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  1. crbascott

    new airport

    Below is a response to another post of yours that covers your question. I'd suggest patience. https://forum.simflight.com/topic/85405-kmco-is-out/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-516856
  2. Yes, I had the post below ready to go but wanted to make sure you were up and running first. Glad the schedule wasn't the issue - kinduva pride thing ya know! 🙂 Now that you have KPHX working - let's get to taxi routing. In researching for Tower!2011 and now Pro, I ran across some standard taxi routes. In west flow, there are three standard taxi routes: North Route (to rwy 26) - E T B from Terminal_2 & 3_S; D T B from Terminal 4_C/D South Route (to rwy 25L) - C S E from Terminal_3_N East Route (to rwy 25L) - C R from Terminal_4_A/B You don't mention east flow but it is not uncommon at KPHX. Runway 8 is used for arrivals and some departures, 7L for departures, and 7R for arrivals. Below are the primary taxi routes: North Route (to rwy 8 ) - E T C C4 B from Terminal_2 & 3_S; D T C C4 B from Terminal 4_C/D South Route (to rwy 7L) - C S D D8 E from Terminal_3_N & 4_A/B East Route (to rwy 8 ) - E R C from Terminal_4_C/D (I don't think this is used very often to taxi to the runway) West Route (to rwy 7L) - D D8 E from Terminal 4_C/D. The above is just for taxiing to the runway and doesn't cover all scenarios. The main thing to note is T is always used to taxi north and S is always used to taxi south. Have fun!
  3. What version of RT do you have? Looks like you are having problems with the airplane type 7M8 which is the BOEING 737-800 MAX. This was added with RT sp6v5 and the current version is sp6v7. If you update your Real Traffic (specifically kphx_airplanes.txt) you should be good to go.
  4. I don't think it is a schedule issue because they usually cause loading to freeze at 63%. From what I've seen 72% is graphics or memory related. I don't have a powerful system, but I can't recreate your issue. Can you try using a snippet versus the full schedule? If that doesn't work, can you attach a log file? Maybe even try rebooting. Again, at 72% I believe it has gotten past the point of loading the schedule.
  5. What day of the week - there are 7/14 full schedule files? Also what time was your session? FYI - I just tested each day's full schedule with a 9:00 start time and each day loaded fine. By chance, was the weather something other than clear? The game freezing at 72% is a known issue with some of the airports in non-clear weather conditions. If you turn off reflections in your advanced graphics setting that should take care of the problem.
  6. Thanks @CL30. I find KPHX rather enjoyable as a single player. But during the busier hours (using snippets of course) it can be a little insane so it can be a fun multiplayer airport too.
  7. Hello again Controllers! Looks like we got an SP for KPHX so how about we celebrate with a new 7 day schedule? Yes, 7 days of fun and action instead of just an old boring one day schedule. 😉 As always, my schedules are real and based on downloaded information from FlightAware. To avoid duplicate flight number issues a few flight numbers were changed, but no animals were harmed in the making of the schedules. In addition to busier than RT commercial traffic, I have included busier than RT GA traffic also. The chart below illustrates the day-by-day commercial and GA traffic included in the daily schedules. I've also created a custom terminal file that should more accurately represent the gates and terminals used at KPHX. Additionally, I've included updated airlines and airports files - primarily to handle the widespread GA traffic. And what is a standard feature for my custom schedules, I've included snippet files for each day - optimized schedule files containing 3 hours of flights from the full schedule. For example, the snippet optimized for a 10:00 session start contains flights for the hours of 09, 10, and 11. What I've seen and experienced is that using a full day's schedule (Real Traffic or custom) causes flights to be dropped because of gate availability and delayed due to "no free terminal". By reducing the number of hours in the schedule, you eliminate the dropped flights and get a richer more realistic flight volume experience. Interesting flights to/from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport include Rouge service to Canada, Condor twice-weekly service to Frankfurt, and of course the British Airways service to London. Additionally, there is a charter flight with an ICAO of JNY and a callsign of ROCK BAND. I challenge you to not sing Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin' when this plane shows up on the radar! 😍 Attached to bottom of this post you'll find a zip file called kphx_crbascott.zip that contains: Common files to be used for each of the 7 days: Updated terminal file - kphx_terminal.txt Updated airlines file - kphx_airlines.txt Updated airports file - kphx_airports.txt Reference file for GA/charter airlines included in GA traffic - charter_airlines.txt 7 folders containing the daily schedule files (13-Sunday, 14-Monday, 15-Tuesday, 16-Wednesday, 17-Thursday, 18-Friday, 19-Saturday). Within each folder you will find: Full custom schedule file for that day - kphx_schedule.txt Full GA traffic file for that day - kphx_gaandlocaltraffic.txt Folders containing snippet schedule files (both commercial and GA) for the hours 06 thru 22. I'd recommend unzipping kphx_crbascott.zip into your KPHX folder. It will create a crbascott sub-folder with the above mentioned contents. As always, please remember to backup your original Real Traffic files - current version is sp6v7. Feel free to contact me on this forum or Discord with questions, comments, and/or issues. ENJOY!! Craig (crbascott) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~f~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you are interested in multiplayer action and haven't yet joined us at Tower_MP, check out the following post for more information. https://forum.simflight.com/topic/83242-tower_mp-meeting-place-for-the-multiplayer-community/ Previous custom schedules: KLAS - https://forum.simflight.com/topic/84804-custom-schedules-for-klas-~-by-crbascott-~-7-daily-schedules/ KSAN - https://forum.simflight.com/topic/84788-custom-schedule-for-ksan-~-by-crbascott-~-bonus-files-included/ KJFK - https://forum.simflight.com/topic/84721-custom-schedule-for-kjfk-~-by-crbascott-~-bonus-files-included/ Next custom schedule: KLAX (7 daily schedules) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ kphx_crbascott.zip
  8. crbascott

    no takeoff

    It's all about gate availability. You'll see messages in your log file like no free terminal and Airplane dropped, no declared terminal. I've explained how to get around this issue in a previous post. @Braf123456Please update your post immediately and delete the schedule file. This is from Real Traffic and should not be posted on the forum - it is not freeware!
  9. crbascott


    I get this message too but have no issues.
  10. crbascott

    KPHX Phoenix SP Update please?

    As of this minute, I still get the original version when downloading from BMT Micro.
  11. crbascott

    KJFK - Push back issues

    Assuming your installer is KJFK_for_Tower3D_4.2a.exe then you have the current version. I believe all the troublesome gates/pushbacks (i.e., get stuck or collisions that cause point reductions) were corrected with the last release. However, I still do see a crazy pushback every once in a while but they are basically harmless at this point.
  12. crbascott

    no takeoff

    Development has stopped on Tower!3D Pro. No, to directly answer your question. The best solution is to NOT use a full 24 hour schedule - use what I call schedule snippets. I explained this concept when I released my custom schedule for KJFK - https://forum.simflight.com/topic/84721-custom-schedule-for-kjfk-~-by-crbascott-~-bonus-files-included/
  13. crbascott

    no takeoff

    This partial log file only covers 9 seconds of your session. Nothing can be determined from this.
  14. crbascott

    Airport files not options

    @C Bravo, the installers for airports released by FeelThere default to 3D instead of 3D Pro which can cause issues/headaches for Pro users. I'd recommend starting from scratch: Uninstall everything. Make sure the 3D and 3D Pro folders are removed. If worse comes to worse, just delete them and their contents. Reinstall the base sim - it should create and and install everything in the Tower!3D Pro folder. Install RT (Real Traffic) - there is only one RT DLC and the current version is sp6v7. The installer will ask you what version of Tower you have and will provide the correct default installation path. Install your airport add-ons. It is very import to make sure and change the install path to Tower!3D Pro. Install each of your RC (Real Color) add-ons. Again, the installer will ask you what version of Tower you have and will provide the correct installation path. After completing all this you should be up and running and you should only have a Tower!3D Pro folder. Good luck!
  15. crbascott

    Help with custom made schedule

    Kansas City is KMCI, I assume you are referring to KMCO which is Orlando. All the airplanes files should be updated, but if you see an airplane type in the KMCO or EDDM files that are not in the KLAX file you can add it. Now whether there is a livery available for the airline you want is another question.

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