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  1. Have you installed, or updated any programs in between installing Tower 3D and Tracon? Can you run Tracon in safe mode and see what happens?
  2. hexzed

    Tower 3d airport add ons

    Yes any DLC with Tower 3D in the title will work 🙂
  3. hexzed

    EDDS - real call signs and real colour?

    It's more than likely because its a tweak of programming off the Tower 2011 base
  4. hexzed

    Tower!2011 Airports and Tower!3D Pro SE

  5. hexzed

    EDDS - real call signs and real colour?

    The Steam version works ok with the real traffic/colour, it's just when you install it you have to change the file path to match your steam folder
  6. hexzed

    CUSTOM SCHEDULE for KPHL 20181107 V3 by Scout

    I've just had a brief look at your files. There is no real need to supply the Airplane and airport text files as anybody that has Real traffic will have these files. I assume you have used the terminal file from Real traffic as well? As i believe that AWE, and CHQ airlines do not exist anymore
  7. I can confirm that using Texturepack 3 only, that all those 320's do appear ok on Philadelphia
  8. The liveries should work on all airports, i will check shortly on mine. You show Texturepack 3 (which is LAX) but you say you have downloaded Philadelphia as well? Do you have texturepack 2 as well?
  9. Gatwick should be next as far as I know
  10. hexzed

    Community Poll - Tower!3D Product Survey

    Pro for Voice rec, and multi monitors.
  11. Check out this thread, a somewhat similar issue to yours. In short there was a program in the background causing issues https://forum.simflight.com/topic/85564-2nd-monitor-popups-dont-open/
  12. hexzed

    Halloween 2018 Schedule

    I'm scared already 😨
  13. hexzed

    Help own schedule will not load

    There is not really any programming. Use the text files in the real traffic folder as a template, and change what you need to. In regards to which planes have liveries, the manifest file in the airplanes folder has a list of which ones at each airport. Match this to the airlines text file You can use Excel for easier editing, then save as a csv/text file
  14. hexzed

    EDDM bug/feature or what ever...

    Hi I think somethings getting lost in translation. You are doing everything ok, nothing you need to change

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