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  1. crbascott

    Real Color "Survey" - New Liveries?

    Yep, this got no traction back in 2017 while now it seems there is an interest with Gabor seeming to be open to ideas like these. Maybe I was ahead of my time. 😉 Sadly, though, I really don't care anymore. 😢
  2. crbascott

    NEO AIRCRAFT - Community Input Required

    Yes, terminal/gate assignments in the Tower series thus far has been less than satisfying. The gate assignment granularity you are seeing at EGKK is similar to what was delivered in Tower!2011. As a matter of fact, all the Tower!2011 airports that have also been released in Tower!3D share very similar bland terminal definitions. However, with Tower!2011 we had the ability to customize airports (and airplanes) which I took advantage of to make more realistic terminal assignments down to the gate level if necessary. Sadly, we lost this modding feature with Tower!3D. Bringing back modding features is definitely on the wishlist for the oft-mentioned but who knows when next version.
  3. Yes it is updated in game - introduced in RC for KMCO. Check out this topic for more info: https://forum.simflight.com/topic/85409-new-liveries-with-kmco
  4. crbascott

    Tower 3d pro updates

    If/when RT or RC are updated, you have to re-download and re-install. If you bought them through feelthere or atcsuite, look for your original confirmation email for the download links.
  5. You contradicted yourself. You say it's not used and then describe when it is used. Bottom line - 26R is a valid runway and should be treated as such. If the developers implemented it to be used as a taxiway only then that should be made clear.
  6. @battlehawk77 created a custom schedule, not the airport. @707FAN, what do you expect him to do?
  7. crbascott

    NEO AIRCRAFT - Community Input Required

    Not arguing with you and totally agree about the release of the next version. I'm assuming 2020-2021 at this point. With that said, these RC updates will take time ... maybe 3-4 airports a year max. Since LAX has already been done I'm not sure it would be in the rotation for quite awhile. Based on that assumption, I shutter to think we'd have an RC update for KLAX before a new version of Tower.
  8. crbascott

    NEO AIRCRAFT - Community Input Required

    Another LAX release? I hope not!
  9. crbascott

    Throw us a bone Vic...

    So, what classes did you say you were taking in college? 😍
  10. crbascott

    Throw us a bone Vic...

    Another reason why progressive taxi is needed. Anything over 6 taxiways doesn’t seem realistic or even repeatable by a pilot.
  11. crbascott

    Speech recognition Approach Command

    FeelThere stopped updating T3D Pro a little over a year after its release. Tracon!2012 is 7+ years old. You're definitely not going to get an update in this version and there has been no talk of any future versions.
  12. crbascott


    No disagreement at all. Cortana is not relevant to the game - as mentioned before it is just to verify that voice recognition works on your system. I never use Cortana on my system - so it is off. You need to have voice recognition open/available, but for best results while playing the game you should set the status to "Off: Do not listen to anything I say". You should also spend some time doing Speech Recognition Voice Training at some point.
  13. crbascott

    Atl big fix

    There you go guys ... exactly the answer you were looking for. 🤦‍♂️
  14. crbascott

    noob on schedule customizing

    Using a single arrival runway it is roughly one minute and 30 seconds - the sim enforces 5nm separation between arrivals (at the initial DBRITE appearance). As a result, in my experience the maximum number of arrivals you'll see in a hour using a single arrival runway is roughly 42-45.
  15. crbascott

    noob on schedule customizing

    I wouldn't say correctly, but it is somewhat close. Fixing gate definitions and other issues are definitely something needed in the next version.

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