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  1. Hi The issue is you have the airplanes pack1 and airplanes pack1 manifest in the texturepack folder. They need to go outside the texturepack folder, i.e in the airplanes folder 🙂
  2. You can use google docs or dropbox to link your screenshots
  3. What folder do you have the texturepacks in?
  4. Make sure you update Real Traffic, from the same link you originally downloaded it from
  5. No there is no v tail Beech Bonanza in the game. If you email info@nyergesdesign.com and ask Gabor, he may make one 😊
  6. When it comes up with "allow admin permission" does it let you press ok, and then overwrite the files?
  7. You can't because the program does not know what heavy means. The rec file can only be modified to what the program already understands.
  8. To be fair if it was the game, everyone would have issues. But since it is only a select few, then the logical answer is that it is something to do with those specific computers.
  9. Use the original link, and it will have the latest version 🙂
  10. Do you have a screenshot of where the texturepack file is located? Also make sure you update your Real Traffic to the latest version
  11. Yep this is a gate bug, and will need to be fixed by the developers. This was reported just recently by mjkerr
  12. hexzed

    Dual Monitor

    In other posts this has been some third party software causing issues
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