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  1. If the old flights are coming back you are not doing what I suggested. Or you don't have update/write authority on the airport folders.
  2. Disagree. This is a feature in competing ATC sims and is also common in flight sims. A lot of wishlist items have been duplicated. Let's not be too critical here. No - it is much sooner. Pilots raise the landing gear almost immediately - once positive rate of climb is confirmed. I believe he is wanting this as a normal feature - not just with custom schedules. I think you misunderstood the request. He's looking for a traffic flow overlay (diagram).
  3. The game looks for a specific filename. Assuming you are building a KLAX schedule the filename is klax_schedule.txt. You'll want to rename or move/backup the original RT file so the game will use your file.
  4. Ah - you definitely understand Brafanese better than I do. Let's hope they don't release LHR before June. 😉
  5. I have no idea what you are trying to say here but here goes an attempt at a reply. JFK and LAX have both had RC updates so I don't foresee another update for then anytime soon. If and when LHR is released, I'm sure the Aeroflot A350 will be added if it flies there. However, looking at the last two weeks I don't see any.
  6. I think you are jumping to the wrong conclusions based on @Braf123456's reply. Unless I'm mistaken you can only go back a couple of days on FR24 to see the arrivals and departures for an airport.
  7. With a free FlightAware account you get the same thing - 3 months of flight history. But that is the key point, just like FR24, it is as the flight or aircraft level and not the airport level. For the record, I have a Gold subscription for FR24.
  8. I don't think a paid account expands the airport history data past the last 14 days. But for KLAX it would only cost $750 USD to purchase the last month's worth of data. @hexzed / @thepropilot747 - you willing to chip in? 🤑
  9. No real opinion. From a tower/airport perspective they seem authentic to me. From a Tracon perspective it seems like they combine a lot of positions so I've had a tougher time in matching real world frequencies and procedures.
  10. Just need to find an existing T!3D airport where that plane flies to and hope for an updated RC pack is in the future.
  11. If you are into VATSIM procedures, here's a more current version: https://nyartcc.org/znywiki/index.php/LGA_SOP JFK and PHL are available on the same site.
  12. Everyone that buys a FeelThere ATC product should definitely sign up and join the forum.
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