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  1. crbascott

    Updating Real Traffic???

    Providing a credit card number isn’t needed via email.
  2. crbascott

    Updating Real Traffic???

    You can also email cservice@bmtmicro.com.
  3. crbascott

    EDDM Update

    Oh, so that's what this meant - thanks for the translation. πŸ™‚
  4. It's more than just colors Crystal, the SE version uses a different voice/speech engine. Not sure what to tell you about Radar Contact, either the command is not being recognized or your timing is off. I have both versions and I find the voice recognition engine of the SE version to be very finicky and not nearly as good as Tower!3D (although they are supposed to be the same).
  5. crbascott

    KTPA & KMCO Coming Into Gatwick

    I believe gate/terminal issues are a know bug with Gatwick. Theoretically, an SP for EGKK is in the works. What do you mean by "assigning an extra parking lot"? Nevertheless, I doubt this is the cause of your white planes. More than likely, it's a airline/plane type combination in your schedule that doesn't have a livery created for it. With this being a recent release, I would have thought that the "Nyerges Design team" would have delivered an accurate terminal file.That's unfortunate if that's not the case. For my custom schedules I always relied on the Airport's website and verified things through FlightAware as much as possible.
  6. 2. Read page 43 of the manual regarding RADAR CONTACT. The pilot will indicate he/she is "with you" and then you can respond with the command. If successful, you should see a message in the history of your command panel. The pilot will not respond back to the successful RADAR CONTACT command. You must have a successful RADAR CONTACT command before the pilot will recognize subsequent commands. 3. See page 7 of the manual for the ICAO phonetic alphabet pronunciation. This is the way you communicate with GA traffic in the game. The phonetic callsign for N456PC would be November Four Five Six Papa Charlie. 5. Was the video you watched of the SE version? From what I have experienced, clicking the PTT on the SE version does not make a sound. Not sure what you mean by radio noise. The SE game engine uses Windows speech so it's not going to sound radio-like.
  7. crbascott

    [Tracon! 2012:SE] : Real traffic questions please

    What are you calling "original traffic"? All GA flights, whether you have Real Traffic or not, are automatically generated. If you don't want GA flights, you'll need to go into the Tracon airspace editor and make modifications. I agree that the red line "should be the flight plan", but as I said before the game has shortcomings (bugs) and the plane doesn't always follow the red (departures) or green (arrivals) line for the reasons I already explained.
  8. crbascott

    [Tracon! 2012:SE] : Real traffic questions please

    Tracon randomly generates GA traffic depending on what airports/runways you select as active. So, if in fact a callsign of N975AN appeared, it is just a coincidence and not meant to emulate an American Airlines plane (despite the information shared by scoobflight). I'm pretty sure the plane you saw was not a B738. So to directly answer your questions: Odds are things are working as designed. SIDs and STARs have transitions and Tracon can only show one of the paths/transitions at a time. As a result, the red line (or green line for arrivals) doesn't always match the plane's path. But, bottom line, as a controller you can make the plane go where you want it to go. If you look at the charts you'll see the possible paths. LAS3 is obsolete now, but hopefully things haven't changed too much and LAS5 will show you want you want to see. Make sure to unselect all the runways for KLAS and other airports if you just want to control a single airport like KHND.
  9. Too late - the hijacking happened with your first post. πŸ˜€ The terminal workarounds are related to the DLC and not the custom schedule. i still think the issue is related to the engine because the lack of heavy gates is prevalent at EVERY airport and even with SPs they don't seem to get fixed. To bring things back on topic - nice work @battlehawk77. πŸ‘πŸ˜€
  10. Already having to develop workarounds? Yep, we definitely need more DLCs with this game engine. πŸ™„
  11. I'd recommend patiently waiting until it is available. @Pedantic G voluntarily does this out of the goodness of his heart and in his spare time. Three posts in five hours on the day a new airport was just released is a bit overboard and disrespectful.
  12. crbascott

    When is the next SP for Tower3d?

    Braf, that email you received and posted in another thread invited customers to post comment, reviews, etc. Why are you telling people to shut up when FeelThere asked for the opposite? And remember, at one time you even posted you were ready for the next version. And that pole (it'a actually poll) you mention, was only about what airports people wanted to see and nothing more. Not everyone is willing to compromise their standards for software. As a former software (non-gaming) developer, my standards apparently are a little higher. Unrealistic workarounds, deleting planes, and overlooking bugs are not the answer for everyone.
  13. crbascott

    Updated Airlines for Real Traffic

    You can add/delete all the airlines you want in the ...\Tracon! 2012\Databases\airlines.txt file. Of course for "new" airlines to show up, you'll need to add flights to the schedule file.
  14. Speculating on release dates? I thought you were smarter than that. πŸ™‚
  15. crbascott

    When is the next SP for Tower3d?

    What was the exact poll question? I don't recall seeing a poll of bug fixes versus new DLCs. Wasn't it more of what DLCs would we like to see?

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