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  1. The 2 US English voices that work for me are Zira for female, and David for Male. Or you could just use female voices?
  2. Rename it 99 or a higher number than the latest manifest. Remember to rename both texpack files.
  3. Yes the RT and RC have been updated
  4. The Sun Country 738 is the only one updated. Remember to make sure it isn't being overwritten with a later RC manifest
  5. RC only update. Details here https://forum.simflight.com/topic/87422-community-project-new-livery-requests-for-rc-ksfo-san-francisco/?do=findComment&comment=531991
  6. Sorry I meant Alaskaguy hijacking the thread talking about Paris
  7. Perhaps you should start a new thread, and inform Gabor of the bugs you have found, including taxiway descriptions and screen shots of problem areas?
  8. If you chuck a small custom schedule in there, is it the same?
  9. What schedule are you running? Is it the full schedule and what time are you starting?
  10. Unfortunately KLGA has never caused me any issues, I get more stuttering at JFK
  11. For me that does that when my video card driver is out of date
  12. I just thought i would mention, make sure to download the latest OMDB RC, to get the full benefit of Mr hawks schedule 😄
  13. Hi Pete, how do i search for something using a common browser based search tool? 😉
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