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  1. With turning off WiFi being the solution for some people, is FeelThere looking into the possibility that the new FeelThere website/server might be the culprit for some of these crashes?
  2. I was just about to reply, but you beat me to it. In my first post in this thread I mentioned that excluding terminal entries caused problems in my testing. Keep in mind there may be a caveat leaving T3 and T4 blank. At one point in the life of T!3DP, leaving a terminal entry blank meant any airline could park there. I'm not sure if this is still the case, but if you want to make sure this doesn't happen you can add XXX (or some other code that is not valid) to the terminal entry and that terminal won't get used. Note: For reference, there is an "invisible" Terminal 6 at KJFK. You c
  3. The issue is the kewr_airplanes.txt file. In this file, you will see the following entry for the 73H: B73H-73H-BOEING 737-800 (WINGLETS) -NARROW BODY JET The entry in kjfk_airplanes.txt, is as follows: B738-73H-BOEING 737-800 (WINGLETS) -NARROW BODY JET. When playing KEWR and using the KEWR file, 73H gets converted to B73H. There is a RT model for the B73H, but there are no liveries for the B73H in any of the RC packs. Hence, your problem. When playing KJFK and using the KJFK file, 73H gets converted to B738. There is a RT model for the B738, and there a
  4. Getting stuck at 99% either means you still have a issue with your schedule files and/or there are no flights for the start time you selected. As we’ve said, a log file should tell us what is going on.
  5. I know - I've created a schedule or two and my time. Local airlines don't need to be in the GA file, but that's where they belong - especially if they don't have an IATA code. If you are concluding all this based on @james143611's results, I think his issues are ultimately related to the format issues @hexzed pointed out. Bottom line - the game just needs a departure, it doesn't matter if it is in the schedule file or GA file. I confirmed this with a test that had a GA file with one departure at 09:52 and a schedule file with just four flights - all arrivals (10:21, 10:26, 10:48
  6. @james143611I do not have LHR so I cannot test your schedule and accompanying files. However, if you could you post your log file (...\Tower!3D Pro\tower3d_Data\output_log.txt) after a session it might tell us what the issue is. Also, I'd suggest going back to your original files - schedule, GA, terminal, etc. before starting your session. My initial suspicion is you are running into the oft-mentioned and discussed gate availability issue. Especially, since you have excluded several terminal entries that were included in the RT terminal file. However, this alone could be your issue. I tes
  7. @james143611 Yes, you can add airports. The most important part is the format - if the format is wrong, the game won’t load. In reality, the lat/lon is really not that important because if may or may not even be used. At most it is used determine the direction a plane might turn after departure. Although it appears to be in a degree decimal minute format, for everything I’ve looked up the existing values appear to represent degree and degree minutes. Logically that makes no sense, but I've given up trying to understand Nyerges Design. Nevertheless, it’s not that big of a deal because a pr
  8. @james143611 A custom schedule has nothing to do with what runways a plane can or cannot takeoff from. Departure length for airplanes is controlled by the game engine and Real Traffic. You can check to see if you have the current version of RT and/or EGKK by verifying against the current versions sheet.
  9. OMDB has been out for well over a year and we know the game engine isn't changing. Where does one expect this thread to go?
  10. If “for me” means they are already in your terminal file, then you are using a modded file (possibly from another custom schedule).
  11. Regarding the terminal file, I didn't check the entire file but I quickly found two that caught my eye - MRA and FDY, since they didn't fly tubeliners..
  12. Actually for hour 11 I’m seeing 40 arrivals and 8 departures. Sure seems like it is out of balance - definitely not the norm for DFW. @thepropilot747 I’d also suggest supplying your own (accurate) terminal file as your schedule has airlines that are not in the RT file. Not doing so will lead to dropped flights.
  13. Based on the log file I would say yes. Looking at the log file, it stops before the message {"success":true,"data":[]} is written. Not sure what triggers that message but that's where the point of failure is.
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