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  1. hexzed


    @CL30is a pilot, so i would think he would know what he is talking about. Honestly at the rate you are going, you will be banned from the forum (Oh and changing your name isn't fooling anyone)
  2. hexzed

    New Airports For Tower 3D Pro

    i think we all would 😆
  3. hexzed

    Question for the schedule writers

    Not easily no, it usually specifies whether its a delta connection or whatever, then i use the tail number link to confirm the exact airline
  4. hexzed

    Question for the schedule writers

    What i personally do is get my flight data from flightradar24 because their data is formatted similar to the game already i then use excel to tidy up the data, and then save as a csv file. I'm sure someone here has a even quicker/automated way of doing it though, which i would be interested in as well 🙂
  5. hexzed

    Question for the schedule writers

    How are you doing it at the moment? Where are you getting your info from?
  6. hexzed


    Ah it's here https://www.atcsuite.com/klga-for-tower-3d But not on http://www.feelthere.com 🤔
  7. hexzed


    Good point! @FeelThere
  8. hexzed


    Ok, go on then 😋
  9. hexzed


    Aww i'm still new here, @crbascottshould get more praise 😊
  10. hexzed

    Rogue Pilot at LAX

    I watched this just the other day! I think maybe Harrison Ford was flying that 73W 😆
  11. hexzed


    That is only for the schedule, and plane models. The separate Real Colour packs are for the liveries, and they only will display what Nyerges design have implemented. At this stage Nyerges have the new Alaska liveries for the A320 and the A321, the B734, B737, B738 and the B739 are still in the old liveries, Horizon Air has the liveries for the DH4 and the E75 in the old style as well, no other planes have Alaska liveries at this stage. I have all the RC packs so i know this is the case
  12. hexzed


    You could make a personal request to Nyerges? You can't edit yourself
  13. hexzed


    Yeah the 734, 737, 738 and 739 all have the old livery IN GAME at the moment
  14. hexzed


    I guess it's up to Nyerges whether they redo all the Alaska Liveries in game
  15. hexzed


    Just to flog a dead horse, new alaska livery in game in detail

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