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  1. Hi, The problem was that I had conflicting assignments in P3D and FSUIPC. I reset FSUIPC to default and copied/pasted the additional button assignments from the previous FSUIPC.ini. Now everything works NORMAL. Thanks for help Juergen Mader
  2. Hi, I have a problem with FSUIPC in P3Dv4.5 and Aerosoft Airbus aircraft. When FSUIPC is loaded, the X and Y axis of my side stick will not reach the end positions and re-center and behave somewhat erratic. If I set the add-on.xml to .off, so FSUIPC does not get loaded and I perform the flight control check both axis behave normal with smooth movement and re-center. Initially I thought I had to run my side stick thru FSUIPC, but decided against it and set it up directly in P3Dv4. So now I don't know if there are any entries in the FSUIPC.ini that affect these 2 axis and affect the movement of the side stick in P3Dv4.5. I also deleted FSUIPC (control panel) and re installed it, but the same FSUIPC.ini showed up again. If someone could take a look at my attached FSUIPC.ini file and let me know which entries are affecting the X and Y axis, so I can delete them. Thanks for help Juergen Mader FSUIPC6.ini
  3. Hi Pete, As for ChasePlane it provides hatswitch movements N-E-S-W as well as NE-SE-SW-NW by itself, HOWEVER only for 1(one) controller. Since many of us have 2 controllers (yoke and side stick) I always have to have both controllers available during a flight ( one for ChasePlane and one for aircraft; space problem). So with mapping the hat switches of both units through FSUIPC as keyboard button presses to ChasePlane, I now only need 1 (one) controller for a flight. I now got the key-presses to work in ALL direction (N-E-S-W as well as the 4 diagonal movements). The only thing that I don't know, why it is working now and not on Sunday???? All I did is turn the PC OFF on Sunday and back ON this morning????????????? But thanks for help Juergen Mader
  4. Hi Thomas, Well I overstated my ability I guess, since I can NOT figure out why my Diagonal Pan's don't work. I have 2 controllers, R2(Alpha Flight Yoke) and R3 (Airbus Side Stick) and I programmed R3 to include diagonal movement. I know the hat switch is capable of it, since it shows up in FSUIPC as button 33, 35, 37 and 39. These are my button definitions: 0=R2,32,K68,10 -{Key press: ctl+D}- 1=R2,34,K72,10 -{Key press: ctl+H}- 2=R2,36,K75,10 -{Key press: ctl+K}- 3=R2,38,K70,10 -{Key press: ctl+F}- 4=R3,32,K68,10 -{Key press: ctl+D}- 5=R3,34,K72,10 -{Key press: ctl+H}- 6=R3,36,K75,10 -{Key press: ctl+K}- 7=R3,38,K70,10 -{Key press: ctl+F}- 8=R3,33,K68,10 -{Key press: ctl+D}- 9=R3,33,K72,10 -{Key press: ctl+H}- 10=R3,35,K72,10 -{Key press: ctl+H}- 11=R3,35,K75,10 -{Key press: ctl+K}- 12=R3,37,K75,10 -{Key press: ctl+K}- 13=R3,37,K70,10 -{Key press: ctl+F}- 14=R3,39,K70,10 -{Key press: ctl+F}- 15=R3,39,K68,10 -{Key press: ctl+D}- 16=P3,4,K51,26 -{Key press: alt+ctl+3}- 17=P3,9,K50,26 -{Key press: alt+ctl+2}- 18=P2,2,K49,26 -{Key press: alt+ctl+1}- 19=P2,1,K51,26 -{Key press: alt+ctl+3}- 20=P2,0,K50,26 -{Key press: alt+ctl+2}- 21=P3,2,K49,26 -{Key press: alt+ctl+1}- The buttons are set to repeat and left, right, up and down work fine on both controllers/hat switches. I have also attached a copy of the .ini file if needed. I would appreciate you taking a look and see if something jumps out at you. Many thanks Juergen Mader FSUIPC6.ini
  5. Thomas, Thanks very much. With the typo I just doubted myself, but I completely understand now how to program the 2 controllers. Until my next problem Brgds Juergen
  6. Hi Pete, Thanks for clarification; I just wanted to make sure I understand the logic. I know now how to program the hat switch properly. As for the diagonal movement in ChasePlane - you certainly can move diagonal w/o problems. My problem is that it does not recognize 2 different joysticks (for me Alpha Flight Yoke for Boeing and ThrusMaster side stick for Airbus). Each one of these controllers has a hat switch, which I can program in FSUIPC to send the correct commands to ChasePlane. Hope that makes sense Again Thank you and Thomas for help Juergen Mader
  7. Hi Thomas, Thanks for speedy reply. I am pretty sure I understand, however why does your button 35 (diagonal right - down) have the same definitions as button 33 (diagonal right - up)? Here it would seem like the view would go diagonal right-up? Thanks for clarification Juergen Mader
  8. Hi Thomas, I believe my light bulb went of: I have enclosed a brief Excel sheet documenting what I believe is happening to get the diagonal movement of the hat switch working. Again if you could take a look at it and let me know if I am correct, I would appreciate it Brgds Juergen Mader Location: KTPA FSUIPC Assignment.xlsx
  9. Thomas, That's what I thought. I do understand the programming of the flight controls buttons. But here I am in particular interested in the hat switch, since that is the button that I use in ChasePlane to look around in the virtual cockpit. In his video he programmed the tilt up & down and pan left / right (= P0/P180/P270/P90 in ChasePlane) with Ctrl+T/G/F/H. However, what I don't understand is the "diagonal" movement programming he talks about, where he edits the .ini file to have 2 buttons working at the same time, e.g. P0 & P90 should be a 45 degree diagonal movement. If you look at the .ini file, line items 42 thru at least 59 are hat switch commands. Again, I just can't figure out how he programmed the diagonal movement with 2 (two) hat switch buttons pressed simultaneous. I hope you could shed some light on this mystery, since quite a few simmers have the same problem and there is not a ready made solution available. According to ChasePlane, a differentiation of several controller profiles is NOT in the near future / not in the present version of ChasePlane. Thomas, I hope I am not imposing on you, but I would greatly appreciate if you could give me some idea how the guy did that. Brgds Juergen Mader Location: KTPA
  10. Thanks Thomas, that's it. I was wondering if you could do me another favor and look at that video where the guy shows his .ini file (approx. 3:19 min). I assume the l/h numbers are generated when you assign buttons in FSUIPC. So these numerical values on the left are buttons/switches assigned in FSUIPC and written to the .ini file? Thanks for your help Juergen Mader
  11. Hi, 1. Some background: In order to make the flight experience more realistic I have (or will have) flight controls for Boeing aircraft (from Honeycomb - Yoke and Throttle Quadrant) as well as for Airbus aircraft (from ThrustMaster - Sidestick and Throttle Quadrant). Now the problem arises that ChasePlane (camera utility program) only recognizes one control unit to assign buttons to; so at the moment I use a ThrustMaster joystick to control views (inside / outside) and a hat switch for pan. If I fly a Boeing aircraft I use that joystick/side stick to control ChasePlane and a Honeycomb Alpha Flight Yoke to control the aircraft. Since the flight yoke has a hat switch, as does the Airbus side stick I would like to use either (depending on the aircraft I am flying) to control the pan motion of the ChasePlane camera. 2. Youtube video from AviationPro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5chiseBYH34 (starts at 2:33 min) In this video it is explained how to use FSUIPC to send aircraft specific keyboard commands to the simulator (in my case P3Dv4.5) to control the ChasePlane camera. He also edited the FSUIP.ini file to achieve the diagonal movements as well as the up/down and pan up/pan-down movements. So I purchased FSUIPC6, installed it, however I can't find the/a FSUIP6.ini file. FSUIPC6 is installed in Documents>Prepard3D v4 Add-ons>FSUIPC6. Any help to clarify the problem would be appreciated Thanks Juergen Mader
  12. Hi, Sorry for premature post. I deleted my scenery.cfg and had P3D rebuilt it. Loaded a flight and exited P3D. Started MakeRwys 4.90 and it started and ran with no problem. Sorry
  13. Hi, I just update my MakeRwys 4.8.73 with version 4.90. I place the .exe in the root folder of my P3Dv4.5.14.34689 and executed it. I am now getting an error: "Failed to make all of the data files. Failed to make FStarRCRWS file!" The file does not execute but the error shows immediately. Thanks for suggestions and help
  14. Hi John, No problem. Also your reply went to my spam folder, so I saw it very late. In the meantime I figured out the problem: I checked my scenery folder and found some erroneous entry at the end of the list. After I deleted the entry, makerwys (v4.871) ran w/o problem. Thanks for reply Juergen Mader P.S. Also upgraded to version 4.873
  15. Sorry, forgot to sign Brgds Juergen Mader
  16. Hi, I had been using this version of makerwys w/o any problems. After relocating some airports to a Folder outside of P3Dv4, I get the following error: "Failed to make all of the data files! Failed to make FStarRCRWS file! Total airports = 0; runways = 0" Thanks for help and reply
  17. Hi, I need to temporarily unUnstall FScene (FScene4X Total Pack) from my simulator FSX-SE. What is the proper method to remove the installation from the simulator? Thanks for help Juergen Mader
  18. Thomas, Thanks, that is exactly what I did . I also checked the version number and it is version 4.974 which is installed. Thank you again for clarification Juergen
  19. Pete, I assume the "not now" appears during the installation of version 4.974???? BTW I used "update" and "upgrade" in my post, so I had a 50/50 chance of being correct. Thanks Juergen
  20. Hi, I am trying to update my version 4.969 to version 4.974; I have the full (purchased FSUIPC V4.969) version from simMarket. Question: 1) Can I just download (from Downloads) version 4.974, unzip and install (I am running FSX-SE) and will this upgrade my purchased version? Thanks for reply/help Juergen Mader
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