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  1. hexzed

    Tower3D Multiplayer?

    Hi James on the server start with #welcome. Any questions post in discord, and somebody will be happy to help
  2. hexzed

    Tower 2011 - EGLL (Heathrow) - advice

    Craig i think is the only one who really knows anything about 2011, i can't be of much more help
  3. hexzed

    Tower 2011 - EGLL (Heathrow) - advice

    I have never played Tower 2011, but i would assume it's the same as Tower 3D, in that you need to specify the airline ICAO in the terminal file
  4. hexzed

    OMDB airline can't figure out what airline

    I think you're reading too much into this. It looks like it was a random airline chosen for testing. I would doubt it is flying to Melbourne, or 2 flights, 1 flight number apart, are leaving a minute apart either. I believe the main purpose of that shot was to show what the control tower looks like
  5. hexzed

    OMDB airline can't figure out what airline

    Where is this screenshot?
  6. No i haven't heard anything yet, but it was only yesterday i gave the list to Gabor...
  7. Ok so final list for San Francisco update, that meets the criteria stated in the first post AIJ 4O INTERJET A20N ASA AS ALASKA AIRLINES A21N AVA AV AVIANCA A20N CES MU CHINA EASTERN AIRLINES B77W FBU BF FRENCH BEE A359 FFT F9 FRONTIER AIRLINES A20N HAL HA HAWAIIAN AIRLINES A21N QXE QX HORIZON AIR E175 SCX SY SUN COUNTRY B738 SWA WN SOUTHWEST AIRLINES B737 SWA WN SOUTHWEST AIRLINES B738 UAL UA UNITED AIRLINES B78X To be considered WJA WS WESTJET Not new, but not currently in SFO RC pack Remember not all liveries here are guaranteed to be updated
  8. hexzed

    LFPG will not load

    So there is a A320 in the schedule, where it should be just 320. If you find where it says that in the schedule and change it, it will load ok
  9. hexzed

    LFPG will not load

    Sorry its late here, and i obviously need some sleep 🙄 Tower 3D Pro\tower3d_Data\output_log.txt is the one you want
  10. hexzed

    LFPG will not load

    Sorry i see you mentioned that in your post What does your game.log say at the very bottom?
  11. hexzed

    LFPG will not load

    Have you updated your Real Traffic?
  12. hexzed

    OMDB Manifest list

    Its DHL Bahrain
  13. hexzed

    Tower!3D Pro - KJFK Taxi Question

    That's just the game taking the very shortest route. The correct way is to take the loop
  14. Yes i can provide a final list after Saturday of all suggestions that meet the criteria
  15. hexzed

    SR Can't Hear Me Say Jazz?

    Yep it's the airline file. You could try editing it to see if you can get a variation that works?

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