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  1. I dont know if my findings is related to the issue other have. But it was the solution for me.
  2. When this registry entry existed my p3d was just hanging at 30% cpu and nothing more happend, no errors. I dident get the P3D dialog/startup screen. No FSUIPC.log was created. And your right, when I reinstalled FSUIPC things was working again, but I dident know why just reinstalling FSUIPC was fixing my issue. So it had to be something. But if your installer are removing all the FSUIPC entries from registry it will explain why it worked after a reinstall.
  3. Hello I Also had issues lately with P3D not starting because of FSUIPC. It happend after a crash I had with P3D. I think I found the reason it dident start. I searched the registry for FSUIPC and found this. [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers] "F:\\Games\\Lockheed Martin\\Prepar3D v3\\Prepar3D.exe"="$ IgnoreFreeLibrary<FSUIPC4.dll>" When I deleted the "F:\\Games\\Lockheed Martin\\Prepar3D v3\\Prepar3D.exe"="$ IgnoreFreeLibrary<FSUIPC4.dll>" P3D started as normal. I dont know why fsuipc4.dll is "flagged", but maybe this can give you some hints. Tom Stian
  4. I have locked my framerate to 25 FPS. And also usaly have 25 FPS in Fs2004.. My computer that is running PMSystems is a P4 1.4 GHz with 256MB RAM. The videocard is a Geforce 2 card. But I dont think that should slow down the performance to pmsystem!? Best Regards Tom Stian Bjerk
  5. My PM-system may be a littlebit slow.. the logic cycle is set to 50ms .. And the hardware is a P4.. So I dont know why it is so slow.. PMsystems is not a CPU friendly software ..
  6. Now I tried the both 0BCA and 32F9 offset.. The Autobrake is trigging the 0BCA offset, so can not use that one. But the 32F9 is working almost fine :) .. The only problem is that the offset is only trigging when my toe brakes are "on the move" If I hold the brakes steady at 50%, the offset is "0". PMsystems can have some problem to get the time to read the offset if I dont push the brakes "slowly". Best Regards Tom Stian Bjerk
  7. Hi.. I have made an logic on PMSystems for automaticly disconnects autobrake when using the toe brake. For that I have used this offsets for detecting the toe brake use. 0C00 1 Right toe brake control: 0 – 200, proportional braking with timed decay 0C01 1 Left toe brake control: 0 –200, proportional braking with timed decay When monitoring the two offsets I got normal values from 0C01 (left toe brake) , 0-200 as described. But from the 0C00 (right toe brake) I got some very strange values. I dont remeber the values right now (at job) but it is not between the 0-200. And the right toe brake also "infect" the values for the left toe brake. Is it a bug ? :) Using FS2004 with FSUIPC 3.71 Well.. hope you understand. :) Best Regards Tom Stian Bjerk
  8. Thanks... Its works now.. Thank you for the support :)
  9. Hi.. Im using Project Magenta software. I want to assign two axis on my CH TQ for the Fuel Cutoff to the PMSystem. the Offsets are 561A .0 CutoffL 561A .1 CutoffR ON = Cutoff OFF = IDLE But I dont understand how to do it.. Im using a other axis for gear up and down. but I dont use any offset for that.. using the "buildt in" values. Can anybody help me with this issue ? Best Regards Tom Stian Bjerk
  10. Hi.. Is it possible to preorder the FSUIPC4 ?.. So that I have the key when its ready for release? Best Regards Tom Stian Bjerk
  11. My netbt.sys is also version 5.1.2600.2180
  12. WideFS has worked perfecly for me until this problem with the mailslot/broadcast case. I dident now that the recommandation was to have all to computers in the same workgroup to get the WideFS to work two-way interaction. That is something I have missed. well well.. but I will check all my computers now and change them all to the same workgroup.. Anyway.. I am happy now.. :) .. Tnx again for the great support Pete.. Best Regards Tom Stian Bjerk
  13. YES YES YES YES YES YES YES :) I SOLVED IT :) .. (sorry for caps :=) I am really happy now.. All the computers have to be in the same workgroup for the mailslot to work correctly .. :) I have not tested it very much yet, but as I said it worked :) There is a known bug for microsoft, you can read about it here http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=822345 Microsoft says that the resolution is to obtain the latest servicepack. But I have all updates from windowsupdate. But MS also says that it is possible to get an HOTFIX for this problem. Best Regards Tom Stian Bjerk
  14. What I could do is supply a WideClient with both the interval (3 seconds at present) and the timeout (1 second at present) configurable. Then you could experiment, from the daft (timeout of 10 seconds, every 11, or similar) to the fast (timeout of 100 mSecs every 150 mSecs) -- assuming I set the values in mSecs. What do you think? Is it worth a try? Let me know. I sohuld be able to fit that in tomorrow some time. Regards, Pete If you feel you have the time it had been very kind of you to do that.. :) until you have made that new version I will still test here to get it to work. I dont going to cry even if we dont find out what the problem is. The wideserve/client is still working good with the wideclient defined setup :=) .. But it had been nice to find it what the problem is. Isent there anyone else that have tested this ? Tnx for the great support Best Regards Tom Stian
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