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  1. Sorry Braf but I really don't think you understand the bulk of the discussion. Please reread the original post in this thread very closely. @ATC AlaskaGuy said that Boeing is rebranding the plane and has officially announced it on their website. There has been no proof that an official announcement has been made by Boeing. You yourself said they are hiding. Every link shared has been a non-Boeing link and all those articles say that Boeing has been quiet on making an official announcement. Unfortunately the OP won't admit he "officially" stretched the truth in his post. I hope this makes sense (or is it cents?) to you. Simply, there has been no official announcement. Whether they are/are not rebranding is moot. You started it by posting a non-official link. 🤣
  2. Yep, as some of us have said all along there has been no official announcement from Boeing. This is just more proof and validates our claim. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Who needs a news feed when you have @ATC AlaskaGuy! Any chance of you sharing a link to that official announcement from Boeing’s website that you mentioned earlier?
  4. @Braf123456 Great picture, definitely looks like they are rebranding - there’s no argument about that. But, again, unless I’m mistaken - Woodys Aeroimages is not an official Boeing social media outlet. PS - the phrase is two cents. For the record, I’m very supportive of the development of the next version of the Tower series simulator. I’ve provided many wishlist items on my own but more importantly I led an effort on the Discord MP server (that I created for the community) to gather, consolidate, and submit 69 wishlist items. The hope for a new version that takes things to the next level (as Vic once stated) is why I stick around apparently to your disdain. But, I no longer choose to support the current “game”, as you put it. However, historically I did create custom schedules (was the first to create snippets and weekly schedules), helped squash several bugs with in-depth analysis, and beta tested several DLCs for FT and ND. I know this pales in comparison to what all you have done and will do for this community, but it is what it is. PS2 - I looked for a custom schedule by you and couldn’t find one. Do you have one? Maybe it will inspire me and others to “support the game” PS3 - I can’t wait for EGLL.
  5. You specifically said that it was officially announced on the Boeing website they were rebranding the Max. This article headline says “may”. Do you still stand by your statement that Boeing has made an official announcement? If so, please share a link from the Boeing site. For the record, I’m not questioning that they will rebrand the Max. I’m questioning the way you have stretched rumors into an official Boeing press release.
  6. There might be some logic but I think there’s some luck involved too. I’ve definitely sweated out slow movers at LAX. Can’t speak to DFW.
  7. I definitely saw the rumor elsewhere but like you found nothing on the Boeing site. That's why I asked for the link because @ATC AlaskaGuy specifically said "it is on the Boeing.com website that these aircraft are being rebranded". @ATC AlaskaGuy, care to enlighten us?
  8. You may end up with the same issue if the T!3D schedule you use has planes that weren't around in 2012. I think the main problem is that RT (for some strange reason) doesn't actually come with a schedule.txt file. You need to rename vnttrp.tit to schedule.txt. There's a chance vnttrp.tit may be installed by RT for T!2011 - can't recall exactly.
  9. @Flight ATCI've seen this issue happen before. If I remember correctly it has to do with unrecognized plane types. Tracon's Real Traffic can be a little confusing. Would you mind sharing the contents of you Databases folder?
  10. Very good point - my main wish is for realism but obviously that's not possible as a single player. That's why I moved to multiplayer but even that doesn't satisfy my realism thirst especially at larger airports. We'll see what the next version brings us (more positions, AI controllers, etc. ... who knows).. There's a built-in 5nm mile separation at the 20+ nm mark regardless of lead/following plane types - which in reality can be too much or too little. Yep, the planes in this version definitely like to take their time on the runways - both takeoff and landing.
  11. In the case of all three of the airports you mentioned, in real life during normal (non-Covid19 and non-construction) times the origination point (direction of arrival) has more to do with the actual arrival runway. There's just too much air congestion to allow for the criss-crossing of planes from one side of the airport to the other. Tracon!2012 has this feature because it is much more often the job of the approach controller. However, if the next version still has tower controllers managing traffic 20 miles out (hopefully not) then speed management is definitely needed.
  12. Off the top of my head, I'd add LAX, PHL, LAS, and MEM. I'm quite sure there are several others.
  13. If FeelThere waited for the completion of construction projects they'd never release any airports. Without doing in-depth analysis I'd say at least 75% of the airports released thus far are out of date or soon will be due to various construction projects. Heck, some airports were out of date the day they were released. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what gets delivered and when.
  14. You won't see this in the current version. We'll just have to wait to see what features make the cut for the next version - this was definitely on the wishlist.
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