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  1. hexzed


    The manifest file has the list of the plane types and airlines that have liveries. The manifest will depend on what airport you require Thses are found in the extensions-airplanes-texturepacks folder
  2. When you have a livery pack, it will transfer over to all airports. When the packs load they load in numerical order, so a newer livery will over write an older livery The most likely cause for blank planes is either not having the livery available in any of your packs, or as you say entering the plane type incorrectly
  3. I will definitely consider doing another schedule, however as Craig stated there is no point at this stage really attempting a current schedule
  4. At this stage i will make a new schedule. However i don't believe it is worth it until air traffic gets somewhat back to normal levels.
  5. I have heard from Gabor about some questions he had regarding the retro RC. Be assured he is working on it, as well as the other projects he has on, including the ongoing release of RT and RC for upcoming airports.
  6. I can guarantee the omdb airport is working
  7. I assume you are using my custom schedule? None of those airlines fly into TIST, the schedule i created was an amalgamation of different Caribbean airports
  8. It seems whomever beta tested EDDF, needs to take some advice from whomever beta tested Tokyo. No issues been bought up from Tokyo yet 🤷‍♂️
  9. Which folder did you install it too?
  10. Ah i see! My apologies i did not see that note. In that case the mistake is with the note in the excel sheet.
  11. The 789 with new livery have only just recently been painted. If any United 789's are in any future airport updates then i'm sure they will be updated then.
  12. Next time i will use my eyes and read 🤦‍♂️ Thank you
  13. I will take that as 1 vote for a new schedule 🙂
  14. Hi Eli I'm pretty sure i have answered my own question, but the schedules are based only on the existing RC pack? Ben
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