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  1. Late to this topic and won’t claim to have read all of the very impressive list that had been compiled so thought I would just do a couple of additional bits I’d really value and some refinements to the existing ways it works. - Gate assignment - I find it very frustrating that planes always go to the first gate available in their terminal. When you play snippets in places like Philadelphia or this morning I was doing an early shift at Atlanta with big arrival banks they always go to gates in the same order. The gate assignment should be a random gate in the relevant terminal. - It would be good to have an option to do the delivery channel as well as tower and ground, especially to add some interest to some of the less busy airports. Maybe as something that can be turned on and off. - Ground movements - whenever I go to Heathrow, which is my local, there are regular movements of planes to and from the maintenance hangars or between terminals. It would be good to be able to replicate similar movements to hangars and remote parking bays. - Progressive taxi and a cross runway command. - Would love the ability to be able to develop our own airports locally but do realise the developers have been very good at getting a lot of add-ons released and this could take away from the revenues they make from that.
  2. I don't think the problem is just from the 22 runways, I'm struggling to get 31R landings into the same terminal and I'm having to taxi everything via A even where it's a much longer route. For AA flights I can't even get them from V to the terminal. When you issue a taxi via B command the yellow highlight on B taxiway on the ADIRS has a break in it near to the intersection with T (just to the right as you look on ADIRS). I wonder if that's linked to the difficulties with taxiing? EDIT: And looking at A taxiway there's a similar break around the R intersection, which might indicate why nothing can taxi there from the 22s. PS - first post but love the game.
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