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  1. hexzed

    Airport Operations Questions Tower 3D

    You also have to change your name to Pedantic P, and think of some type of coded (virtual) handshake 😄
  2. Yep that is being updated as well with the LAX update. If you watch the video i linked it will answer a lot of questions.
  3. hexzed

    Plane Close Ups at Memphis

    Generally it seems, each airport that is released is better than the last. However as always, the rule doesn't always apply 😏
  4. Yeah sorry I realise, I was responding to Air Jamaica ☺
  5. hexzed

    Plane Close Ups at Memphis

    Maybe the trigger points aren't programmed correctly? I mentioned San Diego because for me its the worst at giving up on zooming in more than any other airport. Initially it's fine then it seems that zooming in on push backs is no longer worthy of it's time 😂
  6. hexzed

    Plane Close Ups at Memphis

    I assume you don't have San Diego, because that would really irritate you!
  7. hexzed

    Ancient bugs on SP3

    This happens at all airports at some degree, and has almost become part of the game. To be perfectly honest, as Craig has mentioned, Feelthere are unlikely to do anything about it.
  8. I think we would all like to have some input on future liveries, so I am definitely open to this idea. Everyone who makes schedules i think misses out on some liveries they would like to see in the game, and the fact that we are from all over the world means that we also have our own regional preferences as well.
  9. hexzed

    Plane Close Ups at Memphis

    I would say @nyergesdesignhas a long list 😮
  10. No it will be posted here then you will need to redownload
  11. No problem. Also the thomson livery should be updated soon 🙂
  12. Yep as Delta says, and Thomas cook is TCX. Lufthansa livery as below
  13. You might want to show a bit more info in your picture DLH is the icao code for Lufthansa, and Lufthansas callsign is Lufthansa 🤔
  14. Hi @Thomas Bochinski Somehow i didnt get notified of your post, however i cannot really distribute a file that is not my own. Also without the real traffic updated to the latest, you will not be able to use it.

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