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  1. Before you pay money for Atlanta, there is an issue with terminal F not open for heavies, and taxi issues with the southernmost runway. The rest of the airport works ok.
  2. Retro pack is in final stages of Beta testing
  3. Hi Kev Select the start of the time with your mouse while holding alt Then select all of what you want to sort, then sort via line operations > sort lines lexographically ascending You will need all the times in a perfect column though However excel is probably still the cleaner way Ben
  4. The Shorts 360 and the 737-200 Freighter are the 2 new models. Flying for Rhoades Express and Transair
  5. Empire airlines run under Ohana airlines at PHNL, so the IATA and ICAO have been changed. As I said this was probably a mistake in that the FedEx livery was put on them then changed later to the Ohana livery
  6. There is 2 new aircraft models at this airport, so you need to redownload your RT as Scoob says. This is done by using the original link you got
  7. Some airlines are put in when the beta testing is taking place, but then removed if they are incorrect. I'm not specifically talking about Honolulu, but when LEBL RC was updated this happened to me. I would say the screenshots were taken before the final RC was released. The pictures are designed to be a general overview look, not a breakdown of the exact liveries you will get. The information in Gary's spreadsheet and the manifest list are the only sources you need to trust
  8. @Aleksanderj02 You need the corresponding RC pack with the livery in it. Use Gary's list to find which one that is
  9. I'm surprised FeelThere haven't offered you a job. You've done more in a month then they have managed in a year(s)
  10. The age of 4 engine passenger planes is fast becoming extinct 😔
  11. First of all update your Real Traffic, using the original email link. There is a few new plane types in this that you will need to update to.
  12. Yep controlled duplicates work in real life, but not in the game. The only way to have 2 airlines with the same IATA is to change one of them to a made up one. FYI the game will load up the first IATA in the list, so if you swap the 2 IATA's around Omni Air will load
  13. Yes as Battlehawk says, Vancouver
  14. Sea landing has never been a option in this version of the game
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