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  1. The previous two iterations of this community project (KJFK and EDDM) took 4-5 months from request to delivery. So if form holds, we're looking at January/February for an SP for RC-KSFO to be delivered.
  2. crbascott


    You should really read the first post in this thread: "The forum is getting a bit out of hand, people opening new and new topics for speech.From now we will use this single topics to discuss speech and all other will be locked and directed to this one." So that means it covers all speech related issues, not just a very specific documented issue.
  3. crbascott

    OMDB - Custom Schedule for 9/14/2019

    No, we had this capability in T!2011 but lost it with T!3D. There's talk about bring it back in the next version.
  4. crbascott

    Tower 2011 - EGLL (Heathrow) - advice

    I'm Craig. Keep in mind you are playing an 8 year old game that no one really plays much anymore (including me). And sadly, you're seeing issues that still exist today in T!3D. You've posted so much that I really don't know where to start or what your current issue is. I'd be willing to help, but let's tap the brakes a bit and tackle things one by one.
  5. crbascott

    OMDB - Custom Schedule for 9/14/2019

    According to FlightAware, all their most recent flight are B77L. @Ripskin, I would suggest using B77F/77F to get the windowless livery. Yep, they've had 12 in their history but no longer operate them. Based on Saturday the 14th, SVA596 was operated by a 32N which is not available in RC. @Ripskin, a good substitution would be the A321/321.
  6. That screenshot is of your terminal file. A better screenshot would be of your strip and schedule. And in reality it should be in it's own thread. This thread is not really for debugging issues.
  7. crbascott


    @FeelThereI know that but I have always felt that the success of your product(s) and my customer satisfaction is also tied to quality RT/RC offerings. I personally feel RT/RC needs to be improved substantially now and for the next version. Right now I see it as a necessary evil and it could very well be a critical go/no go factor for me and the next version.
  8. crbascott

    OMDB airline can't figure out what airline

    Was this a FeelThere screenshot? They don't use real airlines in their screenshots. 🙄
  9. crbascott


    I just looked at the Real Traffic schedule for OMDB and there are a total of 632 flights with the peak hour being 04:00 with 36 flights (20 arrivals and 16 departures). According to Real Traffic, CYVR is busier than OMDB. 🤔 Looking at recent OMDB's flights on FlightAware it appears the typical day is easily 1000 flights or more. @nyergesdesign and @FeelThere, would you consider re-doing the RT schedule as it really appears that is not representative of a typical day at OMDB? The airport is getting solid reviews, the schedule is getting quite the opposite. Again, the real volume at OMDB alone (no need for cargo flights from a neighboring airport) should be be enough to satisfy your loyal customer base.
  10. crbascott

    Tower 2011 - EGLL (Heathrow) - advice

    By looking at the contents of the Airplanes folders, you should be able to figure out what airlines have liveries for what plane models.
  11. crbascott

    So what's next?

    Yes he does, if he really wants his customer base to know what's going on. Not every one does, or should for that matter, use Facebook.
  12. crbascott

    Taxiway Problem

    Due to space, not all taxiways are labeled. You'll need to have a KPHL airport diagram handy. However, sadly, FeelThere implemented an old version of this airport so current charts will not accurately represent the airport. Although, for the taxiways you highlighted a current chart will probably do.
  13. crbascott


    It's the same game engine plus I've never paid full price for a DLC. So, it will be a while at best and more than likely not at all. I miss it too. 😢
  14. crbascott


    Sad! As soon as a new airport gets released, customers are asking for custom schedules. What does that tell you? Hopefully, this is something that can be addressed in the next version.
  15. crbascott

    Tower 2011 - EGLL (Heathrow) - advice

    This can definitely be done using the airport editor.

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