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  1. hexzed

    KLAX Supplemental Procedures Info

    There is a few posts on this already but some corrections 5 = Flight number 6 = arrival time (in this instance) as below, it will be departing time. 7= for arriving planes = departure time, the game doesn't care when the flight left so it can be anything. I use 00:00 as it's easier to type into excel 🙂 and departing planes = arrival time, again the game doesn't care when the flight arrives 8=placeholder Just remember for arriving aircraft it is OGG, LAX, 752, DL, 2222, 07:04, 12:00, 1, DL For departing aircraft it is LAX, OGG, 752, DL, 2222, 12:00, 07:04, 1, DL i.e departing airport first, and the '12:00' aligns with the 'home' airport Regards Ben
  2. hexzed

    Which aiport should I purchase next?

    EDDM has a simple layout, and has a lot of variety traffic wise
  3. hexzed

    EDDM update to real color for Tower 3D Pro

    Its being worked on, no release date
  4. hexzed


    It was a poll, no guarantee that will be the next American airport (after Dubai by the way)
  5. hexzed

    EDDM Gata to runway bug

    I can confirm, as i have done it a few times, if the airline is not listed at a terminal location, it will spawn into the "blank" terminal, as long as the terminal has enough gate types for the aircraft. Also they will randomly spawn across multiple "blank" terminals if there is more than 1. Again i am using a Steam download, but i'm sure this would not matter 🤷‍♂️
  6. hexzed

    Is it possible

    Save is not an option in this version. Perhaps in the next one there will be.
  7. hexzed

    EDDM Gata to runway bug

    Yes i should have mentioned, you need to put all the airlines in other terminals, not just delete them
  8. hexzed


    Yes CYVR is the next airport to be released
  9. hexzed

    KPHL fail

    It must be a non steam issue, as my Steam download has always come up with controlled hours 🤷‍♂️
  10. I have suggested it to Gabor, and he added the A220 to EDDM only The more requests the better though. You can email him at info@nyergesdesign.com
  11. Boston was before the A220 came out, so will not be in the original Real Traffic (even though it probably should be) Joe probably keeps a master airplane text file, as i do, and copies it over to each airport This happened to me in the EDDM/EDDS schedule, and i had to make a note on the first post for people to copy the LEBL airplane text file
  12. hexzed

    EDDM Gata to runway bug

    You can leave the terminal empty until the service pack is released, if that suits you?
  13. hexzed

    EDDM Gata to runway bug

    Hi Michi The Service pack for EDDM has not been released yet. Tower service pack 3.3c was released ages ago, and has nothing to do with the bugs specific to EDDM
  14. hexzed

    KLGA La Guardia Airport only loads upto 63%

    Check your Real Traffic is up to date. 63% is normally a airplane type not found. Use the original link to download the latest version. Also are you using any custom schedules?

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