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  1. crbascott

    Screen resolution during rain storm

    There is another setting that affects sim performance in rainy weather, but instead of speculating I'd rather wait to hear back from the OP as to what the issue exactly is. I personally think @Salad is on the right track.
  2. crbascott

    KLGA taxi and holding issues

    SimSmith released KLGA in Nov 2017 and at the time promised to fix several bugs A.S.A.P. (mentioning a Jan 2018 SP that never occurred) and even talked about converting his Tower!2011 airports to 3D. He hasn't been seen or heard from in over a year on the forum and quit updating his Facebook page. I understand you going through the standard bug/log protocol, but in this case I have a hard time realistically expecting any updates to KLGA.
  3. crbascott


    @AST- if you can share the location and contents of the following folders I'll get you up and running. Tracon!2012SE Airplanes databases sectors Tracon!2012
  4. crbascott

    LEBL Bugs

    Just a reminder folks - output_log.txt always contains your last session. As long one doesn’t start a new session, not running the bat file for a game.log is not a total loss.
  5. It was released over 3 months ago. Real Traffic hasn't changed, so unless you are using a custom schedule you won't notice anything different. Not sure what you mean by ''such as T2 & T3".
  6. @pete_agreatguy - I just wanted to say thanks for maintaining the list. It's obvious some are not as appreciative of your efforts as they should be.
  7. crbascott

    KLGA taxi and holding issues

    KLGA was developed by SimSmith. Does that mean you'll still take a look and possibly implement a fix?
  8. crbascott

    LEBL Bugs

    I always thought the 6 taxiways was a command limitation and not necessarily an internal route calculation limitation. --------------------------- I looked at some old log files and below shows calculated routes with over 6 taxiways. KLAX 12:10:15 alt: 0 takeoff: False/False/-2 OWNER_TOWER t: T5_in r: 25L * SWA5554 => Route is: H4, H, T, T, B, S, D, D7, T5_in, KJFK 18:03:25 alt: 0 takeoff: False/False/-1 OWNER_GROUND r: 13R * JBU1013 => Route is: T5_4, T5_apron, T4-5_apron, G, A, A, Q, MC, P, PA, calculate time: 0.04666138s highest count: 6167 KPHX 08:19:36 alt: 0 takeoff: False/False/-2 OWNER_TOWER t: T_g8 r: 25L * SWA354 => Route is: G4, F, F6, E6, E, D9, D, t_apron_13, T_g8, calculate time: 2.16272s highest count: 34572
  9. crbascott

    CUSTOM SCHEDULE for KPHL 20181107 V3.1 by Scout

    FeelThere mentioned the 8 hour loading process regarding Pro. But I figured out the solution with Tower!2011 before knowing the real cause of the issue. I prefer the term snippets. Any other term is just a marketing ploy to cover up a stolen idea. In real life controllers don't have to deal with the limitations that we have in the sim. I heard some people just use the 28s at KSFO. What's the use of playing these unique airports if you can only use parallel runways?
  10. crbascott

    Custom (REAL) Traffic #15 -- Barcelona v1.0 -- Fall 2018/19

    Looking at your GA file I find it interesting at the number of US registered planes (tail numbers beginning with N) that fly in/out of LEBL to other points in Europe - 9 planes in the schedule if I counted right. On the other hand, there are 0 planes with Spain registrations (tail numbers beginning with EC) in the schedule. Thoughts?
  11. crbascott

    CUSTOM SCHEDULE for KPHL 20181107 V3.1 by Scout

    At startup, the sim loads 8 hours worth of flights to apparently appease binge players. As a result, due to the way gates are assigned many departures get dropped and many arrivals will not show up due to a lack of gate availability. I discovered this issue with Tower!2011 and it is actually worse in Tower!3D and Pro (they used to "only" load 6 hours). The only way to combat this issue and to attempt to enjoy a schedule as it was created is to use snippets as Pete shared. I have provided snippets for all my custom schedules and this has been copied by several others - those that focus on quality and even those that focus on quantity. This problem exits in both single and multiplayer and can impact morning hours as well as afternoon and evening hours. Note to self - add a fix for this issue to wishlist items. 😉
  12. crbascott

    Newer flight number style

    Not true. In the example above, if 77U is being referencd by ATC as part of the call sign - the sim does not handle the U in the flight number. It is currently being ignored.
  13. crbascott

    Real Color - A New Concept

    This is a known issue with the base game. It loads 8 hours of flights and consequently it can cause many flights in the schedule to be dropped. That's why in all my custom schedules I provide snippets - 2 to 3 hour schedule slices to get around the loading issue as much as possible.
  14. I bet at least one person (besides Gabor) had input on what liveries appeared in the new airport.
  15. crbascott

    Tower 3d airport add ons

    Next version?

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