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  1. hexzed

    Issue with CYVR RC

    Glad you sorted it 🙂
  2. hexzed

    Issue with CYVR RC

    That is definitely an issue with installation, files or similar, i have seen that before. More than likely your Real Traffic is not up to date. What version Real Traffic do you have and do you have a screenshot of your airplanes, and texturepack folder?
  3. hexzed


    3.3c is the tower version. You need to download the new version of real traffic from the download link you got in the original email. Also check your YMML real colour files are in the texture pack folder
  4. hexzed


    Oh yeah!
  5. But i want it now!😤😉
  6. hexzed

    Custom Schedule Tutorial???

    I'm guessing you didn't get Office for free when you were at college then 🤔😆
  7. hexzed

    Custom Schedule Tutorial???

    But use excel/openoffice calc, as it is a lot easier 🙂
  8. hexzed

    Custom (REAL) Traffic #11 -- Atlanta v1.0 -- Summer 2018

    No the weather affects the game. I believe the bigger the amount of data loading the worst the crashing is when loading the weather effects
  9. hexzed

    Custom (REAL) Traffic #11 -- Atlanta v1.0 -- Summer 2018

    Have you tried it with calm weather?
  10. hexzed

    When is the next SP for Tower3d?

    The developers have stated that they are not updating the base game anymore. That's why a lot of us are waiting on the next version before spending any major amounts of money. As to the reason why, only Feelthere can answer that question.
  11. hexzed

    custom schedule questions

    It may or may not be considered disrespectful to do this, but unless you are going to publicly release the schedule nobody is going to know anyhow 🤔
  12. I'm sure battlehawk will release a new schedule at some point, but us schedule makers do this in our spare time so are not updated on a weekly or even monthly basis. However I'm pretty sure there will be little difference between a spring and summer schedule anyway. I would try this for a start and see how it goes 🙂
  13. Yes Craig as you say. Hopefully the next version fixes my need for this creative fudging 🙄😊
  14. Thanks for the compliments. It's a bit of work, but I enjoy doing it 😊
  15. The full stops and any other separators are there to differentiate between the passenger and cargo versions of the airline as well as between the different regionals. I initially changed the ICAO, but due to possible double ups I have been trying this instead. The reason for this is so that the cargo airlines go to the cargo terminal, and the passenger airlines go to their correct terminal. In turn the same for any regionals, eg Republic Airlines operating for American will go to terminal 8, Republic airlines operating for Delta will go to terminal 2, etc Hope this explains everything 🙂

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