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  1. Some three years ago I pain my dues for FSUIPC. Since then I've needed to remove it but am now in a position to re-install. Can some kind soul give me some guidance to achieving this? Hopefully, thanks.
  2. I did read it, Pete but that isn’t my problem at all. Mine is limited to my sluggish brain. You asked me to send you the piece containing Mr. Richter and I hope he was in there somewhere. No need to respond to this. We can both drop the subject. Bon chance.
  3. OK ...mea culpa. I only have FSUIPC.4 to date as running with SE: FSX. here's that Richter piece....I hope.
  4. Mea culpa, Pete. As an SE: FSX User I'm using FSUIPC.4 of course. In addition, a subscriber's comments regarding these détent settings spoke of pages 41-43 on which I had become fixated. Now, in the .4 manual, starting at Page 50 is where I shall come to rest for a few days....with an air of optimism. Goodness knows how I missed them. More of Thomas Richter anon. Thanks for your patience. You can stop grinding your teeth for a while.
  5. Thanks, Pete. As MacArthur put it " I shall return".
  6. Perhaps you could tell me the precise page number(s) that I could zero in on that I can try once more to grasp this flap détent procedure. In the meantime, as far as I can ascertain both your, and my, usage of the Queen's English is sufficiently satisfactory that nether of us needs to refer to any tratnslation engine. Did my link to ThomS Richter prove helpful?
  7. Firstly, patient Pete, that Thomas Richter to which I referred posted some Flaps advice on 5th February to a subscriber named 767300. Secondly, the advice I seek is simple to describe. Having studied your carefully written manual I am baffled as to how I can set up flap détents. That's all. Can you take me 'by the hand' and lead me through the process ?
  8. Firstly, Thomas Richter replied, providing some advice on June 2nd. Then, I did start a new thread but if you would point me to an earlier mail that contained the help that a simple, slow-thinking chap like me needs, I should be delighted to have the mists cleared. Put simply, I cannot unravel your manual's advice sufficiently in order to solve my problem, so even if you were to reprint a section of it for me, it would serve little purpose. Looking forward to your helpful advice, Pete.
  9. Despite the quiet confidence displayed by Thomas, and despite my having read the manual, I am still puzzled as to setting up the step by step operational stages for flaps in my simple aircraft. i should be grateful for an 'extra simple' explanation. Many thanks.
  10. What me? Fuss? I shall just bash on, with a confident air. Trust that you had a delightful lunch, as did I. Thanks, once again.
  11. Thanks, Petre. However, my 'hidden files' are indeed being shown but I'm very suspicious about those three "FSUIPC4 listings from what you've said. This must mean an uninstall/reinstall, surely.
  12. I do not have this file within my FSX Modules. Does that mean an uninstall/reinstall of FSUIPC.4? Thank you.
  13. 1. Steam FSX. 2. Version 4.974. As for connecting with FSFS Forum, I am on my way. I should be delighted if there's any other input you might offer I shall, await patiently. If not, I shall update you on any progress I make with FSFS. Many thanks for your swift reply.
  14. Having installed FS Flying School Pro 2018 recently I was delighted to see that your programme was included.in the package. However, having established my Cessna on the selected runway and poined to 'addons' and 'FSUIPC' then finally 'Cancel' on your 'Options and Settings' pop up, as the FSFS manual instructs, I had no feedback. Do I need to put in my FSUIPC selections before booting up FSFS Pro, and how might I do that? Many thanks.
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