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  1. All the details on how to use the Plane Editor are in the manual for Tower!2011.
  2. crbascott

    KLAX Supplemental Procedures Info

    Not sure exactly what you are trying to do. You may want to post a link to the exact post you are referring to. You should should listen to LiveATC and/or watch the LAX webcam. Tower is pretty much having the pilot contact SoCal Departure by the end of the runway. Probably closer to 500-1000ft. Also, not to nitpick but a 251° departure to 3000ft has simplified the actual departure procedure. There is a slight turn required at 640ft. In reality, I believe DOCKR is closer to a direct 249° heading from the end of 25R. Again, not sure exactly what you are trying to do as this game doesn't necessarily fly a SID after the departure handoff.
  3. crbascott


    We had that functionality with Tower!2011 but lost it with T3D. I'm sure FT will be more than happy to charge you a high price if that functionality is added back in the next version. 😉
  4. crbascott

    Which aiport should I purchase next?

    And the fact that a week's worth of quality KJFK schedules already exists shouldn't be overlooked either.
  5. crbascott

    EDDM update to real color for Tower 3D Pro

    Sorry i guess I misinterpreted the word when in "any update on when eddm update would be available". My bad! 😂
  6. crbascott

    EDDM update to real color for Tower 3D Pro

    When is a four letter word on this forum. The developers don't publish release dates.
  7. crbascott

    Tower 2011 787 and A350

    Tower!2011 has a plane editor that allows you to create or modify any plane you want.
  8. crbascott


    Did you get KMEM? Did that do anything for you from a cargo perspective?
  9. crbascott

    Easy and fun intro to KLAX

    No, his calculations are correct. The game has multiple issues that cause less than the scheduled traffic to appear. If you search the forum I’m sure you’ll run across the issues I speak of. No matter a schedule maker’s best efforts, the game has traffic volume limitations. Whether a schedule maker produces quality or quantity of schedules it makes no difference.
  10. crbascott

    Easy and fun intro to KLAX

    Actually the credit should go to @onehand who built the charts - @pete_agreatguy is just a link sharer in this case. Below is the actual thread where one can see the genesis of the charts.
  11. crbascott

    Airport codes

    Or looking at the XXXX_airport.txt files that are included in Real Traffic ... although they are not 100% accurate, they do ultimately determine where planes go.
  12. crbascott


    Of course the community has made some posts, but the key point is that Facebook is the only place where FeelThere has initiated a poll. And the perception is the result of that poll is what you're going to do. I just feel hat this approach is neglecting the forum community at a time, at least in my circle of family and friends, where people are leaving Facebook for privacy/security concerns in addition to other reasons. PS - The poll doesn't look very scientific. Based on the screenshot, the same person has voted for the top 5 airports in the list. 😕
  13. crbascott


    Ah, so the Facebook group is the only place we have a “vote” or say now? That’s a shame. But I’d rather keep my privacy rather than hand it over to FeelThere just for a game.
  14. crbascott

    Tower!3D Pro won't work with schedules

    Actually you don't always need to buy the Real Color (RC) for the airport. Once you buy a RC pack the liveries in that pack will show up at all other airports where the airlines/models are in the schedule. I always recommend trying out the airport first and if there are too many white planes for your taste, then go get the RC.
  15. crbascott

    Tower!3D Pro won't work with schedules

    Even though you are wanting to build a custom schedule, you need to purchase Real Traffic (RT). Without it, you can't use any of the realistic airplane models and not having it is the reason for the loading issue. RT will also give you a good starting base of airlines, airports, and available airplanes. It looks like you are using Dick Parker's schedule creator which was built for Tower!2011. It uses really old data with obsolete airlines but if you're OK with that to each their own. Personally, I'd recommend using one of the custom schedules built specifically for Tower!3D Pro - https://charityalbumman.blogspot.com/2018/08/tower-3d-inc-pro-custom-schedules-list.html

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