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  1. They are still marketing themselves as Mokulele airlines, https://mokuleleairlines.com/ so i would assume that they will still be using that livery.
  2. The only issue with the Southern airways express change, is that the Mokulele livery won't show under the 9x IATA
  3. Right click, hold and move
  4. Yes I didnt explain it well, what eligrim said 😁
  5. Yes there is. Line 377 has a semi colon From line 410 the '12:00' does not line up with DFW Lines 571 and 572 are missing a 1
  6. Can you attach your schedule so we can have a look?
  7. I believe that may just be a error by Gary in the file. The actual United 787-800 has not been updated yet, if it will be at all.
  8. The bear forgot to wear its hi viz vest
  9. Right, that'll do it 😄
  10. How have you set up your arriving and departing airlines in the schedule? In the 'tower3d data folder' there is an 'output log.txt'. Post this and it should also show what the issue is
  11. This was a cross over livery, and was added for extra variety. However when a new RC comes out with the LOT E90 then it will be changed to the Blue/white one. As shown in the link, it was a real livery https://www.jetphotos.com/registration/SP-LNO
  12. Can you share what's in the KEWR folder?
  13. Might want to ask Wildcard about that one 😉
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