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  1. Hi guys, Like many of you, I have a job, lol. When I come home I want to fly my plane and relax. Well, I just bought MyTraffic and I have not had a relaxing night since... and I haven't flown. I am a member of a American Airlines VA. The traffic file still has US Airways flights which is irritating, to say the least. So I figure, I would change the US planes to AA planes by changing the FSX title and I would have all AA planes flying the same US routes right?! No. So this morning, i figured I'd check with UTT to see if they have an updated AA flight plan, which they do. I download it because I'm going to import that flight plan to MyTraffic and some how get rid of all US flight plans. Yeah, well... there is no way that I can find to import an external flight plan. Why is this not simple? Why can't we edit flight plans using a program like AIFP? Now that's simple.. or simpler than this. Soooooo my question is. Can I import an external flight plan or no? If not, I may have to go back to another traffic supplier. Trying to figure this out is like a second job. Thanks Guys Signed - Increasingly frustrated, lol
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