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  1. Good morning, Is there a key shortcut you can assign with FSUIPC 7 for FS2020 to squawk VFR (1200) in your transponder? Some aircraft have buttons built in to do this, but the one I fly the most, the C152, doesn't. Any help you can provide is appreciated. Regards, Kevin Davis
  2. Hi John, I took "Repeat" off of the parking brake setting, but now the parking brake command doesn't work at all. I know that the toe breaks are applied because the red indicator on the bottom left of the screen says brakes when I press the trigger. I hope this makes sense. Regards, Kevin Davis
  3. Good morning, I setup the new Honeycomb Alpha controls exclusively with FSUIPC, but I'm still having a problem. I tried assigning the left trigger (button pressed with middle finger) for the Parking Brake command in P3d, but for some reason, it has both the parking brake and the regular brakes mapped to that button. I disabled controllers in P3d's settings, so I'd think FSUIPC would have full control of the joystick. If this thread is too old, I can certainly create a new topic. Any help you can provide is appreciated. Regards, Kevin Davis
  4. To whom it may concern, I started using FS2Crew for the PMDG 737, and I need to assign a button in order to activate the program. The button needs to be under, "Autofeather on/off." I set that up in FSX, but it isn't registering with FS2Crew. Could there be a key assignment that FSUIPC assigned that is canceling out FSX's settings? I tried to find the place in FSUIPC where it lets you view the current key assignments, but nothing showed up. Any help you can provide is appreciated. Regards, Kevin Davis
  5. To whom it may concern, G3D.dll has been an issue for me over the past few days. I made changes to an airport in Airport Design Editor, but when I compile it and update the scenery library in FSX: Steam, it crashes immediately after I load a flight at the airport I edited. I've been on the forums on FSDeveloper, and no one has really been able to find a solution for me. After the crashes, I went to Windows Event Viewer, and it said that G3D.dll was the faulty module. Do you think this could be an issue with FSUIPC? Everything looks fine on Airport Design Editor's end. Is that module related to a graphics card? Regards, Kevin Davis
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