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  1. That is the same plane. Does it appear when you put it in the schedule?
  2. hexzed


    I can confidently guess that will be a no
  3. You'll need to contact whomever you bought it off. Their details should be on the email sent to you
  4. Yep that's good. Any other texpacks you get or have go in that folder as well
  5. All texpacks go in the texture pack folder no matter what airport they are
  6. Ok so you need to copy the 2 texpack files into the airplanes>texture pack folder, where you have the lax texpacks
  7. Which directory is the RC going in? Is it the same as the other Rc you have, ie in the texture pack folders. Do you have the Real Traffic files in your DFW folder?
  8. It's only possible if you change the IATA EG BAW, BA, Speedbird SHT, #B, Shuttle Which is a definite possibility
  9. Nice testing procedure. The question is whether the priority can be programmed. Talking to a few beta testers they don't believe this is a thing that can be changed at gate level. However this can only be definitively answered by @FeelThere I myself will not be holding my breath, but am happy to be proven wrong 😉
  10. The terminals are split into multiple sections. I would say that what you are seeing is based on what gates in those sections are set as heavy, narrow body, and prop. There has never been an indication of priority in programming
  11. @nyergesdesign Gabor is the only one who can tell you that information, so hopefully he responds to you. Otherwise it will be a matter of wait and see
  12. Unfortunately there is no way in the current engine to allow for prioritising flights to a particular terminal. The only way around it, is to not assign BAW to terminal 3
  13. https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/joyce_meyer_567645
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