from the PMDG NGX to the new NGXu. Thats what i found so far: For example the custom control or eventID of the Capt Baro Setting is the 69997 in both versions, and in the classic pmdg it works with either the parameter for mouse left click (increase) that is 2147483648 or 0x80000000, and the right (decrease) click that is 536870912 or 0x‭20000000‬. The thing is that using the FSUIPC UI for this control doesnt accept the value 2147483648 as a parameter, and substracts one to it letting it in 2147483647, (kind of a overflow?) but it sitill works! But then in the new NGXu, the right click works, but the left click doesnt. In this control or any other. Whitin a lua script is exactly the same. Can be this a problem of FSUIPC or of the NGXu SDK? Thanks in advance and regards, Arza
  4. Thanks again then, looking forward to it. Regards, Arza
  5. Don't do it for me please, I don't really have the need, was just asking cos I read it in the manual. The only real interest I had was to change the title of the window, but I can live without that too. Its really apreciated your interest and replies. Thank you very much. Arza
  6. Thanks Pete! Its an honour to salute you by the way. The timing thing in ipc.display was my mistake, i think it does 1sec less than you ask, i was asking for 2 and was making varely 1, if i ask for 10 does 9, so really doesnt matter... So regarding SetDisplay, it has no effect any more either over p3dv4, does it? just tested and has no effect to me, and getdisplay return all variables to 0. As I said, an honour, your jop done with fsuipc is amazing. Thank you. Arza
  7. Hey there!, so, can anyone confrim that ipc.setowndisplay doesnt work any more in p3d v4? I find that the time paramater of ipc.display doesnt have any effect either, whatever you put the display only stays varely a second on the screen... Thanks in advance for any insight in this. Arza
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