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  1. You are correct, I shouldn't answer questions late at night 🤦‍♂️
  2. What was your taxi instruction? Specifically, did you include E in your taxi instructions? If you didn't then this kind of routing is pretty normal for the game.
  3. Line 30 has a comma instead of a colon. Fix this it should work 🙂
  4. Controlled hours only works on the Steam edition/download
  5. You can customise any of the files, you just need to make sure that Vistara, or any other airlines added to the terminal file are also in the airlines text file. Also as always make sure you have the latest Real Traffic. If you post the output log it should show what your latest issue is
  6. You have errors on lines 104 and 239. There is a colon instead of a comma. This is likely causing issues loading the schedule 🙂
  7. Exactly what commands are you using from start to finish? I have had no issues with 26L at full length takeoff (26R is another story 😃)
  8. As far as i can hear Salad is correct. He-trow, or Heat-row is pronounced
  9. Yes all cargo airplanes in RC packs, since LFPG i believe, have had NO windows. Check Garys list for details
  10. Do you want to open a new thread, and we can take it there, rather than hijacking this one
  11. Ok at the bottom of the file there should be a whole lot of error text that has a _1 some where. Copy and past that part here
  12. Go to the 'tower3d_data' folder, and then attach the output_log.txt here. That will show what is wrong
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