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  1. Darn, had one more that I was going to add. πŸ˜‰ Good luck @FeelThere, I'm anxiously awaiting what the the next level of this product brings us.
  2. 1. From a realism standpoint, taking off from these intersections is a rarity. Nevertheless, it should work in the game so it appears to be a bug. This is assuming your plane doesn't need the full runway length to takeoff. 2. Sounds like a bug, seen it at other airports ... not uncommon to T!3DP. 3. Looks like you have modded your tower.rec file. You may want to try the just the vanilla pushback command - these commands can be very finicky to the game engine.The modded pushback commands aren't very realistic but they do save time. Neverthless, they don't always work well. 4. 17R is normally just used for takeoffs, but I've seen this issue before too. Runway 28 at KATL comes to mind. 5. Control panel limitation. There's not enough room for buttons for each runway. You'll just have to type 13R (if you don't use voice). KBOS has the same issue if I'm not mistaken. If/when KORD is release, it will have the same issue. 6. FeelThere stopped supporting their game engine over 2 years ago. New commands will not be added. However there is a workaround. Here are a couple of links for your reading pleasure. https://forum.simflight.com/topic/83119-runway-crossing-instructions https://forum.simflight.com/topic/87415-crossing-command/ As you can see from the first link, this issue was brought up over 3 years ago - not long after T!3DP was released.
  3. Apparently this is no longer a support forum but a personal blog. 🀣
  4. Yep, that's why I eventually moved from using scheduled flights as is to editing the scheduled flight times to using actual flights. With everything on the 5's there's a flurry of activity then you sit and wait until the next 5 minute interval. I prefer a more steady flow, but obviously to each their own. As a fan of realism, I like using actual flights because it is a reflection of what really happened. That's also why I was the first to provide 7 daily schedules and snippets- which, thankfully, @battlehawk77 is carrying the torch on. One day schedules don't really reflect the true flow/personality of an airport. And snippets help lessen the dropped flights and delays due to way the game engine loads a full schedule. But unfortunately right now due to to COVID-19, traffic volumes don't allow for great custom scheduling And, just like arrivals, the 5's impact departures too. The game engine can't handle departures (pushback requests) with the same time, so it will delay each subsequent departure/pushback around 14 seconds. Again, using the log file and schedule you provided, there are four departures scheduled at 06:55 (UAE805, UAE819, ESC9961, KQA305), This is when the pushback requests occurred: UAE805 - 06:55:06 UAE819 - 06:55:20 ESC9961 - 06:55:34 KQA305 - 06:55:48. As you can see, you get four pushback requests on top of each other and then you have to sit around and wait until 07:00 for the next "wave". I personally would edit the schedule to have a 06:55, 06:56, 06:57, and 06:58 departure for a steady flow and somewhat more realistic play. Again, this is my preference and it takes work but I feel it is worth it. The less I leave up to a game engine I don't necessarily trust, the better in my opinion.
  5. Looking at the log, the game engine never successfully completed calculating a route to the terminal - this is unusual. Typically it calculates a route or the log indicated unable to calculate route. This didn't happen in the case of UAE824. I did notice that you issued a TAXI TO TERMINAL command prior to receiving the successful landing message. I don't know if this triggered the issue, but just thought I'd mention it. Here is some more info worth noting. As I have shared with you this game engine has gate availability issues. According to the schedule you used, UAE824 was scheduled to arrive (actually, appear on the DBRITE) at 06:50. Due to gate availability issues, UAE824 didn't actually appear on the DBRITE until 06:59:34. When you ended your session at 07:10, there were 6 flights (FDB344, FDB446, FDB754, FDB730, FDB1706, FDB174) that were in a virtual holding pattern (no free terminal error) due to a lack of gates. Also, from a custom scheduling perspective here's a little tip. The game engine does not handle duplicate arrival times. You should space arrivals, if possible, at least a minute apart. In the case of this schedule, there are 7 flights scheduled to arrive (as mentioned before, appear on the DBRITE) at 06:50. This obviously won't happen and having duplicate arrivals time automatically causes delays. Here's what happened to those 7 flights that were scheduled for 06:50: UAE377 - appeared on DBRITE at 06:50:06 UAE824 - delayed until 06:59 UAE533 - delayed until 06:58 FDB754 - delayed, never spawned FDB446 - delayed, never spawned FDB344 - delayed, never spawned FDB174 - delayed, never spawned. I think gate availability was a bigger factor on these delays, but even if gates were available these flights would definitely have been delayed. Looks like everything is happening at the 5 minute marks (:00, :05, :10, :15, etc.) in the schedule. For better realism and playability, the times should be a little bit more creative. I also noticed flight OMA613 (a departure at 23:15) does not have an airplane type. This could potentially cause loading issues for certain playing times. Since I don't make custom schedules anymore πŸ™‚ I'd recommend checking out @battlehawk77's schedules to either play or emulate.
  6. Landing performance and runway exit speeds are game engine issues that have been discussed ad nauseum on the forum. The issues became clearly evident early on at KSAN and more so at KSFO where they cause the airport to be unplayable using realistic runway operations. I'd recommend familiarizing yourself with the EXIT RUNWAY and VACATE RUNWAY commands. Unfortunately with no further game engine modifications, these commands are the only options available. Note: With T!2011 we could modify the landing performance characteristics as a workaround. Unfortunately, this feature (airplane editor) was taken away with T!3DP.
  7. Beta would indicate development is near completion and a release is not too far away. Based on the pictures and information shared thus far, there is no indication that is the case at all.
  8. I stand by what I said - he doesn't issue updates to keep them current. Those were all community driven special projects (averaging about two a year). If he truly kept the packs updated for currency then he would provide regular updates for ALL the airports.
  9. @NovemberBravo What airport? It's not KDTW because it hasn't been released. And it's not KDFW, because those runways don't exist. Nevertheless, you're going to need to use a text editor and delete one of the duplicate flights.
  10. @mjkerr These liveries are not available because the airline/plane models are not in the Real Traffic schedule. I'm not sure what you are hoping to accomplish here, but as a user of T!2011 and T!3DP you should know that Nyerges Design does not issue updates to Real Color packs (or Real Traffic for that matter) to make them more current. I don't really want to say you are wasting your time with all these posts .... but ... you're wasting your time with all these posts. πŸ˜‰
  11. OK - the term duplicate aircraft was very confusing. It appears you are talking "duplicate flights" which makes a little more sense. They are clearly the same origination and destination , but that doesn't necessarily make them duplicates. Who knows what kind of delays were happening on the day the schedule was pulled (probably an actual day of flights from FlightAware). The fact that the flight numbers are different, indicates something unusual is going on - either in realty or just in the data. And regarding your results, what you are really seeing are the gate availability issues I've mentioned previously. These issues are more likely to occur when you run a full schedule (versus a snippet). The fact that these "duplicate flights" are involved is just a nature of the beast. More than likely if you change the origination airport on one flight for each pair you have above (no longer making them "duplicates"), you'll see similar results. The schedule doesn't cause "gate blocking", flights are dropped/delayed based on the game engine logic. If you'd like to share a log file (...\Tower!3D Pro\tower3d_Data\output_log,txt) from a session where the above scenarios occur I'll be more than happy to analyse it and provide feedback on what is specifically going on.
  12. Highly unlikely. Can you share a link to a post that says the new version is in Beta?
  13. By making these posts, you've reported it. Now whether FeelThere or Nyerges Design decide to act on your reports, that's a whole other question/conversation. What exactly do you mean by "duplicate aircraft"?
  14. @mjkerr Welcome to the joys of custom schedule making, the limitations of Tower!3D Pro, and the ultimate reliance on RT/RC. I’d suggest starting a new thread if you have more comments/questions as the recent posts don’t necessarily relate to the master list maintained by @Pedantic G.
  15. As I said, it's both. You'll find many dropped/delayed flights and it's due to the way the game engine assigns gates. This issue has been openly discussed for over 3 years.
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