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  1. Hi John, No problem. Also your reply went to my spam folder, so I saw it very late. In the meantime I figured out the problem: I checked my scenery folder and found some erroneous entry at the end of the list. After I deleted the entry, makerwys (v4.871) ran w/o problem. Thanks for reply Juergen Mader P.S. Also upgraded to version 4.873
  2. Sorry, forgot to sign Brgds Juergen Mader
  3. Hi, I had been using this version of makerwys w/o any problems. After relocating some airports to a Folder outside of P3Dv4, I get the following error: "Failed to make all of the data files! Failed to make FStarRCRWS file! Total airports = 0; runways = 0" Thanks for help and reply
  4. Hi, I need to temporarily unUnstall FScene (FScene4X Total Pack) from my simulator FSX-SE. What is the proper method to remove the installation from the simulator? Thanks for help Juergen Mader
  5. Thomas, Thanks, that is exactly what I did . I also checked the version number and it is version 4.974 which is installed. Thank you again for clarification Juergen
  6. Pete, I assume the "not now" appears during the installation of version 4.974???? BTW I used "update" and "upgrade" in my post, so I had a 50/50 chance of being correct. Thanks Juergen
  7. Hi, I am trying to update my version 4.969 to version 4.974; I have the full (purchased FSUIPC V4.969) version from simMarket. Question: 1) Can I just download (from Downloads) version 4.974, unzip and install (I am running FSX-SE) and will this upgrade my purchased version? Thanks for reply/help Juergen Mader
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