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  1. ElPasoJoe

    Tower!3DPro views during simulation

    Thanks everyone. I did figure out about holding down the mouse. I have seen some videos that are not in Multiplayer mode where you can go to an aircraft or change viewpoint within the game. This is mainly what I am wanting to know. Thanks again
  2. ElPasoJoe

    Tower!3DPro views during simulation

    Thank you. I have also seen where people can zoom in or follow an aircraft. I'm not sure how this is done. Thanks again, Joe
  3. Hello, I am not able to look around from the tower. I am only able to click on aircraft in the strip and see the aircraft that I am communicating with. Any ideas how to look around the airport? This happens with all airports. Thank you, Joe
  4. Hello, I am unable to see SAN in the airports list after installing. I did install the exe file as admin. Any ideas? Thanks, Joe
  5. Got it to run! I had to use run as admin to get it to work properly. Thank a million!
  6. From the FeelThere website. I am trying installing as admin now.
  7. Thanks for the response. There is no .exe in the install folder. There is only an uninstall Tower3D Pro.
  8. I downloaded and installed the program however, there is no .exe file for the program to run. When running the installer, everything appears to install correctly and I see that the program has finished installing and click exit on the installer yet nothing shows up on my desktop or start menu for the program except uninstall Tower3DPro. Please advise. Thank you.

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