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  1. Thank you Pete! This is exactly what I needed. Thanks for your help. Anthony
  2. Hi Pete, I am Familiar with the Aircraft, just not sure how to deal with the codes and get this across to my TQ program. I was bale to identify one offsets from the PMDG document that I want to use 6561 (MCP_AT_SW_PUSHED) however this is a momentary switch, Is there a way I can get a permanent 0 or 1 depending on the state of AT (Engaged vs Disengaged)? I am sure this can be accomplished as I saw on some other threads about 'states' etc. But I just couldn't understand it in the context of a program. How do I use this in a LUA script. When I monitor the offset in FSUIPC I can see it m
  3. I will keep looking and trying, Thank you!
  4. Hi Pete, Do you mean this setting? [SDK] EnableDataBroadcast=1 or were you referring to other settings I need to change?
  5. Thanks Pete, Yes you are correct, I am looking for the AP settings from PMDG. I have looked at the document(attched) you refer to above, but cant find AP related offsets there, Not sure what I am missing. Probably don't know what to look for? Other than this, why are those offsets on my original list not populating? is it because I am using a PMDG aircraft? Is there a way to change it? Offset Mapping for PMDG 777X.pdf
  6. Hello All, I am trying to read data form my sim to improve my home built TQ and ran into some problems reading data from FSUIPC. here is my setup. FSUIPC 5.153 ( I plan to upgrade to FSUIPC 6 soon) P3D with PMDG 777 Aircraft SimConnect I am trying to identify the correct offsets specially in AP mode. See below output from FSInterrogate2std.exe program. I can see the value from the joystick input(3330, 3332) and I can also see the values from the throttle lever(088C, 0924). However I am not able to see any of the other values, with AP On or Off they
  7. Hi Pete, Wanted to share an update with you. I have not been able to find the root cause and have moved to an alternative solution that you suggest. I have moved the LUA script to the FS PC and everything works well. So I will settle for this and move forward. Appreciate very much all your help. Anthony
  8. Sim-A is Sim Avionics. The TQ is a home built system. I have 2 Potentiometers connected to the Throttle axis. the first set of Potentiometers are connected to a BU836 game controller and this is connected via USB to the FS PC. The 2 axis, throttle1 and 2 are configured via FSUIPC. See attached diagram. I have not tried Axis Logging and will try that as well.
  9. Thanks Pete, I obviously I didn't fully understand, I think i didn't reverse the order of the binary. So to use Core 3 and 4 I will set AM to ThreadAffinityMask=x18 (011000) correct? or to use cores 3, 4 and 5 AM should be ThreadAffinityMask=x38 (111000). did I get this right? I did try with a very simple LUA program that had a button function on it, there was still significant lag, so it has to be the overall program. So I will have to now figure out how to set AM for the WideClient and Sim-A via Windows. Thanks for the links.
  10. Hi Pete, Did quite a bit of testing/investigation but still no improvement. to answer your question I looking to get a steady stream of data from the LUA script so that I can drive my motorized TQ smoothly. I am unable to do this when I have Sim-A running. The TQ works great when I run P3D + PMDG aircraft. this is what I did to further trouble shoot. 1. I changed to UDP, I added ProtocolPreferred=UDP in the FSUIPC.ini file, no improvement after this change. 2. I disabled HT on both systems 3. Then I changed the AM on the FS system in FSUIPC.ini ThreadAffin
  11. Thanks Pete. I will give this a try this evening and report back.
  12. Thanks Pete. I will change wide client setting to UDP and try this evening, I don't have special requirements to run TCP as you suggested. I believe you are correct that this might be a windows subsystem issue and I am happy to make changes and try this. Could you please give me some guidance on setting Affinity? I know what it is but have no prior knowledge doing this. The FS system has an i7-5820K 6-core, HT enabled, OC'd to 4.5 (P3D and FSUIPC running on this system) The Sim-A system has an i7-4790K 4-core, HT enabled, no OC (Sim-A, Wide Client, LUA Script, running
  13. Hi Pete, I have attached the full log files from a short test I just did. I ran the system for about 1 minute without the Sim-A serve running and then started the Sim-A server and ran the system for another minute or two. Same issue as before, as soon as I start the Sim-A server. This test was run without the 50ms delay in the LUA code. To answer your questions; I have all the axis assigned via FSUIPC in P3D. Yes you are correct as a test I removed all the other variables and just tested with 3330 and 3332 so that I can make sure that the problem was not caused by the data comin
  14. Thanks Pete. I have tried with the 50ms delay and also taking it out. The problem persists either way. The Event function only triggers if the value has changed, so I don't check for that within my code. I am fine with the time it takes for the wide client to connect, I brought this up since I saw it was trying and tried an alternate, just wanted to explore if there were any hints for the overall serial data delay. not an issue with the connection time at all. I am using a COM port monitoring tool and my observations are based on that. I will send you new log files fo
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