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  1. Thanks spokes - Am looking at that. Very interesting. Will reply on AVSIM later Philip
  2. Hi, Does anyone know if there is a setting in FSUIPC5 to enable mapping of the LO (intermediate) setting on the Beechcraft Baron 58 (P3Dv4) to a panel button or the keyboard? I can toggle both pumps (together, which is fine) from OFF to HI (high) - mapped to a button on a panel using FSUIPC, but I can't find any way to select LO (other than with the mouse, which I want to avoid as much as possible). There only seems to be one option in the FSUIPC list (Fuel Pump) and also only one option in the P3D controls - on or off, both giving HI for on. Any suggestions would be much appreciated, Philip McComiskey
  3. Thanks Pete; I appreciate the help. Philip
  4. Okay Pete, thanks for the clarification. Is my existing version of FSUIPC4 okay to leave in place for FSX; it won't complicate matters? Philip
  5. Hi, I'm in much the same boat (hmm, well, aircraft) as Pantu. I am fully set up in a multi-screen cockpit with FSX and paid version of FSUIPC4 which I use mainly to map buttons on addon boxes to various controls - all works magnificently. What an addition Pete Dawson's work has been to the flight sim world ! I am going to buy P3Dv4 in the next few days to see what the 64 bit flight sim world looks like. I want to keep FSX as is, and add P3D. What do I do regarding FSUIPC to maintain use of it for control mapping on both platforms? Do I need to buy a 2nd version or does Thomas's solution apply - copy and rename - and will P3D automatically find that? Any advice would be much appreciated. Philip
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