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  1. Hi Thomas, Thanks for getting back to me. It takes two clicks of the mouse to get the desired movement (ie controlled by mouse that it moves 0->1 and with a second click on the same spot it moves 1->2 ). I used to be able to get it working in FSX with clicking the movement, naming the macro, clicking again, then calling the macro the same name. Could this procedure have changed? Troy
  2. Moved to Main Forum. Please ask questions related to FSUIPC always in Main Forum as it might not be seen in a Sub-Forum. Hi Pete, Just upgraded to FSUIPC 5.13 for P3D V4 and noticed you have now included the mouse macro functionality. So thankful! I wanted to get it running with my iFly 737 add-on, though not sure what I am doing wrong. The mouse macro feature seems to work with single inputs, though it seems to disappear if I program a macro with more than one input (ie moving a overhead switch twice). Any ideas? Thanks Troy
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