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  1. T2 and T3, as in terminal 2 and 3? Only the liveries are updated in the RC pack
  2. hexzed

    KLGA taxi and holding issues

    Which runway are you taxiing the plane to, and which taxiway on runway 4 are they holding short at? I ask so i can test Is the hold short command issued for runway 31? I can't say i've ever had an issue with taxiway Z, however i never issue a hold short command, because they will hold automatically
  3. hexzed

    LEBL Bugs

    I was wondering can you push back to 7R, or 25L and then change the taxi route nearer to runway 2? Not this fixes the issue, but could be a work around in the meantime
  4. hexzed

    LEBL Bugs

    I think that may be the wrong output log
  5. hexzed

    Real Color - A New Concept

    I'd be happy too. Gabor you have my email if need be 🙂 Ben
  6. hexzed

    Unable to download the latest version of Real Traffic.

    Yes if you email BMT MIcro with as much detail as possible, then they can sort you out. Contact info should be on the original email. They are usually pretty on to it
  7. hexzed

    LEBL Bugs

    Wayne your house is safe. I should have expanded on that hold short points are prevelant on all runways, even if the threshold is extended. Another good example is Boston at the 4L/9 pinch point
  8. hexzed

    LEBL Bugs

    2. Aircraft taxing northbound on taxiway N or M (example, N2 > N > T > Z8 > Runway 7L) hold short of the approach end of 7L as if they are holding to cross over an active runway (runway 7L is active). However, runway doesn't extend onto N or M, so they should just automatically continue taxing without having to issue a "CONTINUE TAXI" command. Currently, they have to be told to continue. This happens at every airport in the game. So not specific to LEBL.
  9. Hmm yes i had some issues with the envoys! All should be fixed now, reuploaded to dropbox. Please redownload
  10. Oh man, messed up straight away! 😄 I will fix that and double check the rest Thanks for the feedback
  11. Boston is interesting due to the multiple runways, and LGA is interesting in getting the arrivals and departures timed right on that intersecting runway 😊
  12. I like the New York airports overall, JFK has a nice flow, and LGA is compact, and busy and provides a good challenge.
  13. Not 100% true, but mostly. There is still some 😊
  14. hexzed

    Newer flight number style

    That's what i meant. The sim wont implement correctly ie it will ignore the U, but it will accept the flight (the flight will appear) Unlike when the sim doesn't recognise an airport ICAO, the flight will not appear at all 🙂
  15. hexzed

    Newer flight number style

    At least the game will accept this change, even if the implementation of it isn't 100% correct 😊

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